The Retro Corner: Pokemon Blue Version

Pokemon Blue Version

Developed by GameFreak

Published by Nintendo

The Story:

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of Pokemon and what it entails but in case not Pokemon has you play as a ten year old kid who goes on a journey to become a Pokemon master this means they have to go out into the world and collect eight gym badges and then beat the elite four and become a Pokemon master all while thwarting the attempts of team rocket who are always causing trouble everywhere they go, completely skipping over the fact of why on earth they let a ten year old go on an adventure the story isn’t one of the driving factors of Pokemon and shouldn’t be payed to much attention.

The Gameplay:

Pokemon has a very simple gameplay style that works very well its kind of like a rock paper scissors kind of deal where water beats fire but fire beats grass and grass can beat water etc its very easy to pick up and learn and quite addicting trying to figure out what types are effective on what, Pokemon’s main gameplay mechanic is actually capturing Pokemon as this is only Blue version there are only 151 Pokemon if you count Mew who cant be obtained without the usage of glitches but anyway the capturing of Pokemon works very simply find the Pokemon, weaken it, throw pokeballs at it and eventually you should capture it, the reason this is done so well is the different ways you can build your team it all really depends on the Pokemon you like sure there are some Pokemon who are better stats wise but its very fun building a team of Pokemon you enjoy using as I said this is Blue Version I’m talking about so you don’t have a lot of options compared to later games in the series so keep that in mind, Pokemon also level up and become stronger just like most RPG games, by beating certain requirements Pokemon can also evolve into stronger versions of themselves sometimes with a new type or just plain better stats, these requirements usually are getting them to a certain level but sometimes you will have to trade them to get them to evolve.


The Sound:

Pokemon has an average soundtrack some of the themes are good some of them aren’t if I had to pick out the best ones it would probably have to be lavender towns theme and the final boss theme, as this is a Game Boy game there is no voice acting to talk about so I’ll just move on.

The Graphics:

Pokemon is a hard to review game when talking about looks because I think the game looks good sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t, the the sprites of the characters are fine but to be honest over the years I’ve noticed that some of the Pokemon designs are a bit lazy, some examples would be Grimer and Muk where Grimer is a pile of sludge and Muk is a bigger pile of sludge or Magnemite and Magneton where Magnemite is a floating magnet um thing and Magneton is the same except three of them seemingly stuck together with superglue or something.


Lasting Appeal:

Pokemon could take up a lot of your time if you let it the main game can take about 20-40 hours and if you decide you want all 151 pokemon then god have mercy on you.

This was actually the first game I ever played and its nice to go back to it every now and again but it is pretty dated now with Fire Red and Leaf Green available on the Game Boy Advance but if you want to check out where Pokemon started this game will be here waiting.

My Score – 9/10


The Good:

  • Well Done Simple Battle System
  • Lots of Pokemon
  • Pretty Long Game
  • Great Challenge

The Bad:

  • Average Soundtrack
  • No Real Story to Speak of

So that’s it for this edition of The Retro Corner but what did you think? Who’s your favorite Pokemon? Which version did you own in the past; Red, Blue or Yellow? Which Kanto starter did you choose? Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews and remember to follow us on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn & YouTube. Until Next time, This is The Retro Corner.

Article by Jonnie Dixon

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