Goodbye to ThaMaskedGamer

Hello everyone. This is Matt, The Chief Editor of UGNN and I am typing this article to let you guys know some recent information regarding ThaMaskedGamer. So recently, ThaMaskedGamer has unfortunately been having a few problems with a company called RPM (Never use them if you are on YouTube) who have been taking money his videos have been earning and then not giving him a penny or letting him out of a contract they have trapped him in so to stop them, ThaMaskedGamer has decided to stop uploading videos to his channel and has now got a brand new channel called Tenacious Tea Gaming in which he will continue to do Video Walkthroughs and more and the best part is, We are still working with him to make his new channel a success like he has helped make our site a success. So if you like the video walkthroughs on the site from him now and want to continue watching his work in future, Be sure to head over to his new channel and subscribe as I am sure he will appreciate all the help he can get. I will include a link below for his YouTube Channel aswell as a special video message to all of his followers which I will include below considering he classes everyone who views the site as a follower.

Tenacious Tea Gaming’s YouTube Channel

Thanks go out to ThaMaskedGamer and this article is basically just to let all of you know and to thank TMG for all his help with the site and I personally hope we can continue working together for a long time to come and I also hope we here at UGNN can help his new channel become a huge success. So From all of Us, Thanks Mask.

Remember, Mask will now be known as Tenacious Tea Gaming and to hear more about Tenacious Tea, Check out his YouTube Channel and for all the latest Walkthroughs from Tenacious Tea aswell as News & Reviews; Be sure to stay tuned to UGNN and remember to check out social network pages (Links under Contact Us) on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google +, Reddit & YouTube.

Article by Matt McNamee; Farewell Video from ThaMaskedGamer (Now Tenacious Tea Gaming)


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