The Weekend Playlist – Week ending December 4th 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend playlist where we give you our personal thoughts on what has been occupying our weekends.

This week’s weekend playlist consists of Myself, Jonnie, Luke, Sam & Tenacious Tea so without further ado.

Matthew McNamee; Chief Editor at UGNN:


Last Game Played – Resident Evil (HD Remaster)

So this weekend  I decided to revisit this classic title from video game history to not only help me build up some excitement for Resident Evil VII: Biohazard but also to pass some time before the incredible PlayStation Experience Conference happened. What can I honestly say about Resident Evil that hasn’t already been said? This is one of the first games to truly define the survival horror genre (Along with Silent Hill & Alone in the Dark) and for good reason aswell. Resident Evil is an incredible game that still gives me chills to this day (the remaster does; the original is cheesy as hell haha). For anyone who doesn’t know; Resident Evil follows officers Chris Redfield & Jill Valentine who are members of a special rescue task force who end up in a mansion in the mountains on the outskirts of Raccoon City where they encounter multiple horrors that could only be considered the stuff of nightmares. Check this game out if you haven’t already.

Last Movie Watched – Die Hard

Okay so I’m gonna go on record here and say that this movie is not only one of the few movies I watch every Christmas but it may also be one of my all-time favorite movies. Die Hard to me is possibly the most quintessential action movie ever made and so since I got a 4K television in my home recently; I wanted to test out how one of the all-time classics from the 80’s stands up to an UHD/4K upscale. All I can say is like my earlier tests of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Tron Legacy & Aliens; Die Hard looks phenomenal in 4K and looks smooth as hell. For anyone who hasn’t seen it; Die Hard follows off-duty New York Cop; John McClane (Bruce Willis) as he takes on a group of highly trained European criminals led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) when they attempt a heist in the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve under the guise of a terrorist attack in which they take hostages including McClane’s wife; Holly (Bonnie Bedelia). Being the only person uncaptured by the criminals; John leads a one man war against the criminals in the hopes to rescue the hostages, bring the terrorists to justice and stay alive. This movie is truly incredible and the ultimate action movie (in my opinion along with Aliens). Fantastic performances by Willis & Rickman. A Must Watch for anybody.

Last TV Show Watched – Stranger Things

So I decided to start re-watching this a second time and I still think this is probably one of the best shows out there at the moment (if not the best) and shows that time and time again; Netflix can completely knock it out of the park. Stranger Things follows multiple protagonists in an interconnecting story in which 12 year old; Will Byers vanishes into thin air after being pursued by something of a supernatural origin. In the aftermath of his disappearance; His 3 friends find a mysterious girl called Eleven who may have a connection to Will, while the investigating town sheriff is pulled into a conspiracy that might just change the lives of every single person involved in this curious mystery. This show is phenomenal and almost feels like a cross between classic 80’s movies like Stand By Me & E.T. and the twisted world of Silent Hill. This show is a must watch.

Last YouTube Video Watched –  PlayStation Experience Keynote Conference

Hell I don’t even know where to start with this. This conference was one of the best conferences I’ve seen in a long time and for me; Sony may have just topped their E3 conference (which was incredible). There was just so much on show at this conference with footage from the Crash Bandicoot Remasters; Resident Evil VII: Biohazard’s demo getting a final upgrade (In which you can leave the house), PaRappa the Rapper & Wipeout getting remastered, Knack 2, Uncharted 4’s DLC being called The Lost Legacy which is going to be a solo game (Think Infamous: First Light & Wolfenstein: The Old Blood), Horizon: Zero Dawn’s new engine being used for Death Stranding, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite (Along with UMVC3 on PS4) and to round it all off; the official announcement of The Last of Us: Part II which will see Ellie as the Playable Character.

All these reveals had me jumping up and down, screaming with excitement and when I saw The Last of Us 2 for the first time; I swear to god I almost cried. This for me was such an incredible conference and has given me so much reason to be excited for 2017. Christmas has officially come early. Feel free to check out the actual conference below for all the trailers or if you cannot wait to see them; the trailers will be in the articles coming soon.

*Please Note: The video below belongs to IGN so please feel free to subscribe to their YouTube (if you haven’t already) and the conference starts at 28.29 on the video*

Last Book or Article Read – The Dark Knight (Screenplay)

So I bought this script when I was attending the London Film & Comic Con and as an actor in training; I wanted to be in possession of the script to one of the best Batman movies made. I enjoy reading the lines of both Batman and The Joker and I have been trying to improve upon my Batman & Joker impressions by reading their parts aswell as getting some work in on my American accent. This is a fantastic script (despite a few spelling errors and some things missing from the movie) and is one of my favorite scripts that I own.

Last Piece of Music Listened to – Waiting for a girl like you –  Foreigner

So as with every weekend; I’ve been listening to plenty of music this weekend however this was the last piece of music that I heard and not only was it on one of my favorite show’s ever (Stranger Things) but it also happens to be one of my all-time favorite 80’s songs and love anthems. I’m a huge fan of Foreigner anyway but this song is possibly one of the greatest songs ever and not only do I sing this all the time but when I do eventually get a girlfriend I hope to sing this song for her. Beautiful song that I definitely recommend.

Jonnie Dixon; Editor at UGNN:


Last Game Played – Final Fantasy XV

This game has been very much hyped up for any Final Fantasy fan, it’s been roughly 10 years in the making and I’m glad to say that so far it is far surpassing my expectations of it (Admittedly they weren’t too high), there are of course some changes that should be made, mainly just small ones and I can’t comment on the story since I haven’t really progressed much, I’ve played 40 hours and I haven’t even reached chapter 3 so I’d say it definitely is worth the price. Also Yoko Shimomura is just incredible, the music once again is phenomenal.

Last Movie Watched – N/A

Haven’t watched anything different since last week so I’ll move on

Last TV Show Watched – South Park

Decided to start watching the latest season and while not being too great at first, it definitely does get better, although I definitely am not a fan of the big story lines as opposed the the random episodes the show used to have.

Last YouTube Video  Watched – Playstation Experience Live Stream

Playstation Experience was pretty good this year, much better than the last two years, Matt pretty much said everything about it, but for me, The Last of Us Part II is by far the best thing to come out of it.

Last Book or Article Read – P.T Things

I don’t really remember what exactly the article was about but it had a video of Lisa The Ghost from P.T replacing Quiet in that Rain scene from MGSV, to put it bluntly…just watch it, it’s truly horrifying.

Last Piece of Music Listened to – FFXV OST

Pretty much just the entire soundtrack of FFXV while playing it, loving being able to listen to old FF songs while driving.

Sam Elliott; Editor at UGNN:


Last Game Played – Wolfenstein: The New Order

Fancied like playing a linear story experience as I haven’t done that in way too long. I actually had a rant with my friend about the fact that hardly anyone is playing linear-story games, when games used to only be that. Anyway, I decided to go with Wolfenstein and I was not disappointed. Brilliant game with great graphics and innovative gameplay. Definetly worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Last Movie Watched – N/A

No movies this week

Last TV Show Watched – Planet Earth 2: Deserts

This weekend, I’ve been binging Planet Earth, because what else do you binge on a Saturday and Sunday night? Obviously it’s something with the majestic David Attenborough…obviously.

Last YouTube Video Watched – Mass Effect: Andromeda – Official Gameplay Trailer – 4K

Holy shit. I’ve been waiting for this title for sooo long now and the first ever gameplay has finally been released onto the official channel for Mass Effect. It also showcases everything that I would expect from a gameplay video for Mass Effect. Dialogue, Combat and Movement. Wonderful, wonderful video.

Last Book or Article Read – Mass Effect Article

More stuff on Mass Effect, nothing much else to say but WOW…

Last Piece of Music Listened to – Moana Soundtrack

Went to see the film yesterday, not my first choice, with family. I didn’t choose the film and wouldn’t have saw it, but after seeing it, I thought it was alright. The actors were great and story was decent. Worth a watch if you’ve got kids or are a kid…

Luke Harrison; Editor at UGNN:


Last Game Played – Dead Space

So I decided to give it a go… And well its pretty good… After playing an hour I stopped… Why? Not because of the jump scares (I’m bad with that, yet I didn’t seem to be that scared by the Necromorphs) but rather because the game gave me bloody anxiety…. And so I stopped, I will give it another go, but not right now….

Last Movie Watched – N/A

No movies this week.

Last TV Show Watched – South Park – Season 20

So couple of days ago I caught up on season 20 (waiting for the last episode now) and I’m absolutely loving it, I really like the story ark (some people don’t like it, but I understand why) and my favourite thing from season 19 is the member berries (especially when they’re cruising in a mini car, listening to Africa by Toto)

Last YouTube Video Watched –  tank busters (shell shock) (part 31) by GalmHD

I enjoy watching this series as I really enjoy the shenanigans that happen. Also watching galm’s videos on this game (shell shock) has made me really considered buying this game on steam as its only around £3-£4 which is really cheap and looks like a lot of fun

Last Book or Article Read – N/A

Nothing Read this week either.

Last Piece of Music Listened to – Aces in Exile – Sabaton

A great song from one of my favorite bands. Basically the song is about the other pilots from other countries (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Canada) that helped Britain during the battle of Britain in world war 2.

Tenacious Tea Gaming; Editor at UGNN & YouTube Uploader:


Last Game Played – Insurgency

This is a brilliant FPS game and I definitely recommend it to everyone who enjoys fps games.

Last Movie Watched – Big Momma’s House

So over the weekend I decided to watch the first big momma’s house film as I remember watching it a very long time ago. I must admit I enjoyed it, the film had some funny moments.

Last TV Show Watched – Dream Corp LLC

So over the weekend I started watching Dream Corp LLC and have found it very amusing and passes the time especially as the episodes are only 11 mins each.

Last YouTube Video Watched – The Cooking Song

So I watched Dan Bull’s “The Cooking Song!” its only a 20 second video but its very catchy.

Last Book or Article Read – N/A

Nothing read this week.

Last Piece of Music Listened to – Never Wanted to Dance – Mindless Self Indulgence

So over the past few days ive been listening to MSI (Mindless Self Indulgence) there music is great some of the lyrics are just hilarious and the instrumental to each track is amazing.

Below is the feature image for this weeks weekend playlist made by Tenacious Tea Gaming featuring Final Fantasy XV, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Resident Evil HD Remaster, Insurgency & Dead Space.



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