Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Review

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Developed by Traveller’s Tales

Published by Warner Bros. Interactive

*It was totally my Speech”

*Please Note* This Review is of the PlayStation 4 Version


The Story:

In Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham; All the members of the different lantern corps (Bar Green Lantern) are called to deep space by a mysterious transmission only to be captured by the evil Braniac who is getting ready to unleash an evil plan by harnessing the power of all the lantern corps. rings. Meanwhile in Gotham; Batman & Robin are in pursuit of Killer Croc who is in cahoots with Lex Luthor, The Joker and other DC Super Villains with a plan to wipe out the Justice League of America but when Brainiac appears with intentions to shrink the earth; The Justice League and Lex Luthor’s band of Villains must unite to stop Braniac in an adventure that will span beyond Gotham city and into Space.

The Gameplay:

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham utilizes the same gameplay as all the previous lego games with your characters being able to smash the hell out of their environments to get lego studs (The game’s currency) which can be used to buy the different things you unlock in the game such as Characters, Vehicles and Red Cheat Blocks. This is a great thing to have since it makes the game enjoyable to try and get that all important 100%. Like most Lego games; Other than the smashing you must essentially get your character from point A to point B by taking out as many enemies as possible and solving puzzles along the way while also building new items to help clear the path ahead. As expected; Like the Marvel title; You are controlling many different superheroes and villains which means that you can control many different abilities such as Transformations into Items & Animals (Plastic Man & Beast Boy), Heat Vision/Fire Projection, Super speed, Lantern energy and a multitude of Gadgets. These can be used to create and assemble new paths to get to your destination. The boss fights in this game were extremely fun with numerous enemies being bosses from Lex Luthor and Brainiac to more fun villains like Solomon Grundy and even Superman. The game features multiple gameplay elements from different lego games such as the character selection element from Lego Lord of the Rings which is used differently in this title with the selection being used for different suits for certain characters such as Batman, The Joker and Cyborg to name a few. Another returning element is the Big Figs from Lego Marvel which return to feature the bigger characters of the DC universe with characters such as Bane and Killer Croc changing from regular Lego figure to big figure aswell as newcomers like Solomon Grundy, Kilowog, Swamp Thing and Gorilla Grodd to name a few who in addition to being bigger also possess more strength making them able to accomplish things that some of the characters can’t. In addition to this; The game also includes animal characters; Something which was only touched upon in Lego Marvel with the game featuring many animal characters from both the DC universe and beyond with characters such as Krypto, Ace and even the Green Loontern (I will explain this in sound & Visuals). Another great feature about this game is it’s many open world hubs to explore with Gotham City being switched out for The Batcave, The Watchtower, The Hall of Justice, The Legion of Doom, The Moon and All of the Lantern Planets including Oa & Nok. This added great exploration to the game with there being many missions and puzzles to solve on each hub. Only disappointment with this was that when you entered the Legion of Doom; It didn’t say in a cheesy voice “Meanwhile, At the Legion of Doom” which would have sent Nostalgia levels through the roof.

LEGO Batman 3_Green Arrow voiced by Stephen Amell

The Sound:

The Music of Lego Batman 3 is great with it keeping in tradition of the other lego titles by staying true to the source content while also giving you some fun music to beat the crap out of the little lego men (and women) who attack you. One thing I have to praise the developers for is there use of numerous themes in this game such as the Danny Elfman Batman theme, The 1960’s Batman theme, John Williams’ Superman theme and even the 1970’s Wonder Woman theme tune aswell as the theme music from a certain Dinosaur franchise during the credits (Which could be a hint?). The voice acting is top notch featuring your regular voice actors like Troy Baker (Batman), Travis Willingham (Superman), Laura Bailey (Wonder Woman), Nolan North (Firestorm), Tara Strong (Harley Quinn) & Liam O’Brien (Deathstroke) to name a few however joining the group this time are loads of well respected celebrities and stars (Both Real & Cartoon). Among these are Arrow Star; Stephen Amell who reprises his role as Green Arrow (Who is also getting Arrow DLC), Conan O’Brian who voices himself who serves as the go to guy on what to do in the open world hubs, Kevin Smith who also happens to play himself and adds his own little brand of humor to the game and of course; who could forget “TV’s” Adam West who not only voices himself but also voices the 60’s variation of Batman which appears in the game. As I mentioned in the gameplay section and above with Cartoon; The Green Loontern makes an appearance which happens to be a green lantern ring wielding Daffy Duck from Looney Toons (voiced by Joe Alaskey) who reprises his role as the well loved toon who adds a Looney Toons style humor to the game occasionally breaking the fourth wall and making references to other Toons (In particular; Bugs Bunny). All in all, the sound section is great with my only gripe being that Conan O’Brian got annoying at times with him speaking every 5 minutes. Otherwise, One of the best things about the game.

The Graphics:

Like with Lego The Hobbit; This is still as Lego title and so it does still look more like a Toy Set than a polished game however it seems that with every Lego game that seems to be coming out lately; The character models seem to get much sharper in terms of color and detail. The environments in this game look great taking both the realistic sort of look from Lego The Hobbit where some buildings and surfaces look a lot more realistic while also borrowing from The Lego Movie with the “Everything is made of Lego” type feel with all the water in the game being made of Lego just for a start. Some of the visuals on particular characters are good aswell with the likes of Superman’s heat vision coming from his eyes looking like a real laser, The Flash with his super speed which makes a red streak of lightning follow him everywhere and even The Lantern characters who use there respected energies (Will, Love, Hope, Compassion, Fear, Anger and Greed) to create objects using there respected colors based on there emotions. All in all, the visuals on this game are great.


Lasting Appeal:

As with most Lego games; Lego Batman 3 has plenty to do with loads of characters and vehicles to unlock along with the red cheat blocks. There is trophies for this game however they are very easy to unlock and shouldn’t take trophy hunters to long to unlock their coveted Platinum. Lego Batman 3 does however have loads of replay value with the open world hubs being huge allowing for plenty of exploration time.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, Lego Batman 3 is easily the best Lego game of the year however it is not the best Lego game to date in my personal opinion with that mantle still going to Lego Marvel Super Heroes (just) however the characters were just as fun to play with and the hints at possible new games were great. The only things I’d say were bad about the game was the absence of the Legion of Doom Quote mentioned in the review and Conan O’Brian who to be fair wouldn’t have been as bad if he didn’t keep repeating himself every 5 minutes and with the same phrases no less.

My Score = 9/10


The Good:

  • Great Story
  • Familiar Lego Gameplay
  • All returning elements from previous games
  • Music & Voice Acting on Top par
  • Daffy Duck and Looney Toons References
  • Enjoyable levels, bosses and environments
  • The use of the Jurassic Park Theme Tune

The Bad:

  • Lack of “Meanwhile, At the Legion of Doom” Quote
  • Conan O’Brian

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is available now from all good retailers for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, 3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC & iOS. Thanks go out to Warner Bros. Interactive for supplying the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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