Hands on with Block N Load

Block N Load

Developed by Jagex Game Studios & Artplant

Published by Jagex Game Studios

*Please Note: This Preview is on PC Beta Version*


The Story:

Well the game is a Block placing game/defence game which I see as a good mixture to a perfect game I only had a limited time on the game as it was in Beta stage and only a weekend beta trial

The Gameplay:

The game ran really smooth I had no problem with the game I was on the game with other users and a couple said they were having lag but my internet isn’t really that good and I had a great experience I didn’t win but had fun playing and my team worked really well together.


The Sound:

The music on the game was really peaceful when building defence but when the wall came down the music turned into badass mode which I loved really got me in the mood to complete my mission wish I had full communication with team but I was too busy placing defences and trying to stay alive.

The Graphics:

The graphics where grate considering that its a block related game the only other block related game that I have been on was Mine Craft and the graphics isn’t that good but not bad. The characters that you could chose from was well designed as well as the map’s there where more detail in the characters as they weren’t blocky more normal looking and the terrain of the maps were brilliant.


Lasting Appeal:

My mind really has been made up that this game will drag me back when its fully released as I had fun for the amount of time I had and all I can give the makers is my blessing that they have given us a one of a kind game keep it up guys really loving the game.

Final Thoughts:

My only downside to this otherwise brilliant game is that the character needed to be tweaked a bit as most of the time my guy was completely useless trying to kill people as my match shows how bad I was I nearly got close to killing one person then I get hit once and be waiting to respawn for ages.


My Score = 7/10

Block N Load will be available for PC on April 30th. Thanks go out to Jagex for supplying this preview version of the title for us to cover. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this preview in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

30000 Preview by Connor Cleminson


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