Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited Review

Developed By Nippon Ichi

Published By NIS America


The Story

Disgaea 4 follows the story of Valvatorez, a vampire who was once feared as a tyrant but now has an average job in Hades, where the souls of dead humans are sent to be transformed into Prinnies, alongside his loyal servant, Fenrich. When the government orders the mass extermination of all Prinnies, Valvatorez and Fenrich decide to put a stop to it and, disgusted by the corruption of the government, Valvatorez plots a rebellion.

Once again like many Disgaea games a Promise Revisited doesn’t have the most interesting plot but what it does is give you some of the most wonderful characters you can possibly have in a game, all of which are funny and most importantly likeable.


The Gameplay

Disgaea 4 is a Strategy RPG game, now there is A LOT of different gameplay features so I’ll try and list as many as possible, starting with the battle system. Battling enemies in Disgaea 4 takes place on a 2.5D plane where you’re tasked with defeating the enemy, now it seems simple but Disgaea 4 always throws different challenges at you such as putting the enemy on a higher platform, requiring you to pick up your allies and throw them up to reach them, or there could be Geo panels, areas that enhance enemies ( and sometimes your ) abilities. you as always have physical attacks and skills to rely on, some skills can have different ranges and effects, you also have magic which can really be helpful as it will deal massive damage to your opponents. You can build up a very large team to help you in battle, different classes and weapons help your team deal with pretty much any situation, be it a Healer, Warrior, Thief, Mage as well as different monster characters such as Zombies and even Prinnies. There are different types of Armor, Weapons and Accessories to equip which all have different attributes to them such as increasing attack power or HP, eventually you can also pass bills so the shops gain more expensive gear, which is a lot stronger.

To put it bluntly Disgaea has a TON of stuff crammed into it, seriously the max level is 9999, to be honest it can be quite intimidating to new comers but stick with it the experience is definitely worth it in the long run.


The Sound

The Soundtrack in Disgaea 4 is very similar to the other games in the series, for example the shop theme has pretty much remained the same only with an updated feel to it, regardless the music of Disgaea has always been a pleasure to listen to and this particular game is no exception. The voice acting is also very well, done with Troy Baker once again leading the charge as Valvatorez, and of course everyone else also does their job well by giving a very energetic and charming performances.


The Graphics

Disgaea 4 doesn’t do anything special in terms of Graphics, the same Graphical style as the other games in the series is present here, a sort of 2.5D style, from a top down perspective, on the other hand the Anime style drawn characters all look great and the Anime opening also looks fantastic.


The Lasting Appeal

The Disgaea series is well known for having a lot of content, this game is no different, with game time that can span over 100 hours and as previously mentioned your teams levels can reach 9999, Disgaea 4 is a game that can keep you entertained for months on end.

Lasting Appeal

Final Thoughts

Disgaea 4 A Promise Revisited is a great addition to the Disgaea franchise, with combat that is always challenging and well done, to the incredible characters and Soundtrack, unfortunately the story isn’t the most interesting and the game can be very hard to adapt to for new comers to the series.

Final Thoughts

My Score – 8.5/10


The Good

  • Challenging and Rewarding Gameplay
  • Great Soundtrack
  • Fantastic Cast Of Characters

The Bad

  • Simple Story
  • Learning Curve For Newcomers

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited  is available now for PlayStation Vita from all good retailers. Thanks go out to Reef Entertainment for supplying the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

Review By Jonnie Dixon






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