Rumor: PlayStation All-Stars 2 in the works; Reveal at Paris Games Week

A New rumor is circulating on the internet regarding a sequel to the 2012 mascot brawler; PlayStation All-Stars and it’s rumored to be getting a reveal soon.

A recent rumor that has been circulating the internet seems to be suggesting that a sequel to PlayStation All-Stars could be on the horizon with the rumored details pointing towards a reveal at Sony’s recently announced Paris Games Week conference in October.

*Please Note: The information you are about to read is purely rumors. Please take it with a grain of salt until it is either confirmed or denied by Sony.*

According to the rumors; An insider is claiming that they have seen an early demo of the game and that the game will feature some veterans from the original game along with some highly anticipated newcomers that people have been excited for.

The characters reported to be in the demo are:

  • Kratos (God of War)
  • PaRappa (PaRappa the Rapper)
  • Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot)
  • Spyro the Dragon (Spyro the Dragon)
  • Ratchet & Clank (Ratchet & Clank)
  • Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
  • Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn)
  • Morgana (Persona 5)
  • Noctis (Final Fantasy XV)

Other characters rumored to be in the mix for this game apparently include:

  • Lammy (UmJammer Lammy)
  • Dante (Devil May Cry)
  • Klonoa (Klonoa)
  • A Yakuza Character [Not stated which character]

In addition to this there were apparently 4 stages in the demo which were:

  • Mementos (Persona 5/WipeOut)
  • Wumpa Island (Crash Bandicoot/Horizon: Zero Dawn)
  • PlayStation Arena
  • Tearaway Stage (Crossover with Vib Ribbon)

The supposed source also went into detail about the gameplay aswell as some of the characters movesets detailing that the game has swapped the idea of super attacks being the only way to kill for actual health bars and 1 super attack which works similarly to a final smash. He detailed the following movesets according to the rumor:

Crash Bandicoot:

  • Regular attacks will consist of a moveset being based around the Crash of the Titans entries (Punches & Kicks)
  • Side attacks will consist of a moveset being based more around the original trilogy (Spin attack, Belly Flop, Wumpa Bazooka, Sliding)
  • The Super Attack for Crash will be the Aku-Aku mask allowing Crash to run through all the other fighters
  • Crash will also perform his victory dance while the others will clap in the background (on the victory screen)


  • Regular attacks will include of his sword as a melee weapon
  • His Slingshot will feature as a mid-ranged attack
  • He has the ability to transform into the cat bus from Persona 5 as a side attack (Similar to Wario’s Motorbike attack from Smash Bros.)
  • His other special attacks consist of his Persona attacks
  • His super move will depend on getting a fighter within range and will lead to the Phantom Thieves holding the fighter at gun point. The player caught in the attack will have 3 options; Give up a life, Give up a life to Morgana or Suffer an All-Out Attack from the Phantom Thieves.

The game is apparently currently in the works from the studio Game Arts who have worked on many known projects in the past including Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the Grandia series of games. The art style is also unified; apparently looking like Smash Bros. to a degree. The game apparently looks a lot faster aswell, with a lot more fluid movement from the characters. The game will apparently be PS4 Pro Enhanced and will upscale to proper 4K. The game runs at 60 fps on PS4.

The source apparently also went into detail about the game modes rumored to be in the new game which he stated are:

  • Arcade Mode – Similar to the previous installment; will have small story cutscenes, rival battle and a boss battle for each character; The final boss is apparently significant to PlayStation History.
  • Online Modes will remain the same although will also add a new clan mode.
  • Unlockables will also be very similar to the first game minus the minion characters.

In addition to all this information; Another source claims to know how the CGI trailer which is rumored to appear at Paris Games Week will play out. In addition to this, the first source claims that more characters will be revealed at PlayStation Experience in December.

*Before I continue; Just to reiterate; This is purely a rumor until confirmed or denied so please take it with a grain of salt*

Apparently; the CGI trailer will start with Kratos walking through a forest and turns around when he hears some leaves and bushes rustling and making noise behind him. Suddenly; Morgana from Persona 5 ambushes him but he avoids the impact. Morgana then says “You seem like you have some treasure of some sort; Hand it over or I go all out! Nyah!”. Kratos responds with “Over my dead body you will”. Kratos begins to strike Morgana with his chains, but Morgana cancels out the third strike with his persona; Zorro. Morgana then uses Garula on Kratos and begins to charge at him when he is dizzy. 

Suddenly; Morgana is hit in the face with a fruit bazooka as Crash runs into the scene. Kratos gets up to use his chains against Crash, however Crash uses his spin to cancel the chains and slide tackles Morgana whilst doing so. A speeding arrow barely misses Crash and hits a tree causing him to shout his signature “WOAH!”. A voice is then heard saying “I shall put an end to this”; It’s revealed to be Aloy as she jumps down from a tree and aims her bow and arrow at Morgana who dodges and fires his slingshot at her. Meanwhile, Crash is fighting Kratos in the background. The shot zooms out as silhouettes appear in the background behind trees with beaming eyes. 

The trailer then cuts to black. 2018 appears.

To round out the information of this rumor; It is also said by the source that there is at least 4 names floating around for this game and it is currently untitled with the possible names in the running being:

  • PlayStation Arena
  • PlayStation Super Stars Battle
  • PlayStation Battle Grounds
  • PlayStation Legends of Fighting

There is a possibility that this could turn out to be true given Sony’s recent renewal of the PlayStation All-Stars trademark coming to light however as of right now; everything included in this article is to be taken lightly and with a grain of salt.

So what do you think? Would you like a sequel to PlayStation All-Stars? Which character would you love to play as? Have you played the original PlayStation All-Stars? Be sure to let me know what you think of this article and these rumors in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news, reviews and rumors aswell as all your PlayStation All-Stars related news and remember to follow us on  FacebookTwitter and YouTube. In the meantime; be sure to check out the opening for the first game below.

Article by Matthew McNamee


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