Ultra Gaming News Network Website has a new upgrade

Hi Everyone, It’s Matt here from the team here at Ultra Gaming News Network

I would just like to start off by saying that we have gathered numerous followers on here in the past year that we have been live and due to your views; we have been able to keep this site running strong and I sincerely thank you guys for that.

We have been trying to upgrade the site as much as we could in the past year but for our 1st birthday which has now been and gone, We thought the site deserved a complete overhaul. Now I am no computer genius unfortunately and so have accidentally created another website for Ultra Gaming News Network which contains all the updated features. We will be keeping this site open and will share the articles posted on the other version of the site here.

In the meantime, I would like to welcome our fans to the new look of the site which I am effectively calling UGNN version 2.0. If our current readers and future readers could check us out at the new site if possible as it doesn’t only look nice but it is also more conveniant and currently has articles not on this site such as the gamescom reveals for the Call of Duty Bundle & P.T. aswell as our review of EA Sport’s title UFC.

The link to our new site is below.

Ultra Gaming News Network 2.0 

Once again many thanks go out to all you gamers out there who have supported us since we started and we hope you continue to support us in future. In the meantime, Enjoy your gaming and just as a special thank you I have included the feature image of a cat playing video games. Enjoy everyone and game on.

Many Thanks

Matt & The UGNN Team


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