The Weekend Playlist – Week ending March 26th 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend playlist where we give you our personal thoughts on what has been occupying our weekends.

This weekend 4 of our team have recommendations for you this week so without further ado, let’s get started.

Matthew McNamee; Chief Editor at UGNN:

Last Game Played – Danganronpa 2:  Goodbye Despair

So recently I’ve been playing a lot more of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair  in order to try and finish my upcoming review of Danganronpa 1.2 Reload (I Promise it is coming soon; I’ve just been held up a lot with family issues and the like) and I have to say that so far from what I have played I am highly enjoying it and all of the different gameplay elements however I am not enjoying it as much as Trigger Happy Havoc although I do feel this is basically just down to how much time I have currently spent with the game. I do have a very good feeling about the game and I hope to get it completed by the end of Monday.

Last Movie Watched – Lilo & Stitch

So after seeing the new Beauty & The Beast again this week, I decided I wanted to keep up my Disney movie marathon by revisiting this classic from my childhood and by god does it still hold up really well. Lilo & Stitch follows experiment 626 who crash lands his way onto planet earth after the galactic federation tries to have him arrested and destroyed. When he lands in Hawaii, He befriends a young lonely girl called Lilo when he poses as a puppy which she adopts and calls Stitch. As Stitch continues to cause destruction like he was created to do; He starts to notice all the pain he is bringing to his new friend and learns what it truly means to be human. This movie is incredible and one of the best Disney movies ever made in my opinion and it also really shows exactly why Stitch is my favorite disney character of all time. Definitely check this movie out.

Last TV Show Watched – Gotham

So I decided to try and watch this again after a really good friend of mine kept telling me about how good it has gotten and so I thought I’d give her the benefit of a doubt. So Gotham is a very different take on the Batman mythos and takes place just after the deaths of Thomas & Martha Wayne as young detective James Gordon takes on the case as his first official case with the Gotham Police Department in order to fulfill his promise to a young Bruce Wayne that he will catch the killer responsible. As Jim starts to explore the case more however he discovers a very corrupt system that he vows to destroy while Bruce determined by the deaths of his parents sets out to stop crime once and for all as he starts to venture on his journey towards becoming Batman. After watching a little bit so far, I do still stick to my thoughts that it is slow but I intend to stick it out and see where it goes however I do think the cast have been good so far. All in all, I’d say definitely check it out to make up your own mind about it.

Last YouTube Video Watched – Justice League Official Trailer

Okay so I’ve been waiting all week for this trailer and I am really pleased to say that it looks incredible. Justice League takes place after the events of Batman v Superman and sees Batman and Wonder Woman recruiting people with incredible abilities in the form of Aquaman, Cyborg & The Flash to take on a deadly threat that could jeopardize the planet. This movie looks fantastic and I can’t wait until November to see how it all plays out on the big screen but I can say that Aquaman looks like the coolest badass superhero to ever grace the big screen and it’s gonna be a fun ride.

Last Piece of  Music Listened to – The Edge by Tonight Alive

So as per usual been listening to a lot of music this week and the last song I had the pleasure of listening to again is The Edge by Australian Band; Tonight Alive. The Edge is a special song created by the band for the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in which it tells the story of Spider-Man from the perspective of Gwen Stacey. This is such a remarkable song and one of my favorite songs of all time so definitely check this one out.

Luke Harrison; Editor at UGNN:

Last Game Played – Mass Effect: Andromeda

Well… as a huge mass effect fan, this game is disappointing, however, it’s still a great game. As a huge fan of the mass effect franchise, best to treat this game as a brand new IP. Because then you won’t feel the disappointment or be biased. The games story improves throughout and the characters are really good. And the facial animations are no where near the best but every mass effect game has never had top notch animations. I’ve never had one game breaking bug (yet) so it’s not as broken as some media outlets make it out to be. Overall, just treat the game like the previous trilogy doesn’t exist and you’ll really enjoy it. If you do you’re more than likely be a bit disappointed.

Last Movie Watched – N/A

No new movies since Cool Runnings.

Last TV Show Watched – N/A

No new TV shows since Luke Cage.

Last YouTube Video Watched – Going in Raw Podcast (Steve & Larsson)

I’m a huge fan of professional wrestling and these guys are so enjoyable to watch and it helps you catch up on any wwe you may have missed.

Last Piece of  Music Listened to – All-Star by Smash Mouth

Because it’s a great song before it became a meme… and it’s also a great meme…

Connor Cleminson; Editor at UGNN:

Last Game Played – Mafia III

Last Movie Watched – Planet Hulk

Last TV Show Watched – Ghost Adventures

Last YouTube Video Watched – FTB Beyond Episode 16

Last Piece of  Music Listened to – Footloose by Kenny Loggins

Tenacious Tea Gaming; Editor at UGNN & YouTube Uploader:

Last Game Played – Battlefield Hardline

So most of this week I’ve been playing battlefield Hardline I don’t know why, I just wanted to play a fps shooter online that I had not played a lot before and I don’t ever remember getting into Battlefield Hardline, Although I will admit I have been really enjoying playing it recently.

Last Movie Watched – Friend Request

So I decided to watch this film as I thought it would be similar to Unfriended, although this film did have similarities I think it was different as it was not filmed the same way as unfriended. However I did actually enjoy this film.

Last TV Show Watched – The Mighty Boosh

I’ve been watching The Mighty Boosh which is probably one of the most random shows I have ever seen but it is hilarious and I definitely recommend everyone watches it. (Couldn’t find a trailer so here is a clip of one the songs from the show)

Last YouTube Video Watched – Ken Jeong Answers Medical Questions From Twitter | WIRED

Not much to say other than Ken Jeong is answering medical questions asked on twitter.

Last Piece of  Music Listened to – Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)

OK so this is one of Gorillaz newest songs I’ve never really listened to all of Gorillaz songs only a few of their older songs, so I thought I would give their new track a listen, at first I really disliked it but then decided to listen to it again and since then its been stuck in my head.

Below is the feature image for this weeks weekend playlist made by Tenacious Tea featuring Mass Effect: Andromeda, Mafia III, Battlefield: Hardline & Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.


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