Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Review

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Developed by Voltion and High Voltage Software

Published by Deep Silver

“Put that toy down Mr. Gat”

*Please Note: This Review is of the Xbox One Version*

First Thoughts
My first thoughts of Gat out of hell was this is going to be awesome!! and the game is great being in the depths of hell flying around causing havoc is a tremendous amount of fun and it still keeps the great saints row humour which I think is one of the best parts of the saints row games so far this game is very fun.


So the story starts off with a story book then a cutscene showing Kinzie’s Birthday party within this cutscene They end up all playing a game on the Ju Ju Board (Basically a Ouija Board) while this is happening a portal open’s and sucks the boss into hell Then Gat and Kinzie follow into the depths of hell to save The Boss. On this epic journey into hell you will also encounter some old faces from the Saints Row Series and some new faces. The story to Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell is great but it is very short and doesn’t seem much like a full story but overall will keep you entertained through out the game.

Saints Row Gat out of hell is a third person free roam action game very similar to the other saints row games in the series if you have played a saints row game before you will realise things have not changed much especially if you have played Saints Row IV as Saints Row Gat out of hell contains very similar features from the previous game in the series such as powers and upgrades each power has its own advantage and disadvantage which you will come to learn while playing the game as you will find out which power best suits the enemies you are up against. Each power is very useful and you will come to rely on them a lot. The powers vary from turning enemies into stone to summoning imps there is also a stomp power that when used you will damage anyone in the radius and aura which can damage any enemies near when activated. And another new thing in Saints Row Gat out of hell is that you can fly, the flying in the game is amazing and feels so new and I really do enjoy just jumping off the top of a building and flying through the sky and its gets better and better once you learn how to fly as it may take you a while to get use to but once you get the hang of it you can fly for ages without touching the ground which makes getting from one area of the map to another much easier than before. Having all these different powers and upgrades and the ability to fly in Saints Row Gat out of hell definitely makes it feel like your playing a whole different game which I think is great, as it adds so much more for your to do and more ways to cause havoc. The gameplay to Saints Row Gat out of hell is a very strong feature in the game and I think without all these new features this game wouldn’t be as fun so if you want a game that has very enjoyable gameplay then Saints Row Gat out of hell is definitely worth checking out.


The graphics are very similar to Saints Row IV but this time your in HELL!! so there is a big difference to the environment such as lava pits, burnt cars , different enemies and much more but other than the environment i cant say the graphics have improved or changed that much which isn’t a problem But again don’t go and play this game expecting to see a whole new style of graphics because you wont get that. But what you will get is brand new awesome looking environment which i personally think looks great!.

The sound to Saints Row Gat out of hell is awesome with the sound effects but the only issue i have is there is no music to listen to when you drive or run around which is a shame because i enjoy listening to the music that they put into the game but I suppose its not a big issue other than that the sound effects are great the voice actors are amazing! and the soundtrack is also very good. But the best part of this game is by far the musical cutscene it is hilarious and is so un expected but perfect and makes you wish that there was more musical cutscenes in this game. Each vocal from each character sounds unique and new and it is probably one of the best moments in any saints row game. All in all I think the sound to saints row gat out of hell is great and is definitely a strong point to the game. Especially the voice actors they are great and as stated above when they sing the musical cutscene it is just amazing also everything each character says is great and every voice actor is amazing and very talented so the sound to the game is great especially if you listen to what every character has to say.


Lasting Appeal
After finishing the quests/missions there is much to do such as collecting clusters , upgrading everything, collecting tomes, and much more this game has loads to do and is very enjoyable all the way through.

Final Thoughts
My final thoughts to Saints Row Gat out of hell is that this game is amazing its funny its action packed and there is so much to do. This is another great instalment to the saints row series and cant wait to see what they come up with next.



Rating: 8.5/10 

The Good

  • Great Voice Actors
  • Awesome Story
  • Loads To Do
  • Funny Game
  • Amazing looking graphics
  • Great flying mechanics
  • Awesome Musical Cutscene

The Bad

  • Very Short if you don’t plan on trying to 100%
  • No Car music (Radio music in the car)
  • Missions don’t change

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell is available now from all good retailers for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 & Xbox One. Thanks go out to Deep Silver for supplying the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook,Twitter and YouTube.

Review By Tenacious Tea Gaming


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