GoD Factory: Wingmen Review

GoD Factory: Wingmen

Developed by Nine Dots Studio

Published by Bandai Namco


First Thoughts:

So When i Was asked to review a flying game my first thoughts where NO but looks like i had to do it anyways so lets get Started I will refer to this game as GoD through this review so lets begin at the first opening you get to choose 2 different species from 4 different species these are:

Each different species have different abilities which will help you during the game so at first I thought this was a great aspect and seemed new in a way now onto the gameplay.

The Gameplay:

The Gameplay of this game runs smoothly and looks great; only issue is there isn’t as many explosions as I thought there would be in a 4v4 based FLYING SHOOTING GAME also when you crash your ship into something it doesn’t explode it bounces off which I found very dull as i was hoping for an awesome explosion when I crashed.


The Graphics:

The graphics to this game aren’t half bad they look good and very colorful the surrounding is OK seeing as your in space there isn’t really many different things to stand out but the games graphics with being able to customize your ship species it pretty cool and I suppose if the game is for certain people they will find the amusing.

The Controls:

OK I’m going to be honest here the controls for keyboard and mouse IS AWFUL I couldn’t control the view of the games with my mouse as it didn’t seem to want to move in the game so that was annoying seeing this is a PC game I expect the keyboard and mouse to be the best way to play but I heard in chat that people where using controllers.



The Sound:

It was very dull the soundtrack I didn’t hear anything amazing nor anything that made it stand out so that was a shame on the other hand the sound of the ships moving fast and the guns shooting this did sound awesome and thought it went great with the game shamefully there wasn’t enough explosion sounds so that was a let down.

Lasting Appeal:

For me this game has no lasting appeal I mean I might give it ago once in a blue moon but it isn’t a game where I will want to level up but for people that are fans of these type of games then there is a big lasting appeal that ranges from leveling up and customizing your ships and stuff so there is much to do but I can see a game like this getting repetitive as do many online shooting games but like I said this is coming from a perspective of someone who is not a fan of flying games.

Final Thoughts:

The Game itself could be great if its your type of game and I’ve tried to give this a fair review and I personally think I have and I do think if I enjoyed flying games this would be a great game but sadly I dont like flying games but I’m going to imagine I do and give this a fair rating.

My Score – 6/10


The Good

  • The game looks great from the start
  • I like the idea of different species
  • Lots of customization
  • The guns and ships sound great

The Bad

  • Not enough explosions
  • No decent music
  • Will get repetitive

GoD Factory: Wingmen is available right now on Steam. Thanks go out to Bandai Namco for supplying the game and assets used in this review. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

Review by Tenacious Tea Gaming


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