Lego Jurassic World Review

Lego Jurassic World

Developed by Traveller’s Tales

Published by Warner Bros. Interactive

*Please Note: This Review is of the Xbox One Version*


First Thoughts
So straight away from playing this game it is very easy to get the hang of and very enjoyable and that’s just within the first 5 mins. I’m looking forward to see what more the game has to offer.

The story to Lego Jurassic World follows the story of the 4 films in the jurassic park franchise but as you can already guess in lego form with the normal lego humour to change things up a bit from what you would expect even though this game follows the films story certain scenes are changed and lego have added there humour which is very enjoyable and at times will make you laugh esspecially if you have seen the jurassic park films. The game’s story is great and its also amazing to see the old jurassic park films in lego form, the story is definitely a strong point to the game and if your a fan of the jurassic park films i would definitely check this out just so you can see it again but in LEGO!!!.
Here is a summary of what i thought of each Jurassic park story in the game and how long each lasted and general thoughts on each one

Jurassic Park : So starting off the game we have the first movie in the series and it was amazing to see this in lego as the jurassic park movie was amazing this story has a lot of humour with the dinosaurs and it will have you laughing no matter what age you are the story for this one last from 60 mins to 90 mins and can possible be completed in less than that depending on how fast you play it but overall its amazing to play and very enjoyable for everyone

Jurassic Park The Lost Worlds (Jurassic Park 2) : The lost worlds as many of the fans will recall is the sequel to the first Jurassic park movie but does not contain all the main characters in it never the less this is still a very enjoyable story in Lego form and has loads of humour with it and is very fun i would say that this story lasts 30 mins to 60 mins and probably can be completed quicker depending on how fast you run through it overall it is good but I personally preferred the first campaign over this one.
Jurassic Park 3 : So Jurassic park 3 as many of you will remember follows the story of the Kirby’s i wont give you to much of the story as I am sure many people who will play this game have either seen the movies or will watch them sooner or later and the game does explain what you need to know to be able to follow it. This story lasted for 60 mins to 90 mins depending on how fast you play I found this story very funny and i also enjoyed this story the most out of 1 & 2.
Jurassic World : This story follows the new theme park Jurassic World and this story is great there is many funny parts and its also amazing to see this awesome instalment into the Jurassic franchise in Lego form and humour the story roughly lasts 60 to 90 mins depending on how quick you run through it, I enjoyed this story the most out of the other 3.
Overall the game story is amazing and it is great to see each of these stories and films in lego form so it is definitely worth checking out if your a fan.

The gameplay to Lego Jurassic park is very similar to the older Lego games there is a a bit of a free roam element which really brings out the amazement of Jurassic park being able to explore the island. as with previous Lego games each level has various of objectives such as the main objective build something to progress onto the next part as well as that you can also explore these various levels and collect studs to get true survivor and also find everything else that the levels have to offer. as well as doing objectives the main thing with Lego games is being able to swap characters at any time this adds more obstacles to the game as certain characters can do certain things such as jump higher or build certain things. I personally enjoy the way that the game is made having levels for the story and also a free roam part where you can go and explore the island and Jurassic park this adds much more enjoyment to the game and also brings out the best of what the game has to offer. One of my favourite parts to the gameplay is the chase sections where you have to run away from Dinosaurs I found these parts very enjoyable. I also like the fact that you can play as the dinosaurs and that you will need certain dinosaurs to get pass certain objects this again adds more of a challenge to the levels and is also very fun to run around as various dinosaurs.

The gameplay is definitely one of the strongest points to Lego Jurassic park it is an overall enjoyable gameplay experience.


The graphics to Lego Jurassic park look great its very colourful and the scenery is amazing the Lego dinosaurs look awesome along with ever Lego character you can tell who they are its great and to see these characters from the film in Lego form and look so great is good to see everything looks amazing. The graphics are very similar to previous lego games but I don’t think that’s a issue as the graphics for Lego games have always look good. The graphics is definitely another strong point to this wonderful Lego adventure.

The soundtrack to Lego Jurassic World is amazing the game has great music and great sound effects, The game has the original Jurassic Park theme which is amazing to hear again. Everything in the sound for the game sounds perfect from the characters talking to the sounds of the dinosaurs. The sound to the game is amazing and is definitely another strong point to such an amazing game.

Lasting Appeal
With Lego games there is so much of a lasting appeal from playing the game again but in free play mode to try and get all those collectibles, to trying to unlock every single character, or trying to get true survivor on every level this game has loads to do and I am sure you will enjoy every second doing it.

Final thoughts
Lego Jurassic World is AMAZING and its a perfect and it really does justice to the Jurassic park franchise and to see all those moments from the films in Lego form is just brilliant and is worth every second. I will admit at times the game does get very repetitive but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a very enjoyable game for everyone. Lego games are always fun and this one is no different.If your a fan of Lego games or a fan of the Movies then you need to check this game out as its great and is definitely worth the time. Overall the game is great and I think its a perfect game for everyone.


Rating: 9/10

The Good

  • Great Resemblance to the movies
  • Funny Lego Humour
  • Very Enjoyable
  • You get to explore the islands
  • Game will last long especially if you want to 100%

The Bad

  • Can get very repetitive
  • Minor glitches

Lego Jurassic World is available now for PC, 3DS, OS X, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360 & Xbox One. Thanks go out to Warner Bros. Interactive for supplying the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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