Big Hero 6: Battle In The Bay Review

Big Hero 6: Battle In The Bay

Developed by GSP/ 1st Playable

Published by GSP/ 1st Playable

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*Please Note: This Review is of the 3DS Version*

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The Story:

Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay takes place after the events of the movie and sees San Fransokyo under threat from a new villain in the form of Gangster and Bot Fighter; Yama who unleashes an army of Battle bots on the city to wreak havoc. With an overwhelming force taking over; Only the Big Hero 6 can take him down for good.

The Gameplay:

Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay plays very similar to a 2.5D side-scrolling Action Platformer with Beat Em’ Up elements which puts you in control of 4 of the heroes in the form of Hiro, Wasabi, Fred & GoGo who each have their own unique attacks. Out of all the heroes you can take control of I found my personal favorite was Wasabi purely for the fact that his plasma blades do extremely heavy damage even when pitted against powerful enemies and is possibly the strongest of the characters. Hiro uses Magnetism to perform powerful attacks that can not only do a lot of damage to his enemies but also allows him to launch them a distance which not only does damage to them but also gives Hiro a chance to recharge his attack, making Hiro in my opinion the more balanced fighter of the 4. GoGo is an interesting choice of character taking speed over powerful attacks which means that while her attacks are lighter and do less damage; You can build up speed to perform a quick flurry of attacks that can incapacitate your enemies. Finally, I come to Fred who while is a great character in general (in the movie) plays as the worst character in the game with Fred being able to double jump and breathe fire; he sounds like the perfect choice however I noticed that his attacks took slightly longer to recharge and thus made him more vulnerable to attacks. All in all however the 4 characters all play great.

For those who find the levels a bit too easy; A Challenge mode version of the levels are available upon completion of each level making the game slightly more difficult by adding more enemies to each mission and making them a bit more resistant to your attacks but overall, the challenge mode is still rather easy. The touch screen also comes into some use on this game with the player being able to collect tiny purple orbs throughout the game that helps build up some of Honey Lemon’s chemical compounds which allows you to temporarily stun enemies or even electrocute them.


The Sound:

In terms of the sound; Big Hero 6 doesn’t offer much with an OK-ish backing track however it’s pretty much the only piece of music in the entire game and it gets extremely repetitive very quickly. The sound effects used in the game are decent enough with each punch, kick and special ability sounding the same as they would in the movie however due to the overall music and the lack of a voice cast; The Sound in this game is actually pretty poor.

The Graphics:

The visuals in Big Hero 6 are full of bright and vivid colors however the overall graphics are pretty poor with the visuals around both the characters and the environments being extremely grainy and overall rather messy. The character models on the heroes look great as do the actual levels but the enemies look just a bit too generic and to me it’s a real shame as this game could have had a lot more potential than the final product.


Lasting Appeal:

In terms of Replay Value; Big Hero 6 has an ok amount of stuff to keep you playing with the obvious unlock of the challenge mode levels upon completion of the actual levels aswell as many different collectibles to find in both (Regular and Challenge) levels however some of these can be completed rather quickly and once getting everything; You are pretty much left with a completed game to just keep in your library of titles.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, Big Hero 6 is very far from being a good video game adaptation of a movie however it does work well as a platforming beat em’ up however the game does get repetitive very quickly and the sound and visuals aren’t great either. One of the few things that the game does have going for it is that it’s story does take place after the movie and it does kind of make sense who the villain is and like I said the gameplay is good and would be better if not for repetition. All in all, An OK game but it could have been a lot better.

My Score = 6.5/10



The Good:

  • Story is decent and makes sense
  • Game works well as a Beat Em’ Up Platformer
  • Challenge mode has a little bit of difficulty to it
  • Great Gameplay
  • Great use of the Touch Screen

The Bad:

  • The Gameplay gets Repetitive
  • Not much in terms of replay value
  • Graphics aren’t the greatest
  • The Sound as a whole isn’t great
  • No real use of the 3D

Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay is available now from all good retailers for DS & 3DS. Thanks go out to Avanquest Software for supplying the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook,Twitter and YouTube.

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