Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Review

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Developed by Capcom

Published by Capcom & Nintendo Australia


*Please Note: This Review is of the Nintendo 3DS Version*


The Story:

In the first three games, the main playable character is Phoenix Wright. He is a rookie lawyer fresh out of law school in the first game, taking a position at Fey & Co. Law Offices run by Mia Fey, a defense attorney that helped to acquit Wright of murder several years prior to the events of the first game. When Mia is murdered, Wright takes over the offices with the assistance of Maya Fey, Mia’s younger sister, and renames the office “Wright & Co. Law Offices”. The women of the Fey family have the ability to channel spirits, which sometimes allows Maya or her much younger cousin Pearl Fey to channel Mia’s spirit to help Wright in court. Wright develops a rivalry with prosecuting attorney Miles Edgeworth as they oppose each other in court. Wright’s victories over Edgeworth (along with Wright’s victory over prosecutor Manfred Von Karma) introduces a third prosecutor to combat Phoenix in court, Franziska von Karma, who sees Edgeworth as a younger brother (despite actually being several years younger than he is). She is determined to succeed where her father and Edgeworth failed by winning against Phoenix in court. In the third game, Phoenix’s main rival in court is Godot, a mysterious prosecutor who holds some kind of grudge against him. Also more info related to Phoenix, Mia and other members of the Fey family is unveiled, intertwining with the events from the previous games until the last case, which closes the Phoenix Wright chapters of the Ace Attorney series.

The Gameplay:

The Ace Attorney Trilogy plays like an Interactive Novel in which you take control as Phoenix Wright and make tough choices and decisions in court to try and win your court case. The first game features two phases to each case in the form of Investigation; Which allows the player to find evidence in multiple locations to present to the courtroom in order to side the jury with you and stun both the client and your rival lawyer. The second phase is the Courtroom where most of your action takes place with players being able to decide the choices that Phoenix will make such as his dialogue choices and which evidence you present to the course is all controlled through the touch screen. The Microphone on the 3DS also adds to the fun with the ability to shout some of Phoenix’s Iconic Catchphrases such as “Objection!” & “Take That!” to name a few at the right times to add to the fun. In addition to this, there is parts in the Courtroom segments which requires you to cross reference a witnesses statements with the evidence to make sure that they are not trying to pull a fast one on you which can lead to some well done and funny situations. The 2nd game introduced a new mode to the series with the Psyche-Locke mode which allows the defending attorney to break the mental barriers of uncooperative witnesses to seek out the truth. All in all, the gameplay for all 3 games is incredible.


The Sound:

The Ace Attorney Trilogy does not feature much in terms of the voice acting with the occasional bit of voice acting popping up here and there “Including all of the Attorneys Phrases” however this is not a problem considering the game is more in the style of a visual/interactive novel and essentially just adds to the feel that you are reading a story. The Trilogy also has an incredible score which when I was playing the game; Due to the music had me hanging on the edge of my seat due to the fact that the music changed it’s tone and pitch to match the tenseness of the courtroom giving the same impression off to me as a player.

The Graphics:

The Visuals on the Ace Attorney Trilogy are beautiful opting out from using 3D models and instead going for a more traditional Japanese Style 2D Anime look which makes the game look a lot neater in terms of it’s visuals. The enhancement on the original visuals for the game are definitely noticeable with the images looking and feeling a lot more sharper than ever before. The 3D feature that the 3DS provides is also interesting for this series and brings the interactive storytelling to life in a way that the series had never done before on it’s own merit.


Lasting Appeal:

The Ace Attorney Trilogy is a pretty decent chunk of time when you obviously take into account that it is essentially 3 games in 1 however they are already games of a decent length and should give gamers hours of courtroom fun and even when you complete all 3 titles; The stories and cases are just that enjoyable and tense that you just can’t help yourself but to play again.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, The Ace Attorney Trilogy is by far one of the best ports and series’ that I have ever had the pleasure of playing and the game lasted me quite some time to play through the whole thing. This series proves that Capcom despite some of their flaws in recent years (Lost Planet 2) have still got some really, really good franchises at their disposal and these 3 games are truly some of Capcom’s best and for the price for the main 3 games, It is worth every single penny.

My Score = 10/10

photo (1)

The Good:

  • Fantastic Storylines
  • Great Gameplay Mechanics
  • Very Funny Situations
  • Enjoyable and Relatable Characters
  • Tense and Gripping Soundtrack
  • Stunning Visuals
  • Voice Acting (Even in it’s Small Doses)
  • Tons of Replay Value

The Bad:

  • N/A

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is available now exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS only on the Nintendo eShop. Thanks go out to Capcom for supplying the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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