Thief Review


Developed by Eidos Montreal

Published by Square Enix

*What’s yours is Mine…*

What is Thief:

Thief is a game created by Square Enix and Eidos and is a game about stealing things that are of worth and of value this can range from Forks Spoons Knifes Cups Plates And any other stuff that is silver or gold or that looks decent So Does this game feel good or is it just a mistake into the stealth genre.

The Story:

So the story of thief is kind of weird but here is a few things that i can remember and that are at least interesting. In Thief You play as Garrett A Master Thief Who has not Earned anything he owns and he takes what he wants when he wants but that aint just the story. The game starts off straight into stealing stuff where you start you are in someones home and you can take all his Belongings then you will follow on and meet up with Erin another thief And Then you follow her and do what you do best STEAL Things Until You progress on And Erin Gets into trouble im not going to Say What because that will spoil things but when this happens thats when the game gets interesting.


The Gameplay:

The gameplay of thief reminds me of previous games i have played such as Dishonored But it is not as good as dishonored but still holds its own and is easy to use once you understand it all the missions and side quest are easy to grab hold of and easy to understand Although the mini map can be abit useless at times and will not help you get to things that you need to get to. Now on to the combat The combat in this game is AWFUL but i suppose that is for a reason seeing the game wants you to sneak and not go into combat all the time i guess its all for a reason but when you are in combat its very sluggish.

The Graphics:

The graphics in this game are amazing and it is great for this type of game where the views and landscape / lighting effects matter i experience every know and then lag problems and also problems with textures loading but if you can get past that the graphics are great also the design on certain buildings can be annoying as ive noticed when running you can get caught in between wooden beams and get stuck this is one of my most hated moments of the game and the 2nd most hated thing has to be the loading screens they are SO SLOW! and certain windows you go through it starts loading and can be very annoying.


My Thoughts on the Game:

So Thief in my eyes was a great game and its not as bad as EVERYONE has said I’ve watched/Read so many Negative AND WRONG! Reviews on this game its not the worse game ever but its not the best either but i think people’s expectations were to high. I went into playing this game after watching loads of negative reviews so This is probably a good thing because i didn’t expect much and what I did expect I got blown away with.

My Score – 7.5/10


The Good:

  • Can Last Very Long if you Decide to Loot Everywhere & Do all Side Missions
  • A Good Amount of Side Quests
  • Challenging Difficulty
  • Customize Difficulty
  • Good Graphics

The Bad:

  • Awful Loading Screens
  • Horrible Combat
  • Not Many Main Missions
  • Problems with Textures & Certain Buildings
  • Mini Map & Main Map are not as Good as they Could Be

I Really Wanted To Give This Game An 8 But The Game Could Have Been Better and I don’t want to say ITS AN AMAZING! Game because its not The Best But it is a great game and is very worth the play I would check this game out as soon as possible or if you see it on sale i would jump to the opportunity.

Thief is available in stores now on X1, PS4, X360, PS3 & PC. Thanks go to Square Enix for the Assets used in this review. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the review in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit & YouTube.

Review by ThaMaskedGamer

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