Tales From The Borderlands Walkthrough by Tenacious Tea Gaming

Hello everyone and welcome to the Video Walkthrough of Telltale Games’ venture into the bizarre world of Pandora with downloadable episodic series; Tales From The Borderlands which follows 2 protagonists; Rhys and Fiona as they recount the events of their adventure to a mysterious stranger. This video was uploaded by our friend and UGNN editor; Tenacious Tea Gaming who kindly lets us use his walkthroughs so we may help him get realized more by gamers who wish to see walkthroughs for all the big hits. Anyway getting back to the title at hand, This 6 Part Walkthrough will be updated as the episodes are released from Tales From The Borderlands including all cutscenes. Anyway I hope you enjoy this walkthrough and any feedback regarding this walkthrough would be most appreciated by both me and Tenacious Tea. I will include a link to our facebook page & Tenacious Tea Gaming’s YouTube channel at the bottom of this post so you can be up to date on the most recent news, reviews and walkthroughs.

Thanks for watching everyone and please feel free to leave your feedback.

Tenacious Tea Gaming’s YouTube Channel

UGNN Facebook Page

UGNN Twitter Page

Walkthrough by Tenacious Tea Gaming & Article by Matt McNamee


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