Rumor: New Crash Bandicoot game on the way?

A recent tweet has appeared online that may suggest that former PlayStation mascot; Crash Bandicoot could be getting a new game pretty soon.

After December’s PlayStation Experience event; Many believed that Shawn Layden was teasing the return of popular PS1 icon Crash Bandicoot after he appeared on stage brandishing a Crash t-shirt. Many were disappointed after there was no sign of the meddling marsupial at the event however many started to speculate that this could in fact be a teaser of what is to come at Sony’s Press Conference at E3 2016.

However recently; The Middle East PlayStation twitter account posted a mysterious tweet that could further indicate that Crash is making a return fairly soon. The tweet is below.

For those who can’t understand the Arabic writing; The translation is “Most wanted person…Where are you Crash?”.

This isn’t the first time that Crash has been teased to have returned to PlayStation with the teasing beginning in the launch trailer for the PlayStation 4 console and the official PlayStation twitter accounts releasing multiple Crash related posts since the PS4 launched worldwide. In addition to this, A pop-up shop appeared in London for the 20th Anniversary of the PS1 where the shop sold a 20th anniversary PS4 for £19.95 to  anyone who used the phrase “I Crashed my Bandicoot”.

Only time will tell if this is a hint for E3 2016 and we will be sure to report more on this if it’s announced.

So what do you think? Do you want to see a new Crash Bandicoot? Would you want Naughty Dog to return to this series? Are you excited for E3 2016? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for news and reviews from the gaming world.

Article by Matt McNamee


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