Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Review

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal

Published by Ubisoft

*Please Note: This Review is of the PlayStation 4 Version*


After several years of the Rainbow Program being deactivated; The program is reactivated by a brand new leader simply going by the name of Six. Assuming the role of an operator in the Rainbow team; you have to face a new terrorist force known as The White Masks who have unknown goals but are causing chaos across the globe. Recruits go through multiple exercises to prepare them for future encounters with the White Masks, training to perform hostage rescue and bomb disposal. Eventually the White Masks launch a chemical attack on a university (called Bartlett University in game), and the recruits are called in to disarm the bombs and eliminate the enemy presence at the university.

All in all, Rainbow Six: Siege has a very basic and linear plot which is rather bad considering the interesting stories the Rainbow Six series has had in the past. This can also be attributed to the fact that the game has no single player campaign which is disappointing to say the least however I’ll get into that more in the gameplay section.


Rainbow Six: Siege is a team based tactical FPS that is primarily based online. One thing I can definitely confirm with this game is that it does have an offline feature despite being marketed as online only however there is very little content for offline players. The offline content is a series of training missions which help you to get familiar with the different controls and tactics by initiating simulation missions in which you can earn medals which build up experience points and ranking. The online has only a few modes to choose from including Terrorist Hunt (My favorite) in which you can play the mission either solo or in a team as you take on different terrorist members of the organization known as the white masks. This mode is my personal favorite because unlike the other modes which feel like generic online modes; Terrorist Hunt uses tactical planning and skill aswell as being aware of your surroundings. It really makes you evaluate every little corner of the map which helps you in not only winning but also improving upon the skill of perception. Other than the online modes feeling rather generic at times however the game is fair with it’s player pairings putting new players up against players of around the same skill rank as opposed to other games out there which put new players against veterans of the game. The balancing of the online pairings and the stability and lack of slowdown in the game really made this a standout online title for me.

One thing that is certainly important with this game which I definitely cannot forget to talk about is of course the weapons. Each weapon in the game is put to use very well with the automatic and bigger weapons (Machine Guns,  Rifles, Shotguns, Etc..) doing the most damage with each shot doing around the same damage they would do in real life giving the game an extra sense of realism. The smaller weapons like the Handguns don’t do the greatest amount of damage however they are great for use when playing tactically as they don’t make as much noise and if aimed correctly (head in particular) it can get the job done quick and quietly. Finally in terms of weapons; I want to talk about the melee weapons which as of course like most first person shooters are highly overpowered with the knife providing an instant kill if the attack is landed while a shield melee attack only takes 2 hits max to take out the enemy. There are many other weapons in the game such as explosives however the weapons mentioned are going to be my main focus point as these were personally the more fun options of killing the opponents.

All in all, the lack of game modes is rather disappointing but the modes there do provide enough fun and enjoyment to keep you entertained for a while, In addition the weapons are well handled apart from the occasional weapons being slightly overpowered (OP).



In terms of the sound section; Rainbow Six Siege is definitely nothing special. The music in the game is pretty poor with either next to no music or just a basic generic tracklist as you play through each map. There isn’t really a voice cast in this game aswell with the only really notable cast member in the game being Angela Basset (American Horror Story) who portrays Agent Six. While Basset does a fantastic job as the leader of Rainbow team; She is not in it nearly as much as she should be which overall is disappointing. There is one thing I can definitely praise about the games sound section though is that the sound effects on the weapons and explosives are realistically accurate to the noises they would make in the real world also helping to add to the realism already set in place by the gameplay.


The visuals in Rainbow Six Siege are fantastic and are truly one of the high selling points of the game. There is one big disadvantage in this section of the game and that happens to be the lack of playable maps in the game with there only being a few maps to choose from however the maps available to the player are highly detailed and look stunning. The best thing about the environments in this game is that pretty much a good majority of the areas are destructible making it more difficult to take the stealth route in each match aswell as the overall damage looking accurate. All the weapons look exactly as they would in real life and the visuals in the very few cutscenes there is involving Angela Basset were incredible.


Lasting Appeal:

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has plenty of replay value since the game technically never ends. The game is based online and with no story campaign it leaves just online modes which you can play for hours and hours on end in order to try and achieve a high rank in the world leaderboards. In addition to this, there is content that you can unlock through the game with the use of points/cash which you earn by playing in the online matches. As with most games these days; Rainbow Six Siege also comes complete with trophies/achievements for all the hunters out there aiming for platinums/full gamerscore and of course if you pay extra money; there is also DLC available to the player.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, Rainbow Six: Siege is a really fun game that despite it’s flaws can be extremely enjoyable. The weapons are incredibly fun aswell as the traversing the buildings while the gameplay modes are highly enjoyable despite the lack of any other modes. The lack of a real story or even a campaign for that matter is a huge let down and the lack of any real decent sound apart from the sound effects and Angela Basset really marks this game down in my personal opinion. The visuals are stunning despite the lack of many maps and the replay value is fantastic. Overall, I’d definitely recommend this game at some point for everyone.


Score = 7.5/10


The Good:

  • Angela Basset is fantastic
  • Sound Effects are great
  • Highly Realistic
  • Plenty of Replay Value
  • Stunning Visuals
  • Destructible Environments
  • Great Gameplay Modes available
  • Weapons play really well

The Bad:

  • Plot is very linear
  • No Story Campaign
  • Not many modes available
  • Nearly all online
  • Melee Kill is OP
  • No memorable Soundtrack
  • No voice acting (other than Angela Basset)
  • Lack of Maps

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is available now on PS4, Xbox One & PC. Thanks go to Ubisoft for supplying the game & Assets used in this review. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on  FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

Review by Matthew McNamee


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