Just Dance 2015 Review

Just Dance 2015

Developed by Ubisoft Paris, Milan, Reflections & Pune

Published by Ubisoft


*Please Note: This Review is of the Xbox One Version*


The Story:

For obvious reasons; Just Dance 2015 does not have a story since it’s essentially a party game and one to play when you feel like having fun however if you are looking for a story there is one simple objective in the game which follows on from the previous games which is to become the greatest dancer in the world. While I know that this series isn’t known for stuff like Story modes; I can’t help but think that a career mode would be an interesting addition to the series much like the career modes in games such as Guitar Hero & Rock Band.

The Gameplay:

Just Dance 2015 retains the fun and familiar gameplay of the series’ past with players having to repeat the actions they find on screen to earn points in each song to get their name high on the world leaderboards aswell as unlocking some nice little bonus goodies. The game can allow up to 4 players at once which definitely adds to the hilarity with the Xbox One version truly utilizing the power of the Kinect 2.0 to recognize the movements without the use of a controller so you feel like you are really getting your groove on and not just waving a controller around and getting a high score. In addition to this; The Kinect also records all the footage of your performance and plays it back to you so you may share it with everyone via the Just Dance online community aswell as via Facebook and Twitter. A new mode to the Just Dance series that tests your skill is the Community Remix where the avatars of the Dancers are instead replaced with that of other players from around the world which can not only lead to some hilarious gameplay but if the other player is really skilled; It can also add a challenge. One thing that I feel could have been in the game is the ability to change the difficulty since the option to take on a challenge should be available for those who find the dances too easy or too difficult much like the arcade Dance Dance Revolution titles.


The Sound:

Just Dance 2015 has a huge soundtrack with a mixture of good and bad music choices (granted some of the songs are bad purely because I don’t like the bands or type of music) but anyway I will continue. The songs feature some of the biggest hits of 2014 including Summer by Calvin Harris, Happy by Pharrell Williams and of course; Disney’s Smash Hit from the movie Frozen; Let It Go which happens to be a cover of the original Idina Menzel version. Other hits include songs from performers such as One Direction, Miley Cyrus & of course; the annual Katy Perry song which this year comes in the form of Dark Horse. There is also some great songs from the past including Holding Out for A Hero from Bonnie Tyler, The Macarena, My Personal favorite; Walk This Way from Run DMC & Aerosmith and even Tetris joins the list of playable dances.

The Graphics:

Just Dance 2015 like the previous entries doesn’t really have realistic visuals however the one thing I can say is that in terms of the actual animations; They have never looked sharper and more fluent in the entire existence of the series. The Background visuals look great when compared to whatever the song is that’s playing; For example: When performing Happy as you can see in the image above; The Background is a regular looking street with loads of smiley faces in the distance; This is because with the actual music video for Happy, the dance takes place in numerous streets and locations which in ways makes the dance background on JD 2015 very close to the actual source material. Another one which I personally liked was the imagery used in the routine for Let It Go with the character(s) being designed around Elsa & Anna from Frozen aswell as the background being sort of like the Snowy forests and mountains of Frozen.


Lasting Appeal:

Just Dance 2015 is a game that you definitely get for replay value considering that the game is essentially a party game that can be played with friends and family for a laugh. The game also has Achievements/Trophies depending on which system you choose to play on aswell as some awesome little avatars to unlock for playing through each dance which will take you some time to collect everything. The game is also good in terms of replay value for all the fans of the series and experienced dancers aswell considering that they can keep the game and keep playing it to sustain whatever their leaderboard positions are or even to get a better score.

Final Thoughts:

Overall; Just Dance 2015 is a highly enjoyable party title and another brilliant entry for the now iconic series. The Songs in my personal opinion was mixed however I feel that there is good range in the choices made by the development team with something there to appeal to everyone. The gameplay is fun and familiar and with the new modes such as Community Remix joining the fray it adds to the difficulty of the series and can lead to some really funny dances however I do still find the lack of difficulty options a little bit disappointing. The Visuals (Animations) are perfect and definitely one of the most spot on things about the title and the Kinect only enhances the enjoyment and out of all the games I have played on my Xbox One; This is the game that truly utilized every feature that the Kinect 2.0 had to offer.

My Score = 8/10


The Good:

  • Gameplay is still fun and familiar
  • Good Range of Songs
  • Visual Animations and Backgrounds are Brilliant
  • Plenty of Replay Value
  • Community Remix

The Bad:

  • Some Songs were not my type of music (Doesn’t affect the score; Just putting it here)
  • Lack of a Career Mode
  • No Difficulty Settings

Just Dance 2015 is available now from all good retailers for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii & Wii U. Thanks go out to Ubisoft for supplying the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook,Twitter and YouTube.

EP43121207040_7D67F00BE500592C9EAB_L Review by Matt McNamee



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