Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Review

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

Developed by CyberConnect 2

Published by Bandai Namco

*I Won’t Let Them Kill Him*

*Please Note: This Review is of the PlayStation 3 Version*


The Story:

The first of three original animated stories, “Creation of the Akatsuki”, reveals the origins of the new group’s membership. After the events that lead to Yahiko’s death, Obito appears in his Tobi guise before Pain and Konan after the former killed Hanzo and gain control of the Hidden Rain Village. Obito tells them to rebuild the Akatsuki’s ranks with a membership of ten as he instructs Pain and Zetsu to recruit Kakuzu while Konan drafts Sasori. At that time, Obito personally recruits Itachi and then Kisame. Later, Orochimaru manages to attract the Akatsuki’s attention to join their ranks for his own purposes. After the recruitment of Deidara by Itachi and Hidan by Kakuzu and Orochimaru, the Akatsuki’s ranks are complete as they begin their mission to find and capture the tailed Beasts. The second story tells of Shisui Uchiha at the time of his death. It begins with Shisui and Itachi fighting which Shisui wins. They later start talking about the Uchiha’s coup. while the third, “The Far Reaches of Hope”, depicts Kushina Uzumaki interacting with a young Obito and the rest of Team Minato.

In addition there is the Mecha-Naruto  story mode which is detailed below:

Set not long before an upcoming tournament to determine the world’s greatest ninja, Naruto and Hinata discover a robot mech on the island the tournament is set to take place. Upon further inspection they both realize that the mech has been designed to look like Naruto in every single way when the mech awakens and is taken back to Naruto’s hometown. Going under the alias Mecha-Naruto; He soon realizes that every person in the village is judging him causing him to do a role reversal with Naruto (Ginyu Style) turning Naruto into Mecha-Naruto while the robot wreaks havoc in Naruto’s human body. Leaving him with no other choice; Naruto as the robot must win over his friends and family once again to enter the tournament and teach the robot a lesson while also taking back what is rightfully his leading to a climax that nobody (Unless they are fans of the show) will be expecting.

The Gameplay:

Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution plays like an all out free for all fighting game that plays similar to previous entries in the series with each stage featuring a huge open space in which players can plan out attacks using tactics or do what I primarily do and run straight in and kick the living snot out of your opponent. Instantly from picking the game up for the first time, It was noticeable that the game is very easy for newcomers to the series to access and control with very simplistic controls which while good for newcomers to fighting games makes the game just a bit too easy for veteran fighting game players. The combo’s at the players disposal are great with a decent range on how to perform certain combo’s with each combo being different from the last and not being too easy yet not being too hard.

The amount of characters for players to choose from is great with a huge variety of characters from the Naruto universe at the players disposal allowing fans and players to experiment each moveset and experience the power behind some of Anime’s most well known characters. The game also features Guard Breaks and Counter Attacks which work extremely well especially when being attacked from multiple positions and certainly helps when trying to get out of a tight situation. Finally each team/character has 3 different styles that you can choose from to help give you advantages in battle; The Ultimate Jutsu type allows players to unleash extremely powerful super attacks on their opponents which can often result in deadly blows while the drive type which locks the battles with a sealed barrier which always activates the support drives which also help to provide assistance in which you can call other members of your team into the fight to either assist in attacking the opponent or defending you depending on the situation in which the character is called forth and then there is the Awakening type which can use Instant Awakening from the beginning of the match. Instant Awakening is accessed by tilting the right analog stick. It lowers your maximum chakra rapidly but powers you up. When the Storm Gauge is full by having full chakra you can enter True Awakening. You gain a huge power up and become OP in True Awakenings, some characters completely change into something else. But True Awakenings have a time limit and can’t be used for a while once it wears off.


The Sound:

The composed music in Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is beautiful and truly sounds like it has come straight out of an anime with the game featuring a nice combination of both peaceful and action filled music. Considering the Naruto series follows Ninja’s and Martial Arts; it is worth noting that said music also feels authentic to that style of media. The voice cast is also on top form featuring many of the voice actors/actresses from the anime series including Maile Flanagan, Kate Higgins, Yuri Lowenthal, Laura Bailey, Quinton Flynn and many more aswell as the Japanese voice cast for those who prefer the original Japanese cast. All in all, the music is top notch.

The Graphics:

The overall visual look of Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is what brings some of the best appeal to the game for me with the worlds, characters and attacks going for the cel-shaded route  which in turn makes the game look more like the actual anime which to me makes the game bright and colorful and genuinely a pleasant game world to look at. Each character looks exactly as they do in the show and look as though they have literally been hand drawn in game. Overall, the visuals are perfect on this game.


Lasting Appeal:

In terms of lasting appeal; Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is a fighting game and so remains pretty much an endless title with the multiplayer and online modes available to those who just want a game in which they can beat the living crap out of each other however the gameplay does get repetitive after a while and starts to feel like a generic button masher fighting game. Obviously for Trophy/Achievement hunters; They return to add a little bit more challenge to the game however these are pretty easy to achieve 100% but should pretty much give you a few extra hours.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is a decent title and granted while it may not be the best title out there; It sure does give you a fun ride when you are playing it with beautiful visuals, great music and vocals, An enjoyable story and some decent gameplay however as I mentioned under the lasting appeal section; there is times when the gameplay starts to feel more like a generic button masher and that unfortunately brings down my opinions but overall a decent game.

My Score = 8.5/10


The Good:

  • Decent Stories
  • Simplistic yet Technical Gameplay
  • Lush and vibrant visuals
  • Well composed music
  • Great Voice Work from the cast

The Bad:

  • Sometimes feels like a generic button masher
  • Trophies/Achievements are too easy to achieve

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is available now from all good retailers for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Thanks go out to Bandai Namco who supplied the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook,Twitter and YouTube.

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