Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations Review

Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations

Developed by Vicious Cycle Software

Published by Bandai Namco (Little Orbit)

Distributed by Cartoon Network  Interactive (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

“Finn & Jake Investigations to the rescue”

*Please Note: This Review is of the PlayStation 4 Version*


The story for Finn & Jake Investigations is actually a compendium of short Adventure Time stories created for the game in which you have to play through for each individual chapter. The game is also loosely based off the sixth season of the show.

In the opening for the game; Finn, Jake & BMO are planning on having a party with all of their friends when their record player is destroyed. Upon the destruction of their record player; Finn & Jake find an assignment machine called “The Tickertype” that gives them mysteries and crimes to investigate across the land of Ooo. Deciding to take on these investigations in order to pass the time until the record player can be fixed; Finn & Jake start an investigation agency and help out the people of Ooo to solve their problems and save the day.


Finn & Jake Investigations is an Action-Adventure title which is a completely new turn for the Adventure Time video game series. The game sees you taking control of Finn with Jake following you behind as a partner controlled by the computer with the gameplay heavily revolving around interacting with the people and items in your environment by clicking on them using the buttons specified on screen.

One of the many things that I did like about this games gameplay compared to the other Adventure Time games was the puzzle solving elements the game had with many of the objectives that the missions gave you requiring a different type of puzzle to be solved such as finding objects in the environment to help open a new path (such as a Bee’s nest) or having to assign Jake to certain things in each area such as a lever or a pressure plate and then controlling Finn to complete the puzzle by activating the item connected with the object Jake is assigned to. Another thing that I loved about the game was the freedom to truly explore the land of Ooo in a way that hasn’t been done in an Adventure Time video game before thanks to the 3D visual style (I will get into this more under the graphics section.). This is because it makes all locations look more detailed and interesting enough that you want to explore; especially when you have to search for collectibles and possible clues hidden in the different areas.

One of the things that I did find to be a little bit aggravating was the combat sections which while I’ll admit that these sections were fun at first; after a while they became really repetitive and got boring real fast. One of the things I did like about the combat was the different abilities that you could choose once you build up enough hits on a combo meter with the choices being available to either use Jake in battle (As a power suit among 3 other possible options) or using the power of Finn’s equipped sword (More swords can be earned through the game); However these options also have a flaw in the fact that they also make Finn & Jake highly overpowered which often ends the fight quickly.

Finally, I also liked how if you were ever struggling in the game; the option came up to get assistance from the games tutorial guide which at times was helpful and could come in useful for the new player who might get occasionally stuck.  All in all, The gameplay features in Finn & Jake Investigations are pretty fun and they are definitely enjoyable however after some time playing the game; it starts to get repetitive which can put people off continuing for some time.


The sound section of Finn & Jake Investigations is rather mixed since the background music for the levels and hub world of Finn & Jake’s treehouse can be repetitive and overall very boring in general. The lack of interesting sound is however made up for with the voice cast which like previous Adventure Time games brings back the cast of the tv show with Jeremy Shada, John DiMaggio, Tom Kenny, Jessica DiCicco and Olivia Olson to name just a few of the returning cast. In addition to this, the theme song from the show is also ever present in the game which helps redeem the poor music in the game. Overall the sound section isn’t great in this game but it does have it’s redeeming qualities.


The visuals on Finn & Jake Investigations are not the greatest graphics out there but suit the type of game that it is. Adventure Time is of course an animated children’s show and so the game goes for cartoon visuals however they actually look a lot smoother than most cartoon video game visuals tend to look with the characters and locations looking great in a 3D setting for the first time in the history of the show. The 3D visuals  actually really suit the world of Adventure Time with this being the first 3D game in the series as opposed to the previous pixelated look of the previous games.

Lasting Appeal:

While Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations is a really fun game to play; it doesn’t have too much in terms of replay value with most of the game consisting of story missions that when finished leaves you with almost nothing to do unless you missed a few of the collectibles. As has become a regular thing with modern gaming; Adventure Time features Achievements and Trophies for the hunters out there however these are very simple to collect and once collected can leave you in a similar position to the first time you may have completed the game. While it’s fun, if your looking for a game with loads of replay value, then this is not the game for you.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations is a fun and enjoyable entry in the Adventure Time video game series and in my honest opinion is a step in the right direction for future entries in the series. The voice cast is great and the detective gameplay is very enjoyable and fresh in a children’s game while the stories are funny and feel right at home in the world of Ooo. The game does also have it’s fair share of problems but overall an enjoyable game that both families and Adventure Time fans will be able to enjoy.

Score = 6.5/10


The Good:

  • Stories are fun and enjoyable
  • Detective Gameplay is a unique breath of fresh air
  • Puzzles are fun
  • Voice Cast are brilliant
  • Adventure Time Theme Song used
  • Visuals Smooth for Cartoon Adaptation
  • Option for Assistance available when stuck

The Bad:

  • Combat gameplay is repetitive and boring
  • Most music in the game is very lackluster
  • Visuals still aren’t too great
  • No Replay Value

Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations is available now on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, 3DS, Wii U & PC. Thanks go to Bandai Namco for supplying the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. We also now have a community on PlayStation 4 so feel free to join there and discuss anything gaming related.

Review by Matt McNamee


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