7 Days To Die Review

Developed by The Fun Pimps

Published by Telltale Publishing

*Please Note: This Review is of the Xbox One Version.*

First Thoughts

I have played this game before on PC but could not get the hang of it properly. After playing on the Xbox for approximately 2 hours I can say I really started to enjoy the game.



Although there is no real story to this game while adventuring through the world and looting certain places you might find notes which will give you various quests, again this does not really add a story to the game overall but does give you some alternative objective if you wanted to complete the founded quests.


7 Days to die is a FPS survival horror game. You spawn in a randomly generated world with majority of nature and resources and a few buildings which may contain rare loot there is also certain areas that will cause radiation damage. The gameplay has a crafting system that allows you to craft various stuff including buildings,tools,weaponry,traps & more. The crafting takes a while to get use to but once understood it can be very entertaining trying to obtain all the right resources to create items as well as this certain items will require you to research them such as pistols and vehicles & more. The building mechanic to the game is very amusing as buildings contain physics such as if you build something without support beams it will eventually tumble down this adds more building tasks to keep you occupied as well as building physics zombies can also destroy your home so maintaining the building is very important as well as building defenses around your base to add to the your home and characters safety. While playing the game you will obtain experience points to upgrade your characters skills to aid you while surviving. The game contains weather changing and days survived the more days you survive the tougher the zombies become. There are various zombies that will attack each with different strengths. One feature that is definitely beneficial to new players is the ability to change difficulty and zombies movement/memory time. Memory time will be how long the zombie remembers your in an area for before forgetting and moving on, you can change the zombies movement to certain zombies run or walk or all zombies walk giving the player a much easier experience when dealing with special zombies. The downside to the gameplay contains various issues such as slow loading, frame drops and clunky game mechanics and very bad lag that can be very frustrating when being attacked by zombies as it can stop doors from opening and slow down movement speed this really don’t help the game. Overall the gameplay to 7 days to die is enjoyable at times but also can be very frustrating with the various gameplay issues hopefully these issues get fixed overtime and the gameplay mechanics become improved.


The graphics to 7 Days to die are not the greatest but are definitely not the worst, the game works on a block base formula by this I mean building it mostly block based unless you choose different shape blocks but will still be placed within a block on the floor, digging the ground also seems to look like it inst block digging but it does dig away into a block. Trees on the game probably are one of the more detailed textures when chopping a tree down it will actually fall (the whole tree will tumble down) but will then disappear once it has been chopped down this is a cool aspect. Mining ore/stone is a similar after a certain amount of hits the source will break into smaller parts until eventually disappearing. The lighting on the game is OK but is very slow when moving to different biomes on the map especially snow as it will fade to a slight darkness then the snow will appear on the floor with snow falling from the sky. Textures on blocks and surroundings are also not perfect you will find some textures smudged this usually happens when mining stones/ore and digging the ground. The graphics on the zombies are nothing amazing, although there is various different zombie types so you will not always see the same zombies. Overall the games graphics are nothing to be thrilled about but that said they are not the worst and a lot of textures need improving, but if you can ignore the graphics you might enjoy the game.



The sound to 7 Days to die is not memorable in anyway as there is no story dialogue nor any major soundtrack, the zombies all seem to sound the same which can be a bit confusing as you cant detect which zombie is which. There are various sounds effects like when hitting trees, rocks and various building objects depending on the material of each object, sound effect of weapons are not bad but could be better such as adding a echo sound effect when using firearms in certain areas and surroundings but I have not noticed this happening. As I stated the game doesn’t have anything major in the sound but if you can look past this you may enjoy the game.

Lasting Appeal

The game has a major lasting appeal which is one reason why I have been enjoying the game, making sure your base is indestructible can take hours or even days due to having to find various resources and then food and water to keep yourself alive and also weapons to defend yourself, the game also lets you create vehicles which will take a lot of time to build, weapons also take a lot of time to build as you need to find the parts and also a research book so you can make the various equipment. While playing the game you can level up your players skills to make the surviving more easier and if you wanted to get all the skill sets to the top this will take days. Overall the lasting appeal to this game is what makes it very enjoyable I have been really enjoying trying to build up my base and get various resources and trying to build different weapons and defenses. Although the lasting appeal is good I do feel that the game will eventually get boring over time once you have made a base that is indestructible and also have all the best equipment and top skills.

Final Thoughts

7 Days to Die is a very enjoyable game but also have many flaws such as freezing, blurred textures, bad mechanics & game crashes. But when you look past all that you do have a fairly decent survival game. I did find the game being frustrating at times with attacking zombies as the hit zones did not always work so I found myself wasting a lot of ammo on shooting through zombies and not damaging them at all. The game itself is still in early access on steam so I was a bit shocked to find it being released on Xbox One & PS4 I’m hoping that the game will receive the same updates as the PC version and will not be left in the state it is in at the moment, although the state it is in at the moment is playable and very enjoyable it will be very disappointing to know they are continuing to improve one version and not the others, but we will have to wait and see what plans they have. After playing the game for a total of 61 hours it has started to lose its appeal as I have got most weapons and made a minibike and established various bases in different locations to camp out during nightfall although it has started to lose its appeal I am still playing it now and then to try and get my character to the highest level. Personally I’ve enjoyed playing 7 Days To Die and think its an enjoyable game at times but does get very repetitive and unless it gets updated to fix the bugs and also add more content I doubt the appeal to the game will last long.

torch.jpgScore: 6.5/10

The Good

  • Very Enjoyable
  • Lots To Do
  • Ability to adjust difficulty

The Bad

  • Poor Graphics
  • Various Bugs and Glitches
  • Loads of lag in the gameplay
  • Game crashes

7 Days To Die is available now on Xbox One, PS4, PC. Thanks go to Telltale Publishing for supplying the game & Assets used in this review. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube and be sure to check out my YouTube channel as well by clicking here.

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