Resident Evil 4 HD Review

Resident Evil 4

Developed by Capcom

Published by Capcom

*Please Note: This Review is for the PlayStation 4 Version*


Resident Evil 4 takes place 6 years after the events of the T-Virus outbreak of Raccoon City….Leon Kennedy now working as a government agent has been assigned to rescue the presidents daughter Ashley Graham, who was kidnapped by a mysterious group and taken to an unknown part of Europe (Most likely Spain), Shortly after Leon arrives in the area where Ashley is believed to be kept, he discovers that the people holding her are not quite normal and are infected with a parasite that takes away their control and forces them to attack outsiders, Leon also discovers that there is a plot brewing to destroy the United States and it is being led by Osmund Saddler; the leader of a religious cult called the Los Illuminados…..Leon must rescue Ashley and take down the cult by any means necessary.

So overall RE4 does have a very simple plot but it completely works as an Action-Horror story, it’s simple yet effective and it’s led by a much more badass version of Leon that I personally love, he’s like a mixture of John McClane from Die Hard and Batman (He even has a grappling hook), it’s kind of silly but it’s the best kind of silly where it gives you a simple objective and a big bad guy to defeat.

I also very much like Resident Evil 4’s side characters (minus Ashley because she is just…..awful), Luis is a very funny and likeable comic relief character that I wish was actually in the game more, Chief Mendez does what he is made to do….look intimidating and Salazar is a complete whiny petulant child, and I personally love him for it, RE4 does also have the return of Ada, sorry for spoiling it but this game is over 10 years old, you should know by now.



Resident Evil 4 decided to change up the style of the series to a more action focused way of gameplay… plays like an over the shoulder 3rd person shooter and also set the standard for what that Genre would be and this style influenced games like Dead Space and I personally think Alan Wake as well. It’s honestly simple, you point the laser and what ever it points at, you shoot, you can’t move and shoot so it’s more of a tactical way of playing where you have to either stand your ground or pick your shots and move. Inventory has changed a good bit from the older games in the series, instead of having a set amount of slots, you have a sort of grid and everything you pick up has a different size that you’ll have to fit into your case, it honestly can get pretty addicting, I find myself fiddling with my inventory to make it look pretty all the time.

Resident Evil 4 also has quite a few weapons as well and how you obtain them has changed dramatically from the older games….instead of finding them around the game (You can find some guns but not all of them), you actually get money from defeated enemies and exploration that you can use to buy new weapons, maps and upgrades to Leon himself like Case size upgrades and body armour later on, Resident Evil 4 supports pretty much any play style and you can play it how you want, every weapon has their strengths and weaknesses so I feel it encourages multiple playthroughs of the game.

I will say that the part that I always see people complaining about with this game is Ashley, the one you have to rescue, basically whenever you’re with Ashley, you always have to protect her and she does have her own health bar and can very much be a burden at times, I personally never have any problems with Ashley, I find as long as you’re careful with her she should be fine, although why Leon can’t just give her a Knife or a small gun is beyond my comprehension.



Resident Evil 4 personally hasn’t got too noticeable of a soundtrack in my opinion, I only notice the final boss theme and the Regenerator theme, I guess you could say that’s a bit disappointing but I think while it can be a bit sad, it would mostly be drowned out by the sounds of gun fire and the enemies so I don’t mind it personally.

Voice acting is pretty much spot on, Paul Mercier still for me is the best voice for Leon and I’m so sad that they replaced him for RE6, even though his replacement was still good, everyone else is voiced fine but I will admit that Ashley’s voice can easily become annoying as she is constantly screaming at you to help her if you do poorly.


Resident Evil 4 was a beautiful game for its time, obviously now it doesn’t look too great and I will admit that every HD “Remaster” of RE4 hasn’t really added anything to make it look nicer, this one is no exception, sure the faces on the enemies look slightly better and the text looks smoothed out and more crisp but it also just shows how blurry the environments are and that isn’t a good thing.

Monster design in RE4 is great, the parasites that infect the villagers all look very creepy and there is even one that kind of reminds me of a Facehugger from Alien, the bosses all look fantastic and I will say that for an older game, I personally love the lighting, especially when it is raining and in the dark right after you first find Ashley.

So overall remember that when judging this game on graphics that this is a pretty old game by this point and there is only so much you can do without completely remaking the game from the ground up, which honestly might not be a bad idea at this point.


Lasting Appeal:

Resident Evil 4 is a pretty decently lengthy game especially for a Resident Evil title, where most games in the series are around the 4-6 hour mark but RE4 is around the 8-10 hour mark, I’ve even seen some people take as long as 15 hours to beat it, there are also multiple difficulties and extra modes like Separate Ways and Assignment Ada, as well as Mercenaries.

The game does also have trophies but the idea that it does not have a Platinum trophy I’m not gonna lie really pissed me off, Resident Evil 4 is one of my favourite games of all time and the fact that I can’t platinum it has really annoyed me….


Final Thoughts:

So overall Resident Evil 4 is definitely a very good game, I will admit that since it was released over 10 years ago that it definitely can feel clunky at times but I think it is certainly manageable and not at all a burden, the soundtrack while not anything special does complement the game I feel and the voice acting all around is great, visuals are still very nice for an older game but by now after all these remasters, surely there isn’t anything else they can do with the game visually without remaking it entirely…..The game always comes packed with plenty of content to sink your teeth into but I’m always gonna be pissed that there isn’t a Platinum trophy, I know some people don’t care about trophies but it gives me something to do and in a game I love this much, I really need that.

Resident Evil 4 is just one of those games I can play pretty much any time and always have a blast, it’s the one game I’ve never become bored with over the years and a game I try to play at least once every year but I will say that if you’ve played the game before or gotten the game on PC or Last gen, there really isn’t a reason to buy it again unless you really love the game.


Score = 9.5/10


The Good:

  • Very Fun gameplay
  • Voice acting is great
  • Visuals still hold up
  • Plenty of content
  • Likeable characters (Except maybe Ashley)

The Bad:

  • No real graphical updates
  • No Platinum Trophy

Resident Evil 4  is available now for Pretty Much Everything. Thanks go out to Capcom for supplying the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on  FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

Review By Jonnie Dixon


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