WRC 6 Review

WRC 6: World Rally Championship

Developed by Kylotonn

Published by Big Ben Interactive

*Please Note: This Review is of the PlayStation 4 Version*

WRC 6, is a racing video game based on the 2016 World Rally Championship season, with cars/categories (Junior WRC, WRC 2 and WRC) The game was developed by French developer Kylotonn and published in October 2016 by Bigben Interactive for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Okay, I’ll start this off by saying that, WRC 6 is a good rallying game. In fact, WRC 6 is probably one of the best WRC games around, however it’s not the best rallying game. WRC titles have been fun but stale in the past few years, but WRC 6 has raised the bar to a new standard in the latest installment.

The Gameplay

Okay, the gameplay is solid, not the best, but it’s still fun. The driving is good, because it’s not too difficult for beginners (well… it’s tough but not that tough if you focus on the game. WRC 6 isn’t really a “sit back and relax” driving game) but it can also provide a good challenge for the more experienced drivers. Personally; I found the driving mechanics a little bit stiff compared to Codemasters Dirt Rally, nonetheless it still feels pretty good when driving and a nice challenge (even though I do tend to run off-road or crash into a barrier). Even though I did say the driving mechanics are a bit stiff, it has improved a lot in WRC 6. There isn’t a flashback button in WRC 6, so if you make a mistake/crash, you either make it up by driving better than ever or simply restart the stage.

I do like the weather in WRC 6, from the rain, to the fog and the snow, it adds that extra realism which is great and that extra feel of danger when you’re going all out through a tight and narrow forest.

WRC 6 has quick-race, Career mode (my favourite mode in all racing games), custom championship, introduction and driving test (basically your standard single player modes for a racing game). WRC 6 also has multi-player mode for those who wants to take the racing against other people, personally I haven’t played much of the multi-player because I’m more a single-player kind of guy. However multi-player is still fun and works fine for me but I prefer racing on career mode.


The Visuals/Sound

The visuals in WRC 6 have also improved nicely. The stages, roads and cars all look more vibrant and more detailed. However Dirt Rally’s visuals are probably one of the best for a racing game this generation. The sounds in WRC 6 are good, personally, I found the sound of a WRC car at full throttle satisfying. The sound from the world around you while you’re driving feels alive and makes WRC 6 feel a but more immersive. WRC 6 visuals are still good but there’s room for improvement, while the sounds in WRC 6 are great.


The career mode

Now the main part of the game. The thing I look forward to the most in a racing game is a career mode. Formula 1 2016 was probably the best career mode in a Formula 1 game, Project cars is by far the best career mode in any racing game. Where does the WRC 6 Career Mode stand? Well, it’s good. It’s probably tied best career mode with WRC 2 (you create your own rally team in WRC 2) in terms of career modes in a WRC game.

I booted up career mode, created myself, joined a team then my career started. What I really liked when you’re deciding what team to join, each team had their own objectives. For example: one team would prefer you to take things easy and not damage the car, while another team would want you to push the car to your very limits. Of course I’m a guy that pushes a car beyond its limits, I went with the team that wanted me to push the car. When you’re picking a team, you also get shown the duration of your contract, for example: one team would like to have you on board for one season while another would want to have on board for 2 years.

You start off in the Junior WRC category, which I really like because in racing games such as Formula 1, the career mode can get stale pretty quickly, while in WRC 6 you start at the bottom (Junior WRC) and work your way up to the WRC. This give the career mode in The WRC games extra realism and makes it feel more like a real life career mode which a few games has done really well (only Project Cars and RaceDriver: GRID has done that really well). Granted WRC 6 career mode isn’t at that level of Project Cars or GRID but it’s still solid.

So during your career as a rally driver, you’ll have to do well in the Junior WRC to get a contract to join a team in WRC 2 then eventually move up to the WRC. Here’s my biggest problem with the career mode, which won’t affect the score because the problem makes the game realistic. My problem is that, in the Junior WRC, it feels really slow. Simply because the cars are slow and each stage in a event takes a good few minutes sometimes. So if you gave very little free time, the career mode isn’t particularly the best “pick up and play” sort of game. For die hard fans it’s perfectly fine. If you get bored in the Junior WRC, hang in there because it does get better when you reach the WRC 2 category, simply because the cars are so much more fun to drive than the Junior category. The WRC2 cars are faster and more agile which makes it so much more fun to play the game. And obviously it gets even better when you finally reach the WRC category, because again, the cars a much better and fun to drive.

Now once you’ve finally won the WRC World championship, the career mode feels like it’s over. Because it takes 20+ minutes to finish an entire round in the game, so once you’ve finished the grind and finally won it, there’s no real motivation to do it again. While in Formula 1 2016, you can have 5 lap races thus making it feel more pock up and play and less of a grind.


The Round up

WRC 6 is a solid racing/rallying game. The gameplay has really improved, the visuals and sounds are great. And the career mode is fun and can be challenging.

If you’re a die hard rally fan, I highly recommend you to play this game. If you’re a casual racing fan who’s a more pick up and play kind of thing then I would say try WRC 6 out but get it on sale.


Final Score – 7.5/10


A good/solid rallying game.


  • Good visuals
  • Smooth driving
  • Nice atmosphere
  • A good challenge
  • Career mode feels progressive
  • Experienced very little bugs/glitches


  • Career mode is a bit of a grind
  • I’d prefer if there was a pick up and play like option so career mode feels less of and grind (less stages etc.)
  • Once you’ve won the WRC world championship, There’s no motivation to keep playing the career mode
  • The driving feels a bit stiff

WRC 6 is available now from all good retailers for PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC. Thanks go out to Big Ben Interactive & Lick PR for supplying the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on  FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

Review by Luke Harrison


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