Bring Back Crash Bandicoot Campaign underway to get Crash back with Sony

A Campaign has recently come to my attention to bring back everybody’s favorite Orange Marsupial; Crash Bandicoot home to Sony Computer Entertainment.

The campaign which has been underway for quite some time now on Petition website is trying its very best to get Sony to acknowledge the demand by the PlayStation Nation to see lovable platforming icon; Crash Bandicoot back on a Sony Console with a new game.

The petition was started by PlayStation and Crash Bandicoot Fan; Bradley O’Rourke from Banbury, United Kingdom who is trying his very best to get as much support as possible to see a true gaming icon return. The campaign has received 2,481 Supporters to date and has even received acknowledgement from other video game websites who even interviewed Bradley about his efforts however the campaign still needs quite a few more supporters if the voices are to be heard.

One of the fake images that built up hope for Crash in All-Stars
One of the fake images that built up hope for Crash in All-Stars

Crash Bandicoot first appeared on our PlayStation’s in 1996 and made his last appearance on our console’s in 2008 in the rather lackluster Crash: Mind Over Mutant. Since then the character has been trapped in numerous development hells with his 2010 Return and Crash Team Racing 2010 both getting pulled by Activision rather early into development. Another popular time in which the character has been unable to make a return was in 2012’s Mascot Brawler; PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale which many disgruntled fans took to the internet to try and fight for their favorite character to return however nothing happened and poor Crash had to sit it out.

Could this man be teasing that Sony are bringing back these 2 icons.
Could this man be teasing that Sony are bringing back these 2 icons.

Recently in numerous interviews, Sony Head; Andrew House has spoke out about not only Crash Bandicoot but also his PS1 companion; Spyro the Dragon saying that those characters are “Never off the Table” and that we “Shouldn’t close the door on that one just yet” which could mean that Sony are already trying to reacquire the licenses from Activision behind the scenes.  Of course, We know none of this for certain but the rumors and speculation all started exactly 1 year ago to this day when adverts started to hit Europe for the PlayStation 4 Launch where you could spot an image of Crash on a lamp post pointing up to the old Sony logo which was followed by posts about Crash by numerous PlayStation Outlets Facebook pages. It has also recently been revealed that eventually Naughty Dog has expressed interest in returning to their old platformers such as Crash Bandicoot and Jak.

The Sign that reignited Speculation
The Sign that reignited Speculation

If you are interested in helping the cause; Please feel free to click the link below and sign the petition and hopefully together we can bring back a classic gaming icon.

Bring Back Crash Bandicoot to PlayStation

It is also worth noting that we could possibly hear something either at or just before the PlayStation Experience this December so keep your fingers crossed Crash fans.

So what do you think? Should Crash Return? Have you Signed the Petition yet? Do you think Andrew House is hinting at the return of Crash & Spyro? Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Article by Matt McNamee


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