Unbox Review


Developed by Prospect Games

Published by Prospect Games

Unbox is a 3D Platformer where the player is a cardboard box who must bounce and roll, through mountains and islands alike, to deliver themselves after they are created by the global postal service (GPS). Throughout the game you have to solve puzzles, race against a clock, and a lot of fun with physics, which often involves causing mayhem by knocking things over or blowing them up. The game also has a strong local multiplayer element, for full split-screen enjoyment, including a variety of different challenges.


The 90’s style Platformer is based all around you being a special delivery box which can deliver itself.  I have only scratched the surface of the game where the hardest part of the game is actually getting accustomed to the control layout that is laid out, I was told by the developers to use a Gamepad but I wanted to see how difficult it is, and we all know I don’t play by the rules (wink wink) the controls are easy to use on a keyboard; the only problem I was having was the camera in which it was a bit weird but still playable.

From what I have played I really like that the old platforming games are still in the loop and everyone should have a favorite, This game reminds me in so many ways of the old Croc games in which my love of video games was born all by a simple jumping game on the PS1. When I first switched the game on I wasn’t to keen to play as it was a Platformer but after I spent time playing the game my opinion changed.


The game starts off with a simple training mission in which the basic controls are given to the player and the box you start with is just a normal box to start with, even though the box can move on it’s own, it’s not until you get to the main islands after the tutorial that you can find a shop and customize your box to fit your personality.

Then you’re boxed up and shipped over to the main island at the start where you find out that you are on a mission to save GPS from becoming bankrupt.



  • Retro without the rose-tinted glasses – The game stands as a love letter to 90’s platformers, whilst using power of UE4 to create the best possible challenges.
  • New mechanics – The boxes have a unique power; they can “Unbox” to jump in mid-air, each time shedding a cardboard layer and shrinking in size. No platform is out of reach!
  • Unique story – The tale of a struggling postal service testing its sentient boxes’ delivering power, whilst also trying to defeat the devious Boss Wild and the Wild Cards, has a cute and individual cast of characters for players to meet.
  • Local multiplayer – The game’s retro-inspired local multiplayer means that it provides split screen enjoyment and evokes a true retro feel.
  • Customisation – Dress to impress with a variety of boxes, hats, clothing and accessories, with anything from sunglasses to a fez hat.



  • Bringing  platformers back to life
  • Beautiful decorated levels with many secrets
  • Customization is brilliant if you unlock the stuff


  • Controls are a bit glitched at first; better on a Gamepad I would expect
  • Keyboard users will hurt wrists with the camera constantly changing
  • Most of the time didn’t know what I was doing

Score = 6/10

Unbox is available now for PC via Steam. Thanks go out to Prospect Games for supplying the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on  FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

Review by Connor Cleminson


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