Deadlight: Directors Cut Review

Deadlight: Directors Cut

Developed by Tequila Works

Published by Deep Silver

*Please Note: This Review is of the Xbox One Version.*

First Thoughts

I have previously played Deadlight on both PC and Xbox 360 so was very excited to play the game again but remastered.



You play as Randall Wayne a survivor. The year is 1986 and a viral outbreak has spread across Seattle which causes the dead to reanimate into “shadows” a name given to the zombies by the survivors. Randall Wayne and his fellow survivors are trying to make their way to the safe point, at the hopes of Randall find his wife Shannon and daughter Lydia. On the way to the safe point Randall and his fellow survivors get separated, while trying to find his friends Randall deals with some dark memories and dreams that don’t seem to make sense to him. I’ve tried to keep the story vague as possible as I don’t want to spoil it as I found the story to Deadlight to be very gripping and enjoyable. The story is definitely one of the strongest elements to this game.


The gameplay to Deadlight plays like a classic side scrolling game with addition of climbing and pushing obstacles to benefit the player. The game also gives the player the opportunity to taunt the shadows to get their attention and kill them with the surroundings such as electric in water, traps, cars and so on giving you the opportunity to preserve ammo if needed. as well as the ability to taunt the game features stamina which is used while climbing, sprinting and attacking which will make you want to think how to take on a group of shadows at once. The overall gameplay is very enjoyable and is another brilliant element to the game.


The graphics of Deadlight are surprisingly great and look even better in the directors cut than in the original although not a massive change although they have been enhanced for the current gen consoles. So where to begin the game runs in a 2.5D side scrolling with the background joining in with the 2.5D by this I mean shadows in the background will inter join with the line of movement adding an effect of when you see a horde of shadows in the background they ain’t just for show if you make a loud noise like shooting a gun they will follow into the line of battle, I personally like this as at times you will see shadows come from the corners of buildings adding to a horde in the area meaning it will cause you a further struggle to survive the graphics in the gameplay also adds to environments altering such as landing on cars will set alarms and make them fall of ledges if unbalanced also ladders and other surrounding can change when grabbing a ladder or bumping into walls or shelf’s can make things drop such as collectibles which adds to the difficulty finding them. Other than the in game graphics you have cut scenes that run in like a comic book strip motion which are absolutely amazing and fit the game perfectly. Overall the graphics to this game are very good and add to the amazing experience of Deadlight.



The sound to the game is very good such as environment changing sounds footsteps and gun sounds add to a dynamic effect such as shooting in enclosed areas will echo more to the gameplay than the sound itself but can hear a slight echo there is car alarm sounds and the noise of ladders breaking make a very realistic noise which add to the games overall sound effects. Other than this there is some slight soundtrack but to be honest its nothing memorable as I can not even recall hearing a major soundtrack. The voice actors are great and each characters role have perfect voice actors especially Randall’s his is definitely the most memorable voice in the game not just for the fact you hear his voice the most but merely the fact that his voice seems to have the most impact on the game as I think, the other voice actors are good but throughout the game you only hear a few of them say a few things at times so again it doesn’t stick as something memorable. Overall the sound to the game is good but as stated its nothing that will leave a major impact to the game or the gamer’s experience.

Lasting Appeal

I believe the directors cut of Deadlight has a large lasting appeal although the games campaign does not last long once completed you will unlock Nightmare Mode which adds a further difficulty and also changes the end story but to complete this mode you need to complete all missions without dying if you die by getting killed by shadows or traps or even falling to you death you have to start from the beginning which again this may take a while to complete if you have not mesmerized every encounter in the campaign. There is also a collectibles system within the game where you will have to find various hidden objects such as ID passes and also item from left behind survivors another collectible you will find is pages of Randall’s diary and another cool collectible although there is only 3 you can find game systems which are basically mini games on old handheld game systems, although there is not many collectibles within the game it does add to the overall time you will spend playing if you wish to find these collectibles. Another addition to the directors cut is survival mode a mode where you must see how many shadows you can kill and how long you can last this mode is interesting but as of now there is only one map im not sure if they intend to add more survival maps but if so I think that will extend the lasting appeal of the survival mode but as of now the game does offer a few things to do other than just the main campaign.

Final Thoughts

Deadlight is an amazing game and this was the third or fourth time completing the main campaign and I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time I completed the game but I did encounter a few glitches in this version of the game which I never encountered in the original version although these could be fixed by quitting to the main menu and reloading the game it was still a bit disappointing this glitches happened when I reloaded from a checkpoint when doing this the ground on the floor disappeared and made Randall fall to his death but he did not die he just keeps falling non stop as I stated it could be fixed by quitting to menu of game then reloading the game. That was the only negative experience I encountered while playing Deadlight directors cut so I will go over the positive experiences. Deadlight is a very enjoyable game the story is very gripping with a lot of twists which will keep you entertained throughout the duration of the game, the gameplay is very enjoyable and can be easily understood by any player. The survival mode is a brilliant addition but I would of liked to see some additional levels as I think this would extend the experience of this mode. But overall I enjoyed Deadlight Directors Cut and is definitely worth trying out if you have not done already as the game is overall very fun.


Score: 9/10

The Good

  • Very Enjoyable Gameplay
  • Gripping Story
  • Graphics Are Very Good
  • Difficult Alternative Story Mode (Nightmare Mode)

The Bad

  • Not A Memorable Soundtrack
  • Glitches (Although not major are still a bit frustrating at times due to having to reload campaign)

Deadlight: Directors Cut is available now on Xbox One, PS4 And PC. Thanks go to Deep Silver for supplying the game & Assets used in this review. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube and be sure to check out my YouTube channel as well by clicking here.

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