Minecraft PS4 Update 1.7 available now

Ok guys the people down at 4j studios have succeeded in updating the game so it’s up to about 1.7 up date if I am sure if I am not please tell me in the comments bellow as I have only just got my hands on the update a few minutes ago I have had a brief go on it. And I say wow the wither works perfectly for me on a single player creative world as I want to check things out a bit also 4j studios have placed the shift place objects onto other object that have interactive board on and I don’t know If it was in the other patch to me it seems new and if I am just a big noob please tell me as I wasn’t able to do that on the previous patch.

also I have played around with the dispensers they seem pretty stable coincide ring it’s a recent update normally there are problems always happen but I have yet to find one please share your problems with me to see if I can share any help on the matter as I am always trying to destroy a game to see where it’s breaking limit is like before I found out about say twelve blocks of TNT could make a server explode into a million bits but I didn’t try it today as I just forgot to try. I don’t know how I forgot as I love TNT in the game I love to hear the big booms also with the adding of the trapped chest I can see a lot of fun happening while I am on a server (insert evil laugh here) oh and why I am saying recently I have had a problem before the patch that if you are to buy the Christmas mash-up pack the computer recognizes that you have bought the pack but when you try to install it I find that the computer is saying that there is no content available I would love to hear if anyone else has had that problem I did found out thought that the bug was fixed into today’s patch it’s all working now and the skins look fabulous


Just wish the 4J studios would bring more packs like the recent Doctor who skins on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One us PlayStation fans get stuck with some awful skins well not awful but not as good as Xbox just wish it was available on all consoles also the recent game mechanics on the hosts side of the game seems brilliant as new features have been added in like tile drops which is when you break stone and cobbles stone falls with this unchecked nothing will drop of blocks, Daylight Cycle well the clue is in the name it stops the day and night cycle, Keep inventory has been added folks finally now if I die I wont lose my stuff brilliant, Mob spawning is a bit weird being able to turn of mobs spawning isn’t that basic Minecraft stupid thing if you ask me, Mob Loot the ability for mobs to drop their gear don’t know if that includes cows, sheep,  pigs, and chickens or if it’s just means skeletons, zombies, and pig men, Mob Griefing now if may say this comes in handy if you need to keep a building you have made safe from Creepers but if you like that to happen every five minutes then don’t have it on also the last but not the least natural regeneration this is so that on a server if you get hurt your hearts to regenerate on their own I think you need food to heal even if your hunger is full but don’t quote me on that one that’s just a guess.

So what do you think? Are you happy about this update? Have you been playing Minecraft on PS4? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Article by Connor Cleminson


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