Far Cry 4 Review

Farcry 4

Developed By Ubisoft Montreal

Published By Ubisoft

” You and I, are gonna tear shit up! ”

This Review is of the PS4 version of the game

The Story

Ajay Ghale arrives in Kyrat on a mission to scatter his recently deceased mothers ashes in a place called Lakshmana, while on his way into Kyrat the bus he is traveling on is stopped by armed guards who proceed to murder the people on board, after emptying the bus, the king of Kyrat, Pagan Min arrives on the scene to personally greet Ajay, soon after Ajay and Pagan arrive at a palace owned by one of Pagans commanders, after Pagan steps out for a brief moment, Ajay manages to escape from the palace with the help of the Golden Path a rebel force opposed with Pagan Min and fighting for the freedom of Kyrat, meeting with the leaders of the Golden Path, Ajay decides to stand with them and help bring an end to Pagan Mins tyranny and help free Kyrat.

So overall the story of Far Cry 4 isn’t really special, you have your typical save the country and become a hero, exactly like Far Cry 3 but what this game lacks in story it makes up for it in characters like Pagan Min who despite being insane and a murderous tyrant always manages to make me laugh with his quirky sense of humor, besides Min, there is also the Golden Path leaders who are excellent characters overall, there is Amita who wishes to help Kyrat by any means necessary, and Sabal who wants to save lives and protect his people, both are very well written and both drive the story forward with interesting choices and missions, I could honestly go on for quite a bit about the characters in the game, for example Longinus who is a weapons dealer who is also incredibly in touch with the bible or Yogi and Reggie who are 2 British Pot heads who always have great banter between them, the list goes on and on. One final thing I should say is that they should really use Pagan Min a lot more, and Ajay as a character is very boring, he doesn’t have any real development like Jason had in Far Cry 3.


The Gameplay

Far Cry 4 is a FPS, Open World game with some very slight RPG elements to it, if you’ve played Far Cry 3, then you will immediately notice that this game really isn’t too different. To start off Gameplay wise, it’s a basic FPS game, all the mechanics for shooting are basically the same as most other FPS titles, so there isn’t much to say about the actual gunplay, however Far Cry does also use a stealth feature, a detection meter shows up as you’re being spotted and if it fills up all the way you’re detected, simple enough, you can throw rocks and use foliage to hide from enemies then sneak up on them and take them down quietly, sometimes however it’s pretty annoying to attempt stealth, sometimes enemies can see you from over 100 yards away and it can be very frustrating especially on the outposts in the game. As mentioned above FC4 is an open world game, so as you’d imagine, the world is huge, there are plenty of vehicles and modes of transportation to help you get from one point to another (Cars, Boats and Wing gliders) as well as a fast travel system which is very nice. New to FC4 is the use of a grappling hook, now this isn’t the biggest feature in the game, but for me at least, it can be the most fun at times, there are certain places where you need to swing across gaps in mountains and these can be incredibly fun if executed fluently, I actually wish they’d made more use of the grappling hook and that they’ll keep it for future releases.

Far Cry 4 makes use of a simple leveling up system, by defeating enemies and beating side missions, you get experience that you can use to give you different abilities, like more health, stealth killing a guard and then picking up his knife and throwing it at another nearby guard or even riding A FREAKING ELEPHANT!!! it’s all simple and that’s whats best for these types of games. FC4 also has plenty of guns to unlock and side missions, one even has you travel to the mystical land of Shangri La to fight demons. New to FC4 is the ability to do Coop with your friends, it’s a nice feature, but I feel it lacks depth, sure it’s nice to travel around Kyrat with a buddy, but there isn’t really much to do apart from some side missions and the outposts, in the next game, I would like to play through the story coop if possible, or at least have certain coop missions to do.

So overall FC4 is pretty much the same as it’s predecessor and that isn’t a bad thing, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, however if you never liked Far Cry 3 (for whatever reason) then this game will not change your mind at all.


The Sound

I can’t honestly say much about the soundtrack in Far Cry 4 as it’s all drowned out over the sounds of gunfire and explosions, from what I heard it all has an indian vibe to it which is pretty cool, the only song I can say that is good is Should I Stay or Should I Go? By The Clash which plays during the ending credits. Far Cry 4 doesn’t have the most recognizable voice cast (except for Troy Baker) but despite that all characters are voiced excellently, Troy Baker puts in a fantastic performance as Pagan Min and Janina Gavankar as Amita does a great job, Travis Willingham puts in a pretty good performance as Paul Harmon but is unfortunately underused for the game.

The Graphics

Far Cry 4 visually is fantastic, firstly the area around the Himalayas in which the game is set in looks absolutely stunning, everywhere you look there isn’t a single thing I can complain about, character models (especially with Sabal and Pagan Min) all look fantastic. The only complaint I have about the games visuals are to do with graphical glitches, which admittedly are very annoying, twice I fell through the map and died, which really brought my enjoyment down.


The Lasting Appeal

Far Cry 4 is much longer than your average FPS game, the story itself can be beaten in about 4-6 hours, but the game has loads of other things around Kyrat to do, like liberating all the outposts, or simply completing all side missions, doing this will easily boost your game time up to around 20-30 hours, plus there is a full set of trophies or achievements for you to get.

Lasting Appeal

Final Thoughts

Far Cry 4 is very similar to Far Cry 3 which I thought was the best game of 2012, I feel the same about this one as well, Far Cry 4 is everything 3 was, although with some improvements made to make it the best game of 2014 for me. Putting it simply, the gameplay is simple and fun, while the story is lacking, the characters have more than made up for it, voice acting is spot on and the graphics are incredible, the only thing holding the game back from perfection is the glitches and crashes that I experienced.

Final Thoughts

My Score – 9.9/10 


The Good

  • Simple and rewarding gameplay
  • Fantastic Visuals
  • Voice acting is perfect
  • Great setting
  • Pagan Min

The Bad

  • Annoying Glitches
  • Poor Multiplayer

Far Cry 4 is available now from all good retailers. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit & YouTube.

Review By Jonnie Dixon



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