The Retro Corner : Prince Of Persia : Warrior Within

Prince Of Persia : Warrior Within

Developed By : Ubisoft Montreal

Published By: Ubisoft

” I am…. the architect of my own destruction ”

The Dahaka

The Story

Set after the events of The Sands Of Time, Once again you play as The Prince who was supposed to die in The Sands Of Time and escaped his fate and is now being hunted by The Dahaka who is the guardian of the timelines so the Prince must travel to the Island where the Hourglass Of Time was created and stop it from being created and thus preventing the Dahaka from being born and changing his fate. The Story of this game I have to say is fantastic it has a lot of twists and confusing plot lines but unfortunately the Princes character has changed from being witty and charismatic to serious and quiet but this is understandable considering he has an Invincible Omnipotent being hunting him.

Sliding Down Curtains

The Gameplay

So there have been a few changes in this game from the first one most notably combat has had a significant improvement in that you can grab enemies and use secondary weapons to pull off very powerful moves so thankfully the combat in the game is very good, there are new moves you can use with your sand tanks such as slowing down time, unleashing a burst type move which sends your enemies flying these are welcome additions as the combat wasn’t very good in the first game . The Platforming in the game is pretty much the same there have been some changes such as using your sword to cut through curtains and slide down them and rope swinging, there is also certain parts in the game where you will be chased by The Dahaka these aren’t as intense as I would like them to be and they definitely could of been longer. Now something I have to address in this game is the amount of backtracking there is, you seem to always be returning to old areas where you have already been and this brings up another annoyance I have with this game… not knowing where to go I have played this game twice now and still there are parts where I have no clue where I am headed if you bring up the Map it does tell you where your supposed to be headed but overall it still doesn’t give you enough of a clue for where to go and returning to old areas makes you think that your not supposed to go there but most of the time that’s not the case.

Fighting A Troll

The Sound

The soundtrack has had a bit of a change from the first game and is now basically heavy metal which does admittedly fit the game very well and it all sounds good but I have to say it plays at the weirdest times like for example there was a part when I was doing some sort of puzzle and while doing it there was incredibly loud Rock music playing and it really didn’t fit the in the time it was played and was really confusing, a nice touch is that when The Dahaka chases you it’s theme is ” I Stand Alone ”by Godsmack it’s pretty cool but I am disappointed that the lyrics to the song aren’t played and it’s just the background music. The voice acting is pretty good in the game Yuri Lowenthal doesn’t reprise his role as the Prince but whoever does the new job does it well enough.


The Graphics

The Visuals have been improved in quite a few areas especially in the case of the character models they all look really nice even the environments all look great especially when in the past parts of the game. Once again the CGI cutscenes are nothing special and they are very quiet again.


Lasting Appeal

Warrior Within is pretty much the same length as The Sands Of Time but most of it’s length comes from the backtracking as mentioned above, health upgrades also return in this game but this time you have to pass through a hidden hall full of traps which make it a bit more interesting. Something I didn’t know is that there is 2 different endings and I seem to have gotten the bad one both times.

Wall Run

Final Thoughts

Overall Warrior Within did make some improvements with combat and Platforming when compared to the original but it makes big steps back with the backtracking and never seems to help direct you in where to go. The story while Fantastic isn’t helped by The Princes character being made more serious and not as charming.


My Score = 6.5/10

Little Image at the end

The Good

  • Well revised combat
  • Improved Platforming
  • Lovely Graphics
  • Fantastic Story

The Bad

  • The Prince’s Character Change

So thats it for this edition of The Retro Corner but what did you think? Have you played Warrior Within? Are you a fan of Prince of Persia? Did you like both forms of the Prince? Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn & YouTube. Until Next time, This is The Retro Corner.

Article By Jonnie Dixon


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