Pokemon Art Academy Review

Developed by Headstrong Games

Published by Nintendo

” Gotta’ Paint Em All ”


The Story:

Pokemon Art Academy sees you as an Art Novice learning how to draw numerous Pokemon to put your drawings onto Pokemon Trading Cards. There isn’t really much of a Story so I will continue.

The Gameplay:

Pokemon Art Academy is an educational drawing game that teaches the player how to use many different art utensils to draw the 719 Pokemon that exist from the Kanto region all the way to the Kalos region. The game teaches you how to draw the Pokemon with step by step guides aswell as guidelines and zooming features to allow the player to truly get their artistic visions the way they want. The many utensils available at the players disposal include Pencils, Pens, Oil Paints and many many more. One of the many things I liked was the fact it actually started you off with the Starter Pokemon and as you progress through each of the 40 lessons, you tackle more difficult Pokemon to draw such as the Legendary Pokemon or Charizard. All in all considering Pokemon Art Academy is essentially a drawing game, Its pretty good in terms of gameplay.


The Sound:

In terms of background music; There is not a great deal to admire in Pokemon Art Academy however the sounds which add to the games artistic feel is the authentic sounds when using each utensil so for example; When your using a pencil it sounds like you are actually drawing/coloring with a pencil on a piece of paper. All in all, The background music is nothing special but the sound effects for the utensils add to the experience.

The Graphics:

The good thing about this particular title is that you create the images in the game so you are essentially in control of the visual aspect. For the few other visual aspects of the game such as the characters and the buttons to tap for the utensils; they look pretty poor and cartoony, even for the Pokemon Series.


Lasting Appeal:

Since the game is an educational title that teaches you how to draw numerous Pokemon, The game is pretty much never-ending and so has plenty of replayability. You can draw multiple pokemon in many different art styles so you never have to struggle with finding something to do.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, Pokemon Art Academy is a great game for those with artistic passion and will surely teach many how to draw their favorite Pokemon however I would only recommend it for the fans of Art Academy rather than Pokemon.

My Score – 6/10


The Good

  • Plenty of things to do
  • Numerous different Utensils to choose from
  • Loads of Pokemon to draw
  • Teaches you very well

The Bad

  • Not much of a Soundtrack
  • Not great visuals
  • No story
  • Not a game for fans of Pokemon

Pokemon Art Academy is available now from all good retailers exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. Thanks go out to Nintendo for loaning the game out to us. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

Review by Matt McNamee


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