Resident Evil 5 Professional Difficulty Playthrough with Commentary

*Please Note: The playthrough video below may contain spoilers for Resident Evil 5 (and in a brief segment; Independence Day: Resurgence). The video also contains very bad language so please be advised that this video is not suitable for anyone under the age of 15/18.*

Welcome viewers to our official playthrough of the Professional Difficulty in Resident Evil 5; one of the most recent entries of the long running survival horror series. Myself and editor; Jonnie Dixon decided to take on the task of playing through the hardest difficulty and trying not to lose our sanity. Enjoy as we fought through around 8 hours of pure gameplay which you can view below (including multiple deaths and curse words).

We really hope that you enjoy the videos and we hope to post more walkthroughs of games in the future. We would also like to apologize that the very first level of the game is missing from the playthrough due to technical issues.

Thank you for watching everybody and feel free to give us your feedback so we may improve upon our walkthroughs in future, In the meantime link up with us on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube by clicking the links below.

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Video Walkthrough by Matthew McNamee & Jonnie Dixon


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