Evolve Review


Developed by Turtle Rock Studios

Published by 2K Games

“The Hunt is On”

*Please Note: This Review is of the PlayStation 4 Version*


The Story:

Evolve is set in the future on the planet known as “Shear” in which humanity has moved to and started colonizing. The most established colonies on the planet Shear (The Most Valuable ones) start to get attacked by gigantic malevolent extra-terrestrial Monsters. Leaving Humanity with no other choice; Former planet tamer, William Cabot is brought out of retirement to wipe out the threat and evacuate the remaining colonists. In response, Cabot assembles a small army of Psychopaths, Professionals, War Veterans and Expendables to fight back against the enemy.

The Gameplay:

Evolve is a team based shooter with a difference. While the game at first may seem similar to games like Left 4 Dead; Evolve brings in it’s primary selling point which is the 4 v 1 Multiplayer in which 4 players take on the role of a different class of soldier while 1 player takes to the arena in the form of the very overpowered Monster which deals some pretty big amounts of damage depending on how hard you strike. Each class has 3 different characters/Monsters to choose from with the 4 different classes being Trapper, Support, Medic and Assault. I will go into better detail about that shortly along with the modes but before I talk about these elements to the gameplay; I’m better off mentioning that the game does have offline gameplay in which the computer controls either the Hunters or the Monster depending on your choice of character however trying on every difficulty; it doesn’t really matter which you choose since the CPU is pretty overpowered. After playing both offline and online, I have to say that the Online mode is a lot more enjoyable than the Offline mode.

As I said a little while ago; The game does have different classes in terms of the hunters with the Trapper being the tactical member of the group setting traps to catch the Beast aswell as tracking the monster to find out a location to attack which as I said adds tactical elements to the game and really makes you  think carefully about your attacks. As you can probably guess the Medic class is used to help heal and revive fellow hunters in the midst of combat while also being able to take out opponents from a far range with the Sniper Rifle. The Support works like Demolition with the support heavily utilizing Explosives and from my personal experience seems to deal some of the heaviest damage among the hunters. Finally out of the hunters, The Assault class is possibly the most OP of the Hunters being the primary hunter to choose if you want to go at the monsters all guns a blazing. Personally out of the hunters, My personal favourite was the Trapper since while the game still felt like a generic fps; The Trapper class added something different to the familiar and generic gameplay and really made me think about the way I would progress towards taking the monster down. There was also 3 different styles of Monster to choose from in which each different Monster (Goliath, Wraith and Krakken) has 4 different abilities to choose from however you can make the already monsters more powerful by killing the many creatures in your environment to feast on to help your monster evolve into a bigger and deadlier badass. This also helps the monster to rebuild it’s armour after taking damage aswell as restoring all of it’s health. While this was certainly one of my favourite aspects of the game I also really enjoyed the fact that the monster gameplay was in the Third Person however after a while both the FPS and Monster gameplay got extremely repetitive.


The Sound:

The Soundtrack for Evolve has an eerie and dark science fiction type feel to it which suits the game perfectly with it’s Giger(ish) environments and dark eerie settings but you can hear the futuristic influence in the music aswell making Evolve’s Soundtrack one of the best things about the game. The voice acting is great aswell in terms of the hunters with the game featuring some big names including JB Blanc (Saints Row IV), Matthew Mercer (Resident Evil 6) and Courtney Taylor (StarCraft 2) to name just a few aswell as loads of great work from more lesser known voice actors. The Sound effects on the monsters are also great and help to give off the effect that they are menacing beasts that will stop at nothing until everything is destroyed. All in all, The sound is one of the best aspects of the game.

The Graphics:

The visuals in Evolve are not the greatest considering some of the titles out there these days however the visuals help Evolve to get its point across that mankind is in a dark situation in terms of it’s Monster problem. The environments and maps are highly detailed and look both beautiful and gritty at the same time however at times the whole look of the game is sometimes to dark and bleak for its own good. The models on the monsters are brilliant and make them truly look menacing and some of the parts of the environment really have a H.R.Giger type feel to them. Overall the visuals are decent but as I said not the greatest considering some of the games out there on the consoles but the environments and Monsters are truly visually appetising enough.


Lasting Appeal:

Considering all the online multiplayer modes and the fact that Evolve is a First Person Shooter (With third person elements); The game is pretty much never-ending however it would all depend on your personal thoughts towards the game and if you find it to repetitive otherwise it is a great game to play. The Trophies/Achievements add a lot more replay value to the title but once again it depends if you want to go for the full set. All in all, Evolve has a decent amount of replay value depending on your feelings towards the game.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, Evolve is a great shooter and has brought a fresh new idea to the table with the 4 v 1 idea behind the hunters and monster with an ok story, good visuals and an eerie futuristic soundtrack and great voice cast which help to show off the type of world that the developers were aiming to create in terms of effect however at times, the game does seem slightly OP and at times the gameplay does get repetitive.

Score = 7.5/10


The Good:

  • Story is OK
  • Gameplay is unique
  • Voice Cast are great
  • Fantastic Soundtrack
  • Dark and Gritty Visuals

The Bad:

  • Gameplay gets repetitive
  • Game can be Overpowered at times
  • Graphics aren’t the best

Evolve is available now from all good retailers for PS4, Xbox One & PC. Thanks go out to 2K Games for supplying the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook,Twitter and YouTube.

EP43121207040_7D67F00BE500592C9EAB_L Review by Matt McNamee


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