Invizimals: The Alliance Review

Invizimals: The Alliance

Developed by Novarama

Published by Sony Computer Entertainment

*Now it’s up to you*

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The Story:

The story for Invizimals: The Alliance sees you as the main playable character when a group of Scientists discovering the creatures known as Invizimals recruit your help. The scientists then give you a PlayStation Vita which they describe can capture the Invizimals using special AR technology. After a basic description, the player must collect all 140 Invizimals and make a special place for them to live and battle.

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The Gameplay:

Invizimals: The Alliance primarily relies on Augmented Reality technology which utilizes the Vita’s full potential. I will start out first by describing how the capturing works in the game. Firstly, the game recommends you find a place with bright colors, Once a bright spot has been found place an AR marker down to encounter an Invizimal. When in combat with the Invizimal, You must move the vita side to side to avoid taking damage from them and when they attack the screen you must use the Vita’s back touch pad to attack them until they eventually join you. Once you have an invizimal, you must make a place for them to thrive which requires you to build mini buildings such as stadiums for them to battle and level up. To create the buildings, you had to once again use an AR marker to bring up an outline of the building. Once the outlay is up on the screen via the AR Marker, you must solve a pretty easy picture puzzle by using the touch screen to move and rotate pieces of the building into place. In addition to being able to connect to Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom for PlayStation 3; The gameplay works very well bringing together all the elements of the vita into capturing Invizimals by using the Touch Screens, Microphone and Camera.

1917_Screenshot 2

The Sound:

Unfortunately none of the games soundtrack stood out for me or caught my attention there were a few tracks that were pretty good but overall nothing special.

1916_Screenshot 1

The Graphics:

As far as graphics go for Invizimals: The Alliance. It is actually rather difficult since most of the game requires you to scan the real world with the camera in the PlayStation Vita however the graphics on the in game land aswell as the Invizimals themselves look really nice considering handheld graphics are usually not as good as consoles. In terms of cutscenes; The game uses live action cutscenes with actual Actors portraying the scientists in the game explaining the controls and the idea of the game which is great to see in terms of a family game considering most games of that genre use CGI cutscenes or cartoons.

3747_Screenshot 2

Lasting Appeal:

Invizimals: The Alliance has plenty of good ideas at its disposal and even if all Invizimals are collected you can raise them up and battle them in arenas giving you plenty to do after all the collecting is done.

Screenshot 12_1391077801

All in all, Invizimals: The Alliance is a great leap onto the next generation for handheld consoles however it isn’t the greatest vita title out there. In my opinion; A fun title with lots of ideas.

3748_Screenshot 3

My Score – 6/10


The Good:

  • Fun Gameplay
  • Augmented Reality works really well
  • Live Action Cutscenes are enjoyable
  • Uses all of the Vita’s different components
  • Connectivity between consoles

The Bad:

  • Soundtrack didn’t stand out
  • Graphics looked nice but could have been better

Invizimals: The Alliance is available now from all good retailers exclusively for the PlayStation Vita. Thanks go out to Sony for supplying the game and assets used in the review. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit & YouTube.

Review by Matt McNamee



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