Fifa 16 Review

Fifa 16

Developed by EA Canada

Published by EA Sports

*Please Note: This Review is of the PlayStation 4 Version*


Being a sports game, Fifa 16 doesn’t really have a story, the closest thing you can get to a story would be doing a player career or manager career which isn’t really even a story mode seeing as there is no cutscenes.

So honestly I’d like to say more but there really isn’t anything to say on the story mode but really I don’t want a story mode in Fifa.




I feel like I’m gonna be repeating myself a lot here, Fifa 16 is a football game, so I mean what else can you expect, it’s football, passing around feels fluent, and dribbling works incredibly well, I really don’t notice any new changes to gameplay from Fifa 15 if I’m being honest here, I haven’t looked up what exactly what they changed so I can’t really comment on it but having played it and not noticing any new things speaks for what changes they have made.

As far as gameplay goes there are really only 2 modes that you can choose between Career mode and Ultimate Team. Ultimate Team is an online mode in which you play against other players, to earn coins which you can spend on new players and managers as well as kits and upgrades to your teams, it’s actually pretty deep with team chemistry actually being a big factor, I personally don’t play this mode too much since I don’t really like playing online but overall it is probably the best mode in this game.

Career mode has you take the role of a Player or a Manager, choosing a Player is pretty bad in my opinion, it is literally just match after match, the same thing over and over again, there are no decisions that you can make, you can’t talk to the media or anything or stir up trouble or anything cool like that, sadly the best player career game you can play is still a flash game named Jumpers For Goalposts, which really is just sad.

Manager however is infinitely better, now it does follow the same format of match after match, but there are decisions you can make in between, buying players, selling players, hiring scouts to go and get young players for you to build up is one of my favourite thing to do in the game, especially if I play as a League 2 team like Barnet since they have such a small budget, you need to rely on scouting young players and hiring free agents, it actually has a good bit of strategy to it and I personally like the portions outside of the matches more than the matches themselves, so much so that I find myself actually skipping matches to build my team.




Fifa 16’s soundtrack is pretty bad for me, there are no songs that I have heard of or like, so really I just find myself putting on my own music or turning it down. As far as commentary is concerned, it’s still good, personally I would like Alan Smith to be replaced, not sure who by Martin Tyler is still fantastic I feel his voice is great for Commentary but I will say that after a while you constantly hear the same thing which is expected but it’s still annoying sometimes. Something I was very disappointed with is that Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend are no longer available to commentate on regular matches, instead they are restricted to only International matches, it really is a shame since I personally feel that Tyldesley and Townsend are the better commentary team overall.

So really I have mixed feelings on this section, the music is really bad, so much so that I sometimes mute the TV. Commentary is good overall with my only problem being Alan Smith, he really needs to go.




Visuals in Fifa 16 as a whole look pretty much the same as 15, it’s not really a bad thing it’s still a fine looking game, Stadiums look great, players look good, mainly I’m very impressed with how many face scans EA have managed to do for this game, it mainly applies to the Premier League but it is still very nice to see so many facial scans of the players, especially since their likeness is down to a tee.



Lasting Appeal:

Fifa 16 is a sports game, so really it’s appeal lasts as long as you want, technically you can spend forever on this game with the Career mode and manager mode, but for most people most of your time will be spent on Ultimate team since it can never really end and building your team is always fun. So if you love football and want something to just pour hour into, then look no further than Fifa 16.



Final Thoughts:

So is Fifa 16 the best Fifa game so far? I’d say probably not but is it the best Football game right now? Yes, I feel it is the best gameplay you’re going to get with a football game. The visuals overall may not be on par with PES but Fifa still hold its own. If you’re a fan of Football it’s simple, get this game, you should get countless hours out of it.



Score = 7/10


The Good:

  • Ultimate Team
  • Manager Mode is addicting
  • Players look great (Especially in Premier League)
  • Game can last a long time.

The Bad:

  • Soundtrack is really bad
  • Commentary needs some changes.

FIFA 16 is available now on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Thanks go to EA for supplying the game & Assets used in this review. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on  FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

Review By Jonnie Dixon


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