Alaska Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer Revealed

The one man indie developer behind ‘Wreck Tangle Games’, Adam Reed, has released a pre-alpha teaser trailer, photos and a website for his new game currently in development, ALASKA. An action adventure with hints of a crime thriller.

The trailer shows a real Alaskan-esque landscape, packed full of trees, snow and mountainscapes, you hear a scream in the distance, beyond the forest, who is it? She sounds in distress, you rush passed the trees to find a gloomy looking house, inside you find the answer to the screams, you notice red droplets sparkling on the floor as you walk into your bedroom. The bed sheets are soaked in blood, you hear cries as the title of the game appears, ALASKA. It really is a great introduction to the new game and does what it set out to do, tease you without giving too much away. You can see it’s going to be a murder mystery, but not too much beyond that. The graphics are looking nice and it’s only in pre-pre-alpha, so hopefully in a coming update we will see beautiful sprawling landscapes to add some extra realness to the game.

The photos show similar shots to the video, some extra pictures of the houses in the game, a river, boat and bridges, it is looking really nice. The star of the reveal I would say though is the website, it has the trailer and photos on there presented in a real beautiful way. The photos are on a desk, you can sort through them, move them, spin them and zoom in on them, its a different way of showing off them and I am fan of it. The website also gives an “About” section which really introduces the game. It states “The game is to give players a day in the life of an Alaskan man who lives in a small town high up in the mountains. The town consists of 5 families, living in their own way, providing for themselves and for their neighbours. They all skate together on frozen lakes, fish together on the river, eat each others hunting trophies and enjoy each others company.. But their day to day life is about to change, when a body is discovered, murdered on the town’s airstrip… Who do you trust now?” I find these details exciting, this really sounds like a murder mystery with a deep personal story. All in all, I find myself intrigued by this game, and I truly can’t wait find out more.

Be sure to stay tuned for more news on Alaska as it is revealed.

So what do you think? Do you like the look of Alaska? What did you think of the trailer? Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on  FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

Article by Matthew McNamee


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