The Weekend Playlist – Week ending April 6th 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to The Weekend Playlist where we tell you whats been occupying our weekends so that you may get some recommendations or be dissuaded from certain titles. We are returning this week after a week off and Me, ThaMaskedGamer & Jonnie have some great recommendations for all of you so lets begin.

Yoshi's New Island - Arzest - Nintendo
Yoshi’s New Island – Arzest – Nintendo

Matt McNamee; Chief Editor at UGNN:

Last Game you Played – Yoshi’s New Island

So been playing this recently since I’m reviewing it for Nintendo and I am loving every second of the game. It has brought back a lot of great memories that I have, Mainly considering my Grandmother (May she rest in peace) got me this as my first video game and pretty much resulted in me becoming a gamer. Absolutely fantastic game and I can’t wait to publish the review next week.

Last Movie you Watched – School of Rock

So I got this on Blu-Ray when I was in Florida last October and decided to give it a watch since I haven’t seen it in years. Absolutely adore this film since it has a fantastic soundtrack and Jack Black delivers a comical and yet very inspirational role as the Rocker who assumes his best friends Identity to teach at a prep school. Very funny film and a must watch.

Last TV Show you Watched – Smallville

Decided to take a break from Game of Thrones for a little while and started on Smallville again from Season 1. This show was brilliant and had an excellent cast and an excellent soundtrack. Smallville looks into the teenage years of Superman and shows that Superman had many enemies and friends before he even donned the cape. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes Comic Books, Superman, Superheroes or Generic Action. Seriously go out and buy all 10 seasons now. You won’t regret it.

Last YouTube Video you Watched – Spider-Man Evian Baby Advert

I nearly ended up putting Final Fantasy X HD’s Opening cinematic on here however I watched this last second and loved every part of it. The advert is designed to promote Evian Water and upcoming superhero flick; The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The ad shows Spidey swinging through the city when he sees a baby version of himself and commences in a dance off with his baby form. This is easily one of my favorite adverts now.

Last Book or Article you Read – The Goonies 2 is Happening

I read this earlier this morning and all I can say is I am bursting with joy. The Goonies is easily one of my favorite films from the 1980’s (Even though I’m a 90’s kid) and I am eagerly anticipating this sequel along with the Wreck It Ralph Sequel & Police Academy Remake. Lets just hope they don’t get screwed up.

The Goonies 2 is happening

Last Piece of Music you Listened to – Everything by Lifehouse

Really been getting into Smallville this week and this song is commonly featured on the show. Fantastic song and a must listen in my opinion.

BioShock: Infinite - Irrational Games - 2K Games
BioShock: Infinite – Irrational Games – 2K Games

ThaMaskedGamer; YouTube Uploader & Editor at UGNN:

Last Game you Played – BioShock: Infinite

I’ve been playing bioshock infinite and been really enjoying the burial at sea DLC its great

Last Movie you Watched – Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

I recently watched this and thought it was actually alright. Never seen Alan Partridge before so gave it a watch

Last TV Show you Watched – Prison Break

Been watchin prison break its AMAZING!

Last YouTube Video you Watched – N/A

Not watched any this week

Last Book or Article you Read – Alien Isolation Release Date

Catching up on Alien Isolation News

Last Piece of Music you Listened to – Any Song by Falling in Reverse

Great Band

Bravely Default - Silicon Studio & Square Enix - Nintendo
Bravely Default – Silicon Studio & Square Enix – Nintendo

Jonnie Dixon; Editor at UGNN:

Last Game you Played – Bravely Default

Finally a reason to play on my 3DS again Bravely Default is a very good JRPG that plays a lot like Final Fantasy V which is a great game i’m looking forward to playing more.

Last Movie you Watched – The Grey

I like most films with Liam Neeson in them but The Grey is a very good thriller and i would recommend it highly.

Last TV Show you Watched – Dexter Season 5

Once again Dexter is the show i’ve been watching i’ve been watching this show almost non stop since i first saw it and really can’t say anything more than i already have it’s just fantastic.

* Please Note; Promo for Season 5 Below may contain spoilers from previous Dexter seasons, so don’t click if you don’t want spoilers.*

Last YouTube Video you Watched – N/A

Lots of random videos but nothing that stands out sorry

Last Book or Article you Read – N/A

Not read anything this week sorry

Last Piece of Music you Listened to – Howl of the Departed from Lost Odyssey

The final boss theme for Lost Odyssey, this is the stand out track from Lost Odyssey which was composed by Nobuo Uematsu who composed all of the older Final Fantasies but honestly all of the tracks in Lost Odyssey are fantastic.

So that’s it for The Weekend Playlist this week. What do you think of our playlists? What were yours? Anything you’d like to recommend to us? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews aswell as next weeks edition of The Weekend Playlist and remember to follow us on WordPress, FacebookTwitter,TumblrLinkedIn & Reddit. Until Next time, Stay Frosty Guys.

Article by Matt McNamee, ThaMaskedGamer & Jonnie Dixon


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