The Retro Corner: Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time

Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time

Developed By Ubisoft Montreal

Published By Ubisoft

” Most people think Time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction but I have seen the face of time and can tell you they are wrong. ”

Beam Balancing

The Story

You are The prince and one day while trying to win honor during a battle you stumble across a peculiar Dagger that seems to have the power to reverse time soon after the prince finds something called the Hourglass of Time which him and his Father present to the Sultan of Azad as a gift, soon after a man known as the Vizier convinces the Prince to use the Dagger to open the Hourglass of Time, this turns most people in the sultans palace into Sand Creatures and the Prince must reverse the effects and stop the Vizier.

Hourglass Of Time

The Gameplay

The Sands Of Time is an Action Platformer title in where You The Prince must navigate through a palace filled with deadly traps and monsters, while there is a good bit of combat in the game the core gameplay is focused mainly on getting from point A to point B this usually consists of The Prince having to perform many Acrobatic maneuvers such as running along walls, swinging on poles and balancing on beams.The controls in the game are excellent everything responds very well but on that occasion when you fall to your death ( And trust me it will happen eventually ) this is where the Dagger Of Time comes into play in that it reverses time at the cost of a Sand tank which are basically your uses of the Dagger this is a great feature to have in the game especially for people like me who really have a hard time with Platformers.Moving on to the combat in the game, really it’s pretty well done for a game based on Platforming you have basic attacks but you also can vault over enemies to strike from the air, you can also bounce off the wall and shoot yourself forward like an arrow, another feature that you can use is the Daggers power to slow time which can help out in the hectic fights of the game. there are also a few upgrades in the game such as fountains that increase your life bar and Sand clouds that increase how many Sand tanks  you have.

Pole Swinging

The Sound:

The soundtrack in the game is quite good, it’s nothing mind blowing but they have a decent mixture of Arabic sounding tracks and Rock tracks they blend quite nicely although I have to say that they are played far too loudly. The Voice acting in the game is fantastic with Yuri Lowenthal being the stand out performance as The Prince, some of the banter between him and Farah is hilarious but the parts where The Prince is talking to himself are by far the best. One complaint I have is that the Voice Acting is too quiet I can just barely hear the Prince especially in the CGI cutscenes which is a shame considering how well the game is written.


Wall running

The Graphics:

Sands Of Time is quite a pretty game for it’s time, the Models on the Prince and Farah are very nice and Especially the environments they look very Grand and stunning The monsters look decent but nothing special, The CGI cutscenes are nothing special by that point but they are a nice addition but I feel they weren’t needed as the game looks great without them.

Farah And Prince

Lasting Appeal:

The Sands Of Time is a decently lengthy game taking me about 6 hours to get through plus the collectibles which I still haven’t found them all.

Dagger Combat

Final Thoughts:

Overall the Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time is a great Action Platformer, with Fantastic responsive and fun gameplay, A well written story and lovely Graphics and Music I cant recommend this game more for people looking for a Good Platformer.

Combat 2

My Score – 8.8/10


The Good:

– Fun Responsive Gameplay

-Great Graphics

-Well Written Story

The Bad:

-Voice Acting is too quiet

So thats it for this edition of The Retro Corner but what did you think? Have you played Sands of Time? Are you a fan of Prince of Persia? Who is your favorite Prince? Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn & YouTube. Until Next time, This is The Retro Corner.

Article By Jonnie Dixon


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