South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

*WARNING! This Review may contain language & images unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18. Parental Guidance may be Required.*

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Developed by Obsidian Entertainment & South Park Digital Studios

Published by Ubisoft

*Succeed or Forever be known as…The Douchebag*

The Story:

South Park: The Stick of Truth starts out with a new kid moving into town and having to set out into the town to make friends. He soon comes across Butters and suddenly gets thrown into an adventure of epic proportions in the battle between Humans (Cartman’s Group) & The Elves (Kyle’s Group) over the stick of truth; An item that allows the holder to control the universe. One thing leads to another and in typical South Park fashion; Everything spins out of control with many getting involved in the adventure including Aliens, Underpants Gnomes, Al Gore, The Government & Even Nazi Zombies. Over the course of the adventure the new kid finds out he has an important role in the entire escapade that could determine the fate of South Park.

The Gameplay:

South Park: The Stick of Truth is a Role Playing game like the RPG’s of old as the player must take turns to attack their foes. Apart from a few battles in the game, You are always accompanied by a partner who at first is only limited to Butters however as the game progresses you can unlock more allies in the form of Kenny, Cartman, Stan, Kyle & Jimmy. The player character has different combat methods in battle. The first being a melee attack which like most of the attack methods in game has two variations; Light attack or Heavy attack. The melee weapon requires the player to get up close to the foe and is sometimes required to defeat enemies who are either reflecting or are heavily armored. The player will start out with a melee weapon related to their class such as a Dagger for the Thief class & a Cane for the Jew class however as the game progresses, Players can find or buy more weapons. The same applies for the next style of attack; Long Ranged. Long Ranged attacks in the game consist of using throwable or aimable weapons such as Archery sets, Basketballs or Ninja Stars. These attacks can deal great damage to foes and can also be used to take out enemies hiding at the back of main foes. Both types of weapons can be equipped with patches which adds power to the weapon dealing out more damage in attacks. Another feature at the characters disposal is magic which basically allows the player to perform numerous styles of Farts to “Gross out” the enemy which prevents enemies from healing aswell as making them lose health after every character on screen has made a move. Farts can also be used in battle when using Melee & Long Ranged weapons. When used in Melee attacks, Douchebag (The Player) can fart to raise themselves up to perform a powerful slam attack. When used with long ranged attacks, Douchebag will throw a fart into the battlefield and shoot an arrow through it dealing more damage and grossing out the enemy. The player can also perform special attacks based on the class of character; For Example: If the player chooses the Thief class, The Special attacks at their disposal include backstabbing the enemy, Throwing Rotten eggs at them and also Sending an army of Ninjas into battle to help you. The player character can also use Summons which allows the player to summon either Lu Kim (who goes all samurai on enemies slicing them up as if they were “Mongorians”), Mr. Hankey (who dons a Fantasia get up and swirls a huge wave of Feces at your enemies), Jesus (who flies down from the sky; Locks & loads a Machine Gun, Shoots at enemies and flies back wearing a pair of Terminator shades) or Mr. Slave (who rams enemies up his ass similar to the episode “Paris Hilton’s a Dirty Slut”) into battle to take out your enemies however they can’t be used in the boss battles in the game. Your Allies also have their own special moves with each character having Specific moves such as Butters being able to transform into Professor Chaos, Kenny Summoning a Swarm of Rats & Cartman shooting out a fire fart. The other big thing available in battle is items which can be used to restore health, magic & mana aswell as including throwable items such as human feces referred to in game as “Stink Nugget”.

Review 3_1394184964

In addition to all the combat in the game, The town of South Park is a fully explorable open world with you being able to walk everywhere from South Park Elementary to Canada which is designed as a Retro world. The world allows you to use your abilities to get new friends on your facebook which helps you get perks & upgrades in the game. As you continue the story, You will also learn 4 farts that can be used in and out of battle. You learn the first 2 off Cartman called the Dragonshout; A Fart that allows you to stun an enemy & the Cup-A-Smell; A Fart that can be used at long range to stun up to 3 or more enemies at once. The next one which you learn off Randy is called the Sneaky Squeaker which allows the player to distract enemies outside of battle allowing them to sneak around avoiding combat. Finally, The masters of farting in South Park; Terrance & Phillip teach you the most powerful fart in the game; The Nagasaki which allows the player to destroy objects in the environment to continue their quest. All the farts in the game can be used to blow up certain areas of the open world as long as there is a flame nearby. The game also features numerous collectibles such as Chinpokomon, Facebook Friends aswell as Costumes & Weapons. The Boss FIghts of the game are also incredibly fun ranging from Gingers & Meth Cooks to more notable characters like the Aliens & the Mongolians. There are others but I don’t want to spoil anything.  The game also features a few fun little mini-games such as being able to force out a crap or performing an abortion on a deadly nuclear device inside a gay mans arsehole.


The Sound:

Stick of Truth has a fantasy style soundtrack and even has its own battle theme and victory theme similar to that of the Final Fantasy titles. All in all as far as the soundtrack goes, The game while it has a medieval tone, Still has traditional South Park elements such as the fact it sounds so crappy (In a Good Way). The Voice cast is perfect with all the voices from the show returning including Show & Game creators; Trey Parker & Matt Stone who voice most of the games huge cast. There is also a running joke about the new kid in the fact he is mute throughout the entire game while his past is dead secretive which the government reveal is because of what he is and his name; Which lets just say is familiar to most gamers out there. The game also features numerous jokes such as Power Points being referred to as PP which Clyde interprets as Pee Pee & A Joke about the fact not many RPG’s are turn based nowadays with Cartman saying that the combat needs to be “Like Olden Times”. The other jokes in the game include the running joke from the show in which Kevin Stoley as a sci-fi geek shows up at a medieval battle dressed up as Spock from Star Trek which leads Cartman to say “God Damnit Kevin, Every Time, Every God Damn time.” & Some of the things the summon characters say upon completing their missions such as Jesus saying Boss Fights are scary & Mr. Hankey saying “I’m not helping with boss fights, I may have shit for brains but I’m not stupid”. Possibly one of my favorite segments in the game however is the Canada segment which used an 8 bit version of the Oscar Nominated “Blame Canada” Song.

The Graphics:

Stick of Truth’s visuals are incredible with the game being done in the style of the show with the game looking like the crappy paper style artwork of the series (Which is how Stone & Parker describe it) and is the primary reason for the games existence. The game is equally colorful with the inclusion of blood and stinklines when enemies are grossed out aswell as many more. There is one problem I found with the game which was of course the European restrictions which cut out scenes from the game involving anal probing and abortions which to be fair after I watched them on YouTube I could say are not as bad as some of the content in the game such as the Nazi Zombie Fetuses & the Pedophile Boss Fight which occurs after the player takes off his clothes for a photo shoot. The screens that replace the cutscenes however are equally funny with Stone & Parker essentially mocking the countries for censoring the scenes. The game also features visual references either in game or in the trophy/achievement list to some of the biggest things to grace internet popularity in the past few years including Breaking Bad (Which has a trophy aswell as a Heisenberg costume), 2 Girls 1 Cup & Most notably; Game of Thrones which the costumes as revealed in the episode “Black Friday” are based off the show aswell as the fact that the enemies in the Canada area are named after the Game of Thrones animal; Dire Wolves with enemies including Dire Wolves, Dire Bears & Dire Cobras aswell as them being able to infect the player with Dire Aids.


Lasting Appeal:

South Park: The Stick of Truth has a lot of replayability with their being 4 different classes to choose from aswell as numerous collectibles to find throughout the game with some even being missable which means the player has to keep their eyes open. The open world is big enough that you could explore it endlessly and not get tired of it aswell as featuring numerous side quests to keep the player busy for sometime.

Game intro trailer 1_1392391570

South Park: The Stick of Truth is a hilarious title and is definitely the South Park game we have been waiting for and while it was agonizing to wait for the game, It was well worth the wait.

My Score – 9/10


The Good:

  • Traditional South Park Visuals
  • Excellent Voice Acting
  • Fantastic Role-Playing Elements
  • Fully Interactable open-world
  • Hilarious & Offensive
  • Bizarre Storyline
  • Fun Boss Fights

The Bad:

  • Some Scenes are Censored

South Park: The Stick of Truth is available from all retailers now on PS3, Xbox 360 & PC. Thanks go to Ubisoft for supplying the Assets used in this review. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit & YouTube.

Review by Matt McNamee


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