DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Review

Developed by Ninja Theory

Published by Capcom

*Ebony, Ivory, I missed you girls…*

*Please Note: This Review is of the PlayStation 4 Version*


DmC: Devil May Cry is a reboot to the original Devil May Cry series and features many different things that set it apart from the other games, the overall premise is still the same; you play as Dante a half angel, half demon hybrid who is frequently being hunted by the demonic forces of Mundas, a demon king, who holds power over most of the world, soon after the game starts, Dante meets Kat, a member of a group named The Order who have been trying to mount a resistance against Mundas and the demons, Kat insists that Dante meets her leader, initially hesitant, Dante eventually agrees to meet with The Orders leader, it is here that Dante meets Vergil who reveals that he is Dante’s Brother and tells Dante his origins, Dante decides that he will help Vergil in the fight against Mundas to help free humanity from the Demon Kings grasp.

The story of DmC is certainly an interesting one, it’s a much more realistic setting, which is pretty interesting, it’s a refreshing concept for older fans of the series like myself, of course dramatic changes such that this game brings also brings its share of controversy, these complaints/annoyances are mainly directed at Dante’s new character change and design, now first of all, Yes I do think that the older Dante is a lot more fun and likeable, however this new version is still a sarcastic smart ass, just like the older one, however Vergil on the other hand is a change that I am definitely not happy with, Devil May Cry 3 is my personal favorite in the series and the Vergil in that game is Heartless, Powerful and just plain Badass, this one on the other hand seems cowardly and honestly pretty weak, it’s a shame and I would’ve liked Vergil to have more of a Anti Hero kind of role.

So overall I do like the story here, while the characters are different and the writing isn’t as witty as the older titles, it’s definitely a great experience. I should mention that this game also includes the Vergils Downfall DLC, however going into details would be giving away spoilers, but I can say that the DLC, while short is an interesting look into Vergils character, which is great.



Devil May Cry has always been known for its fast paced and exciting gameplay, this game is no different offering the same basic style of gameplay while adding in some changes to give the game its own special feel. As I said this game is basically the same as older titles in regards to how you fight, Triangle and Circle being used for your physical attacks and Square for your guns, the basic premise is to proceed through the games various missions defeating the enemies in your path as stylishly as you can (using different moves and avoiding damage) as well as traversing the occasional platforming segments. Something that’s a little different in this game from previous entries is the inclusion of Angel and Demon mode which basically means if you hold L2 or LT then Dante will use an Angel weapon which can be used for crowd control but doesn’t do much damage, Angel mode can also be used for the games platforming segments as a grappling hook (this also applies to enemies, dragging you towards them), Demon mode is the opposite delivering more heavy hitting weapons in exchange for attacking more slowly, and again the same applies with traversing the environments except Demon mode functions more like a whip pulling things towards you (And yes that also include most enemies) these modes are honestly fantastic and feel brilliantly easy to use, there is literally hundreds of combos that you use if you use both modes as well Human mode (Dante’s basic fighting style) all together.

DmC also has upgrades that you can purchase by defeating enemies you get white orbs which all add up to a kind of ” Experience bar” which when filled can net you different upgrades like using a long-range charging stab attack, which can be further be upgraded to attack more times after that, you can also upgrade your guns but honestly the guns are pretty much useless apart from the Shotgun which has its uses, defeating enemies will also give you Red orbs which for anyone who has played Devil May Cry will know is your currency, admittedly though there aren’t many uses for Red orbs apart from Health upgrades, Devil Trigger upgrades and buying Items, Personally I’d like to see a return to Red orbs being used to buy moves, upgrades as well as items, as it makes you decide whether you want more health, a new move or a recovery item.

In this game you can also play as Vergil in the Vergil’s Downfall, really there isn’t much to say about Vergil, he plays exactly the same as Dante except his moves are different, for some reason playing as Vergil seems much more difficult for me, I have no idea why though, maybe I just can’t get used to his attack style, he just doesn’t seem as good as Vergil from DMC3 Special Edition who I used all the time.

Possibly the best addition to this game is Turbo mode and Hardcore mode, these modes both make the game feel more reminiscent of older DMC games, with Turbo mode making the game much faster than it was before and Hardcore making it more difficult to hold a stylish rating as well as making enemies more dangerous and adding in other tweaks.

I should mention as well that the boss fights in this game are pretty poor overall, mainly because they were too easy, in the older games (Apart from 2 obviously) the boss fights were very intense and mostly just plain hard and these bosses are simply not, bosses don’t do anywhere near enough damage and don’t attack frequently enough, I would like more boss fights like DMC3 very difficult and intense but they give you that feeling of euphoria when you finally defeat them.

Honestly I’m struggling to think of more things to say about this game from a gameplay perspective, it’s pretty much perfect, the only thing I can complain about is the guns being really underpowered and that the bosses are way too easy, that’s pretty much it, this game lives up very well to the older games and is a fantastic look to what I hope future DMC games will use.



The soundtrack for Devil May Cry has always been one of my favorite things about the series, however this game does not hold up when compared to Devil May Cry 1 or 3, I just don’t like the music, simple as that, the vocals are too quiet in-game or are drowned out by the music, most boss themes are non-existent they just don’t even hold a candle to songs like Devils Never Cry from DMC3 or Super Ultra Violet from DMC1, I’m honestly struggling to find even 1 song that I like or even remember fondly. Voice acting is good overall, Tim Phillips does a pretty good job as Dante, however he still doesn’t compare to Reuben Langdon who I consider the true voice of Dante, Kat and Vergil are good as well, I personally prefer this voice for Vergil over the nasally one from DMC 3, the best performance in my opinion is Louis Herthum as Mundas, despite not having as many lines as Dante, Kat or Vergil, his gritty voice always sounds brilliant, honestly though it’s a great performance from everyone.


I feel like DmC was going for a more realistic look and a darker setting, it certainly got the darker part right, but I personally hate the color palette, especially when compared to DMC4 which was incredibly colorful and gorgeous whereas this game looks just incredibly dull and uses and incredible amount of brown, the models however in this game do look very nice, but for some reason I just can’t enjoy the visuals, the best thing I can say is the design of Limbo which is the world Dante gets sent into when fighting the Demons, all environments look incredible in Limbo, not necessarily because of the visuals themselves, but just basically because the design of the levels are incredibly creative and appealing.

As a little side not as well this game does feature some different costumes, basically all of the DLC costumes from the previous gen game are included as well as a Special DMC1 Dante and DMC3 Vergil costume, just felt like I should mention this.


Lasting Appeal:

DmC will keep my attention for a long time, the Devil May Cry series has always had a lot of re playability thanks to its multiple difficulty levels and unlockables, this game doesn’t have that many unlockables, as they’re already available, however most levels have to be revisited in order to obtain all the collectibles, plus all of the combat upgrades will take quite a number of playthroughs in order to acquire, the game will generally take about 6-8 hours to beat, added in is the Vergil’s Downfall DLC, which is another campaign but admittedly isn’t too long, around 1 hour, which also includes its own set of upgrades and collectibles for Vergil, there is also a full set of trophies and achievements to obtain, so I feel like this game includes enough content to validate a purchase.

Lasting Appeal

Final Thoughts:

DmC was already a fantastic addition to the series, this version is in my opinion the best version to own, the gameplay has been revised to make it a more authentic Devil May Cry experience, especially when coupled with Turbo Mode and Hardcore mode, the story of DmC is always enjoyable despite being very different, there is quite a bit of content included, the only things I can say that I don’t really enjoy are the visuals which haven’t received a very significant upgrade and the soundtrack which is very poor when compared to the older games in the series.

Overall though I would definitely recommend this game to any hack and slash fan, or if you missed out on this game, there isn’t any better time to try it out than now.

Final Thoughts

My Score = 9.1/10


The Good:

  • Fantastic Gameplay
  • Well Told Story
  • Great Voice Acting
  • Loads of Content
  • Very Re playable

The Bad:

  • Soundtrack Is Poor
  • Graphics Haven’t Really Been Improved
  • Vergil plays incredibly poor compared to Dante
  • Boss Fights Are Incredibly Easy

DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition is available now for PS4 & Xbox One. Thanks go out to Capcom for supplying the Game & Assets used in this review. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook,Twitter and YouTube.

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