The Crew Review

The Crew

Developed by Ivory Tower & Ubisoft Reflections

Published by Ubisoft

“I’ll work my way through the Ranks”

*Please Note: This Review is of the PlayStation 4 Version*


The Story:

The story begins with the main character Alex Taylor being pursued by local law enforcement near Detroit. During the chase, he receives a call from Harry who wants him to participate in a race in the city. After losing the cops, he finds the Camaro that Harry loans him. Harry explains to him that Alex’s older brother Dayton, the founder of the 5-10 motor club, wants to speak with him. Alex participates and wins the race. After his win, Dayton arrives and orders Alex to drive him to the bridge. Once there, Dayton tells him to keep his head down. A vehicle pulls up, Dayton goes and talks with the driver before walking back to the Camaro; however before he can get there, the driver shoots him and drives off. Alex rushes to Dayton’s side as the police arrive. The police restrain Alex as Dayton dies. Alex is charged and later convicted of Dayton’s murder by FBI Special Agent Coburn and is sent to prison.

5 years later, an FBI agent named Zoe finds Alex and informs him that the new leader of the 5-10 motor club, a man named Shiv was the one who killed Dayton and that Coburn in collaboration with Shiv framed Alex for Dayton’s murder. Zoe offers Alex a chance to get Shiv behind bars if he helps her get evidence against Special Agent Coburn, Alex takes the offer.

The Gameplay:

The game starts off pretty slow as the game is teaching you everything you need to know in the first main mission in which you can finaly buy your first motor and at first you can choose between a selected few cars not great cars but not bad. The game has a few bugs in that can have two outcomes; it can make the game unbearable or in my case makes the game more fun like what happened to me during a race on an open straight road, A car tapped another racer and sent my car flying across the map. The overall controls are really easy to master and the game works perfectly but be careful on who your car bumps into because you could fly across the map or just be attacked by the player you crashed into by accident.


The Sound

The music in the game is brilliant and sound quality from the cars are near enough perfect I have had no problems with it. Only thing I would say is the game could do with some more songs as after a while the same music is playing from the radio and for most people that would be fine but while I race I love blasting music. Even if they allowed for people to put their own music on their game it would make this game a God.

The Graphics

There is some issues with graphics but its to do with the server not the game as the server needs to individually place the player in each part of the map and different people with different internet speeds can often make the graphics glitch a bit but only for a brief second and then it sorts its self out. Overall the graphics are just like the release trailer and you can see how much detail has gone into the game mapping each individual road and city and put that much care into placing it into the game is brilliant.


Lasting Appeal:

What keeps me wanting more is that it’s a very addictive game always wanting to be the best like trying to beat freinds personal best like life you always want the best in life and the only way to do so is to try try and try again the three t’s always help.

Final Thoughts:

So overall the game has ups and downs but that’s a game that has had loads of open beta’s which I was apart of only problem for me alone the beta took longer to install then the actual game which I still couldn’t meet my friends online for not installing it completely and the work you done on the beta meant nothing as the game was wiped and you had to start again from the beginning even though it’s not that hard to level up in the game it’s collecting the cash that’s the annoying part.

One thing I would say is when giving the game a go to be open minded. Don’t take other people’s thoughts when having a go because a game is good to you no one else even though I am telling you about it I just tell the truth try to give people an on the fence look at the game so if your into racing games pick up a copy if you are not a fan of them then that’s ok to me also folks don’t forget to comment below if their is something I missed on the game that you think is important and if you want me to try and get a review out of anything please inform the editor and chief thank you and good night.

Score = 6/10


The Good: 

Great fun
Beautiful landscape
Awesome weather conditions
Missions are decent
Hidden trophies

The Bad:

servers not that full or stable

People on the game are not that friendly to meet

if you leave to do something your kicked from the server

The Crew is available now from all good retailers for PS4, Xbox One, PC & Xbox 360. Thanks go to Ubisoft for supplying the assets used in this review. Also folks don’t forget to comment below if their is something I missed on the game that you think is important and if you want me to try and get a review out of anything please inform the editor and chief and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook,Twitter and YouTube.

30000 Review by Connor Cleminson


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