Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New N’ Tasty Review

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – New N’ Tasty

Developed by Just Add Water

Published by Oddworld Inhabitants


The Story:

Abe is a Mudoken worker for Rupture Farms; The biggest Meat processing plant on Oddworld run by the evil Glukkon Mulloch. Abe used to think he worked at a decent job until he realizes that the new secret ingredient for New N’ Tasty is his fellow Mudoken workers. After this “Oddysee”; Abe must rescue his fellow workers and get out of Rupture Farms before he becomes the next “New N’ Tasty” treat.


The Gameplay:

New N’ Tasty is a Cinematic Platformer title that relies quite a lot on strategy, timing and skill and thus sets it apart from numerous other platformers. The game revamps the classic gameplay from the original PS1 title and replaces all the inactive backgrounds from the original game with fully interactable backgrounds where enemy sligs can shoot at you from afar. The main goal of the game is simple; Rescue as many workers as possible using your leadership abilities and chanting powers. As Abe players have multiple choices in terms of abilities. There is the obvious directional buttons such as moving the analogue stick in a certain direction to move Abe while the face buttons have different commands which are circle to crouch, square to interact with the many objects in the world and X to jump. The game also allows you to be stealthy with the ability to creep past sleeping enemies and hiding behind objects or among smoke to avoid detection. The player also has the ability to control Abe’s interactions with characters in 2 forms. Leadership talk in which the up button allows Abe to recruit one Mudoken, The left button which makes Abe recruit all Mudokens in the area, The right button which tells them to follow your every movement (Which if you are in dangers way can be a risky command) and finally the down button which tells your friends to wait until the coast is clear. The other form of talk for Abe is gamespeak which can be accomplished by pressing (Insert R Button) and a directional button. Some of the actions which can be performed by Abe using Gamespeak include Anger, Laughing and even Farting. Abe also has the ability to use his enemies weapons against them by cooking and throwing grenades when they are available and rocks which are a default weapon for Abe. The main thing that players would have to use to get through the game is Abe’s chant which helps you in more ways than one. When Abe has recruited mudokens to escape you must find a circle of flying birds. Using chant near said birds creates a portal which allows the mudokens to escape or in some circumstances (Hidden Doors) allows Abe to teleport to another section of Rupture Farms to save the slaves. The other helpful use of the Chant allows Abe to possess the numerous enemies (Sligs) and use them to take out other enemies and commit suicide to clear the path for Abe to safely rescue his fellow slaves. All of these gameplay features together in New N’ Tasty refreshes an already brilliant and unique style of gameplay and takes what made the PS1 version so good and improves on it.


The Sound:

The background music of Oddworld is great with it portraying the dark and gritty world that Abe lives in. The industrial style sound effects used in Oddworld are great and so is the voice work for Abe and the Sligs respectively since both give off great humor. I also like the sound effects for Abe’s actions such as his Follow Me commands, His Chant which he uses to save the numerous mudokens and of course his iconic move, The Fart in which he lets rip and giggles. All in all, The music and Sound Effects in New N Tasty are great.



The Graphics:

The visuals on New N Tasty are great and truly help to showcase just how gritty and dangerous it is in Oddworld. One feature I liked was the inclusion of moving and interactable backgrounds so you could be walking along the main path and a Slig in the background could detect you and shoot at you. This helped add to the danger element and it looked brilliant. Another feature I liked was the gore in the game since the gore is pretty much blue in the PlayStation 1 classic where as in this HD Reboot; You see the limbs and everything fly at the screen if say you accidentally fall into a meat grinder. As mentioned above; The Mechanical world around Abe shows just how dark and gritty the world is and how dangerous it is for Abe and his friends.


Lasting Appeal:

New N Tasty has plenty of replayability in the fact there is loads of secrets hidden within the game such as trapped mudokens that you must rescue. In addition to this, The trophies require that you rescue every Mudoken in the game while completing it in a certain time which adds great difficulty to the title since some of the puzzles to save the Mudoken’s can be challenging.


Final Thoughts:

All in all, Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee: New N’ Tasty is a fantastic HD Reboot and A great way to revisit a classic title. The Visual and Sound improvements are definitely noticeable and help improve on a classic. The Audio is slightly improved with the speech used by both Abe & The Sligs being more clear and understandable while the Story has been left alone to keep the nostalgia of the original title. All in all, One of the best HD Remakes around.

My Score – 10/10


The Good

  • Fantastic Storyline
  • Great Humor
  • Easy To Use Gameplay
  • Lovely Visuals
  • Enjoyable Sounds
  • Improved On A Classic
  • Still Keeps The Nostalgia
  • Farting

The Bad

  • Nothing

Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee: New N’ Tasty is available now for PlayStation 4 and is coming soon to Linux, PC, OS X, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U & Xbox One at a later date. Thanks go to Oddworld Inhabitants for supplying the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

Review by Matt McNamee


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