Rune Factory 4 Review

Rune Factory 4

Developed By Neverland Co.

Published By XSEED Games

The Story

Rune Factory 4 starts of where, you the player character are journeying on an Airship that is attacked by armed men, looking for something that, you were carrying with you, after a brief struggle your character falls off the ship and wakes up with a case of amnesia, and in a small town known as Selphia, at first your character is mistaken for a prince but this is corrected very soon after, however the prince who you were mistaken for tasks you with performing most of his duties, all while your character lives out his or her life and tries to piece there mind back together.

Honestly RF4 doesn’t really have much of a story, mostly you’re just tasked with living out a life and that’s pretty much it, the games story does have more to it, but after playing a game as long as this one is, I can say I pretty much forgot the story after about 10 hours in.


The Gameplay

Rune Factory 4 is a pretty unique game, like other games in the series you can farm, fight monsters, for relationships with NPC’s in the game and pretty much live a second life. Firstly the meat of Rune Factory is derived from performing simple tasks and living out each days as it comes, this can be something as simple as watering your crops and performing tasks for the other townsfolk or exploring the town of Selphia to fight monsters and explore dungeons, this can be a mixed result depending on the player as the game can get pretty boring at times since there can be nothing to do in some days. Combat in RF4 is pretty simple you attack using the B button and that’s pretty much it, sound simple I know but that’s because it is, you can equip different weapons such as Swords, Spears and Gloves to change your fighting style as well as learn new attacks from leveling up your skills with each weapon but this doesn’t change the combat all that much. Leveling up works by using certain skills (Pretty much like Skyrim) as you perform tasks like Cooking, Using Weapons and even Walking your character gets better at it, using up less RP for that particular skill, there is also a basic level system as well as this skill system but it doesn’t really seem to matter that much, even if I’m 3 levels too low when I enter a dungeon it really doesn’t seem to matter that much. You can also use your powers as a stand in Prince to govern certain events in the city such as festivals like Cooking contests and the like, it’s a nice feature and anything they can add to give you more to do in this game is great.

If I’m being honest there isn’t much to this say about the gameplay here, it’s like trying to explain living, there really is no real way to do that, it may sound like I’m not to keen on this game but I really do enjoy it, of course it can be pretty boring at times especially in the opening parts, but I can say I did enjoy the gameplay regardless.


The Sound

Soundtrack wise there isn’t much to comment on, mostly it’s pretty simple village sounding music, I’m not even sure what genre it would go into, of course there is a boss theme which is okay, pretty much the only song I thought was really good was the opening song, Kaze no Traveler which I really liked. As for voice acting the game doesn’t really have any apart from a few voice clips that play when the character say certain thing, most of them don’t make sense when applied to the sentence they’re used in and can be a bit weird at times, otherwise there isn’t anything to say, so I’ll just move on.

The Graphics

Keeping in mind that RF4 was originally released in July 2012 in Japan, as a whole it’s an average looking 3DS game, the textures look pretty jagged and most of it, because of the zoomed out view can’t really be seen all that well, probably the only thing that actually looks really good is the opening anime cutscene and the character portraits, and thankfully the game is bright and colorful which is a nice thing to see.


The Lasting Appeal

Okay… firstly, this game is LOOOOOOOONG!!! seriously if you’re looking for one of the longest games ever, I think this could very well be it, this game can span anywhere from 100-200 hours maybe even more depending on just how much you want to do, I’m honestly not kidding, of course most of the game involves repeating the same process over and over again so I wouldn’t expect many people to make it that far.

Lasting Appeal

Final Thoughts

Overall RF4 is a decent RPG/Simulation game, if you like games like Animal Crossing then this just may interest you, but it’s also ridiculously long and at times pretty boring, still there is fun to be had in this game, the combat is pretty fun, graphics are okay and the music isn’t half bad, but the story is completely forgettable (literally) and the game can be incredibly boring at times, I wouldn’t really recommend this game to anyone but hardcore RPG fans or fans of Rune Factory.

Final Thoughts

My Score – 5.5/10


The Good

  • Fun Combat
  • Music isn’t bad

The Bad

  • Can be incredibly boring
  • Way too repetitive
  • Too long for me

Rune Factory 4 is now available for 3DS on the Nintendo E Shop. Thanks go to Decibel PR for supplying the game and the assets used in this review. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit & YouTube.

Review By Jonnie Dixon




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