PlayStation All-Stars: Round 2 Campaign started after Rumors of New Game

After a cruel prank was played before E3; Fans of PlayStation All-Stars have took to the internet in the hopes of getting a sequel.

Just before E3 started last week; An image started circulating the internet about Sony revealing PlayStation All-Stars Round 2 at their conference with a possibility of Final Fantasy Characters joining the fray however as the fans of this cult hit mascot brawler started to get hope that the series would return; Sony didn’t reveal anything slightly related to the game.

Well now there may be something trying to change that as a few of the fans have started a campaign towards Sony & Sony Santa Monica to create the sequel through the twitter campaign #AllStarsRound2 which is hoped to at least generate enough reaction to hopefully garner a response and a new game from Sony.

Could Santa Monica make a sequel with the Fans Support?
Could Santa Monica make a sequel with the Fans Support?

As many fans of the original will remember; This is not the first time a twitter campaign has been created for the 1 game series as mid 2013; Imagery appeared online of a cancelled DLC character for the game in the form of Dart Feld from the Legend of the Dragoon series who was a fan favorite to appear in the title that pitted characters like Kratos & Nathan Drake against the likes of Sackboy & PaRappa the Rapper. While it is not known who Dart’s Rival would have been; Many rumors online pointed to the rival being Abe; The protagonist of the Oddworld series which sees a new game release on PS4 later next month. This in turn sparked the #ReleaseDart campaign which got huge support from the PlayStation Community but unfortunately wasn’t enough to bring the idea to life.

The Planned Dart Feld DLC
The Planned Dart Feld DLC

So if you were a fan of the original PlayStation All-Stars and want a sequel; Please help with the campaign by stating why you want a sequel followed by #AllStarsRound2 and maybe tag Sony Santa Monica in just to show them the interest for a sequel.

So what do you think? Do you want a sequel to PlayStation All-Stars? Do you wish the E3 rumor was true? Which characters would you want to see? Personally I’d love to see Crash Bandicoot, Cloud Strife, Solid Snake & Lara Croft but thats just me. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the campaign and who you’d like to see in a sequel in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit & YouTube.

In the meantime; Be sure to check out the E3 2012 Reveal trailer below and from all of us here at UGNN; We would like to wish the campaigners all the best of luck and let you know you have our full support on this.

Article by Matt McNamee


6 thoughts on “PlayStation All-Stars: Round 2 Campaign started after Rumors of New Game

  1. Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot. That’s all I ever hear. Other than Nintendroids bashing the game for its similarity to Smash Brothers, everyone whined that Crash never made it, completely ignoring the other amazing characters. And the outcry of the two Coles was exceptionally unnecessary. Why complain about characters that have similar, yet altered movesets when Smash Bros pours out the clones like there’s not tomorrow and gets praised for it? (Falco/Fox/Wolf having the same final smash, the multiple Links, etc.)

    1. I understand what you mean about Crash Bandicoot but he was the unofficial mascot for PS1 so he technically should have been there but I do agree with you in terms of other characters. Hopefully and personally; These characters appear in a sequel.

      PS1 – Crash, Cloud, Snake, Lara, Spyro, Leon Kennedy, Gex, Croc, Dart, Abe, Raziel, Rayman, Robbit, Etc…
      PS2 – Pyramid Head, Jade, The Prince, Crypto, Sam Fisher, Jehuty, Rau, Sora, Wander, Sergeant Cortez, Etc…
      PS3 – Joel & Ellie, Ezio Auditore, Lee Everett, Gabriel Belmont, Nathan Hale, Faith, Commander Shepard, Ethan Mars, Etc…
      PS4 – Knack, Delsin Rowe, Galahad, Toggle, Noctis, Strider, Aiden Pearce, Etc…
      PSP – Tigershark, Etc…
      PS Vita – Lil & Laarg, Iota, Etc…

      Thanks very much for commenting and hopefully we get a sequel. #AllStarsRound2

  2. I really hope a sequel sees the light of day. The first game may have lacked the extra game modes that Smash Bros and other similar titles may possess, but that didn’t stop the gameplay from being addicting and an absolute blast to play! I love the idea of instant kill supers. They actually added more strategy to the game that Smash Bros didn’t really have. Knocking people off of the few drop-off stages never even nets you a kill. And the stage crossovers? BEST. IDEA. EVER!
    I pray that Sony makes a sequel.

    1. I personally liked Super Smash Bros. more but more because of Brawl & The Subspace Emisarry. If PlayStation All-Stars could get a story mode like Brawl’s with fully 3D cutscenes like Brawl. I think All-Stars could easily rival the new Smash game. I also think with the PS4 having more capabilities than the nintendo consoles; Sony could easily implement a new customization menu maybe where you can create your own characters colors.

      Thanks for commenting and hopefully we can get a sequel. #AllStarsRound2

  3. Believe it or not, the most important characters the sequel needs are all those that appeared on PS1 first cause most of the playstation Fans grew up with them since childhood and they contain more mascot kind characters which is infact what attracts both Kids and Female gamers. I for one really hope for sequel and we get both more PS1 characters and more 1st partys and less 3rd partys, only 3rd partys that started on PS1.

    1. You do have a very good point but I also think quite a few cartoony characters appeared on PS2 aswell with characters like Crypto, Sora, Redmond & Spanx, Dr. Muto and many more. But yeah I would really love to see some PS1 characters make an appearance. Primarily reps from Crash, Spyro, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Gex, Croc, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Etc…

      I know I probably shouldn’t mention this but I also think my guilty pleasure characters would be Scott Pilgrim & George from the Rampage series but anyway I’m rambling.

      Thanks for commenting and hopefully we can get a sequel. #AllStarsRound2

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