The Weekend Playlist – Week ending March 5th 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend playlist where we give you our personal thoughts on what has been occupying our weekends.

This weekend the whole UGNN team apart from Connor & Tea has recommendations for you this week so without further ado, let’s get started.

Matthew McNamee; Chief Editor at UGNN:

Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment - Aquria - Bandai Namco
Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment – Aquria – Bandai Namco

Last Game Played – Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment

So as I mentioned in my weekend playlist last week, I’ve been playing a lot of JRPG’s lately and after recently watching some more episodes of the Gun Gale arc of this anime, I decided to revisit Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment. From everything I have played so far, I am really enjoying the game however it does have it’s fair share of flaws in particular; the relationship system which requires loads of shitty conversations to reach maximum affinity with all of your female companions like Asuna, Leafa & Silica to name a few. There is a load of interesting features however such as the mysterious hollow area and the fact that you can finally witness what is on the final floors of Aincrad. All in all, I’d definitely recommend you check this game out at some point, even if you have to wait for it to come down in price a lot.

Last Movie Watched – Kingsman: The Secret Service

So I noticed this movie recently cropped up on Netflix and so I decided to rewatch it once again and boy, the movie honestly gets better and better every time I watch it. Kingsman: The Secret Service follows a secret British spy organization known as the Kingsman who after the death of one of their most respected agents set out to find a successor. One of the agents known as Galahaad (Colin Firth) finds his candidate in the form of young troublemaker, Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton) who is the son of a former candidate of his who saved his life. When an evil billionaire called Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) comes up with a plan to get rid of the population and only keep those alive who he deems important. The Kingsman will have to form together to save the world from an evil threat. This movie is just unbelievably funny and has some very clever humor while also being a solid action movie aswell. The film has a remarkable cast and is what you get if you blended James Bond with Kick-Ass. With the sequel coming out this October, I highly recommend everybody checks this movie out asap; especially given that it’s on Netflix.

Last TV Show Watched – Riverdale

So I’ve been watching Scrubs a lot this past week however I recently caught up on Riverdale and the show seriously just gets better and better every time I watch it. The most recent episode brought about loads of tensions between the characters and ultimately led to the mystery getting deeper. Riverdale is a very interesting take on the Archie comics and follows Archie and the gang the summer after one of their classmates; Jason Blossom goes missing. When Jason’s body soon washes up on Sweetwater River, Everyone in the town becomes a suspect in his murder and the mystery gets deeper and deeper as the show goes on. The show features a phenomenal cast and is definitely a must watch for all.

Last YouTube Video Watched – No Good Deed (Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer)

So this just released online yesterday and already I’ve watched this video multiple times. The video is called No Good Deed but basically it is the Deadpool 2 teaser trailer which played before Logan in the United States of America and with me being in the United Kingdom, YouTube is my only way to watch it. So basically the video sees Wade Wilson walking along when he notices an old man getting mugged, he decides to save the day by changing into his costume via a phone box with hilarious results. This video is exactly how a teaser should be done for a movie in particular a Deadpool one and this video is just perfection. Watch it as soon as possible.

Last Piece of Music Listened to – Superman by Stereophonics

So I’ve been listening to quite a bit of music as per usual but the last song I heard this week was Superman by Stereophonics. This is a pretty good song and while it’s not the best song from Stereophoics (My personal favorite is Maybe Tomorrow), It is still a pretty good song that is worth giving a listen to.

Jonnie Dixon; Editor at UGNN:

Final Fantasy V - Square - Sony Computer Entertainment & Square Enix
Final Fantasy V – Square – Sony Computer Entertainment & Square Enix

Last Game Played – Final Fantasy V

Being a massive fan of Final Fantasy, I’m a bit saddened I haven’t played this one as much as others, I’m currently doing my 2nd playthrough of this game and I really am starting to feel this game might be the most underrated Final Fantasy game of them all, the music, characters and gameplay are all just so good, if you’ve never played this game, it comes highly recommended as it has easily the best job class system the series has ever done.

Note: I’m putting the IOS trailer, however I personally have not been playing this version, I have been playing the PS1 anniversary version on my Vita but this was the best trailer I could find.

Last Movie Watched – A Clockwork Orange

Not really sure why I decided to watch this film again, I do love it though, Malcolm Mcdowell is absolutely fantastic as Alex and it’s a really interesting tale of human rights and how choice defines us as a species…..I will say though that this film is very shocking still and I find it hard to recommend due to a certain scene as it definitely comes close to really crossing the line of what is okay and what isn’t in film.

Last TV Show Watched – Bates Motel

I’m so glad this series is back, I’ve always loved Bates Motel…’s just an interesting take on Norman Bates and a nice prequel (Sort of) to Psycho which is a film I try to watch at least annually.

Last YouTube Video Watched – Star Wars vs, Star Trek! (Movie Fights)

I guess all I can do is answer the questions asked

Best Ridley Scott Movie – The Martian

Spielberg’s most overrated movie – E.T

Star Wars Vs Star Trek – Star Wars

Best Bill Paxton Performance – Hudson in Aliens

Who is the next Meryl Streep – Brie Larson

Moonlight vs La La Land – No opinion, haven’t seen either

Last Piece of Music Listened to – Friends in my Heart (Kingdom Hearts)

It’s Yoko Shimomura, I can put nearly any piece of music she’s ever done on here because I always listen to them but this is what I’ve listened to the most frequently lately.

Sam Elliott; Editor at UGNN:

Rocket League - Psyonix - Psyonix
Rocket League – Psyonix – Psyonix

Last Game Played – Rocket League

I love Rocket League. Now I don’t love many games, but the simplicity of the idea and the execution of the final product have made my total hour count arise to a staggering 459 hours. Now to some, 459 hours may not seem like a lot, however, I have 355 games on my Steam account and not a whole lot of time to play them so 459 hours is a ridiculous amount for me. Back to the game, another reason why I love it so, is because of the free updates with new maps and gamemodes; plus nice and cheap DLC for new cars that are completely optional. The E-Sports scene is also massive behind this game now and I’ve even tried my hand at a few tournaments. If anyone loves competitive gaming on a skill based title, I would thoroughly recommend Rocket League.

Last Movie Watched – Kingsman: The Secret Service

This was a complete surprise to me like to many others. I was kind of dragged along to go see it and I hadn’t heard a single thing about it; all I knew was that it was a spy movie. Now with the likes of Stormbreaker and other rubbish spy movies, my expectations were as low as they could be however, how wrong I was. The humour and action are perfectly crafted in this film written and directed by Matthew Vaughan. For anyone looking for a dark humour and insane action spy movie, look no further than Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Last TV Show Watched – Breaking Bad Season 2

I have seen the entire show before, before any of you reading start shouting at me asking why I haven’t seen it yet. I have recently decided to go back and watch it all again because I thought it was a beautifully written and acted series that may have dipped a bit near the end, but came back for the climax. Everyone reading will have most likely watched this, but if you haven’t I would strongly recommend adding it to your watch later queue on Netflix.

Last YouTube Video Watched – Nerd³’s Month of… The Sims 3 – Part 4

Nerd Cubed has recently started his new completes series on The Sims 3 and it follows the same character as his original series in 2012 named Kennith Kennithson. For this reason, I have decided to go back to his original series to start the adventure of Kennith Kennithson again. I would recommend starting from the original plays video he did which will be linked above.

Last Piece of Music Listened to – Divide by Ed Sheeran

Though I wasn’t really interested in Ed Sheeran before last year, his new music was pretty good and so I have listened to his entire album and have come to conclusion that he is still the same Ed Sheeran which I don’t really like. It’s not his character, because I think his personality and approach to the media is great, however his music is always the same format and it is a format that doesn’t interest me. Sorry Ed.

Luke Harrison; Editor at UGNN:

Final Fantasy XV - Square Enix Business Division 2 - Square Enix
Final Fantasy XV – Square Enix Business Division 2 – Square Enix

Last Game Played – Final Fantasy XV

Great video game, fantastic story (well it is once I figured it out) and the very first final Fantasy game I’ve ever completed.

Last Movie Watched – Cool Runnings

A childhood classic, to be honest I rank this movie as one of my all time favourites (in the top 2) Such a great underdog story with a great ending, fantastic comedy and John candy’s performance in cool runnings was oscar worthy in my eyes.

Last TV Show Watched – Luke Cage

I gave this a go when I got a free month trial on netflix, I’m really impressed with everything, it’s great, the characters are great, the story is fantastic, it’s an all round great show.

Last YouTube Video Watched – Gmod Hide & Seek (Mr. Sark)

I’ve decided to binge watch all of Mr sarks hide and seek gameplay, simply because they’re fun, his editing is great and creative and there’s 53 parts up, so there’s plenty to watch.

Last Piece of Music Listened to – The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee by Gloryhammer

This song…. is epic… great power metal from a great band. Like seriously the song is about undead unicorns that have been cursed going to battle and invading Dundee.

Below is the feature image for this weeks weekend playlist made by Matthew featuring Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment, Final Fantasy V, Rocket League & Final Fantasy XV.



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