God of War (2018) Video Review

Hey everyone and welcome to the sites first in (Hopefully) a series of many video reviews.

As many of our kind readers may have realized we have fallen a bit behind with most of our articles and reviews which I can only apologize profusely for. That being said while we will post here to the site for those who may be interested in checking out what we have done. We are primarily trying to do things through YouTube via video reviews going forward. We will also be looking to do video news, featurettes and more but for now we are primarily focusing on Video reviews and trying to get news stories done when possible so please do bare with us.

So for my first official video review for the site; I decided to explore my thoughts and coverage for the latest reboot in the long beloved God of War franchise. In the video linked below I express my thoughts on the games story, new gameplay elements, visuals and sound aswell as my final thoughts on the adventures of Kratos and Boy.

Please do note that I am relatively new to video editing software which is why this first one isn’t too great but that is why there is always room to improve. I also forgot to mention about my thoughts on Atreus as a game mechanic which I will mention here (I loved how useful he was in gameplay and I liked how if you really wanted to play the game tactically; you could use Atreus and his different arrows and special arrow movesets).

That being said I really hope you like the video review below and be sure to stay tuned to us for more content in the future. The videos are only beginning.

Article & Video Review by Matthew McNamee


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