The Weekend Playlist – Week ending March 2nd 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to The Weekend Playlist where we tell you whats been occupying our weekends so that you may get some recommendations or be dissuaded from certain titles. This week, Me & ThaMaskedGamer have some great new recommendations for you this week so lets get started.


Matthew McNamee; Chief Editor at UGNN:

Last Game you Played – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

So over the past week, I’ve been constantly playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 1 to try and get it completed and after finishing the game yesterday; I finally started on Lords of Shadow 2 today. I’m really enjoying the story so far as it explores the Belmont clan more with insight into Gabriel, Alucard, Trevor & Simon aswell as more of Patrick Stewart’s character who in the previous game was a fantastic character. A Must play so far and expect my review soon.

Last Movie you Watched – Thor: The Dark World

So this just recently arrived in the post so I decided to watch it over the weekend. I loved this film, I’m a huge Marvel Comics fan and I thought this film was great in the way it took the serious yet comedic tone of the first film and made it a hell of a lot darker with a brief glimpse of Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) getting his flesh burned off by Thor’s Lightning. Incredible entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and great acting from all the cast.

Last TV Show you Watched – South Park

OK so the last show I watched this weekend was South Park on Comedy Central. I decided to watch the show in anticipation of the new game out next week. The episode saw South Park get overrun with Homeless people and widespread panic among the residents as if it were a Zombie flick. Brilliant episode that had plenty of Zombie movie references including a reference to Bub from Day of the Dead. Must watch show and more importantly, Must Watch Episode.

Last YouTube Video you Watched – Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

As mentioned above, I am a huge Marvel fan & The Minute I saw the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy; I knew for a fact that the film would get my money. It looks hilarious and to be fair, If Rocket Raccoon doesn’t sell this film for you, then the humor will. It will also have an awesome cast with Chris Pratt (Star Lord), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Dave Bautista (Drax), Bradley Cooper (Rocket Raccon) & Vin Diesel (Groot). I have a feeling this is going to be in my top 3 summer flicks of 2014. (Along with Godzilla & Planet of the Apes).

Last Book or Article Read – Aaron Paul to play Jesse Pinkman in Better Call Saul

The last article I read was that Aaron Paul would be reprising his Breaking Bad role of Jesse Pinkman for Prequel/Spin-Off “Better Call Saul”. This is great news for me as I adored Breaking Bad and Jesse was my favorite character in the series. Best part is, Aaron Paul will also be in a video game adaptation releasing this month in the form of Need for Speed. Check out the article below.

Aaron Paul confirms Jesse Pinkman for Better Call Saul

Last Piece of Music you Listened to – Hey Brother by Avicii

So I heard this song recently on an Electric Cigarette advert and I’ve been listening to it since. The song while it really only has a few lyrics is extremely catchy and had me singing along to it so hopefully you guy enjoy it aswell.


ThaMaskedGamer; YouTube Uploader & Associate of UGNN:

Last Game you Played – Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Been Looking forward to this game for a long time as it looked so unique and different and believe me it is as good as I thought it would be Team Work IS NEEDED FOR ONCE The game is different in some way from other 3rd person shooters but still holds its place as a 3rd person shooter and is some what better than many other games i have played GREAT GAME!!!

Last Movie you Watched – One Chance

So one chance I wanted to see in the cinemas but I never got round to it but finally got to see it and James Corden Has done it again he has made this film as good as it looked (This film is a true story about Paul Potts Winner Of BGT) and everything in this movie was Genius the Story The cast the acting the drama The Comedy it was amazing!

Last TV Show you Watched – Dexter

Been watching Dexter as there has not been anything else to watch plus Dexter is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen

Last YouTube Video you Watched – Borderline Disaster Extinction Nightfall Music Video

I’m a big fan of BD and their music and there new song Nightfall has been released so I was watching the music video for it

Last Book or Article you Read – Titanfall may get a season pass & pilot only mode after launch

Just been looking at the Latest news on Titanfall

Last Piece of Music you Listened to – Cinema Remix by Eskimo Callboy

This track is amazing for metal fans

So that’s it for The Weekend Playlist this week. What do you think of our playlists? What were yours? Anything you’d like to recommend to us? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews aswell as next weeks edition of The Weekend Playlist and remember to follow us on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn & Reddit.. Until Next time, Stay Frosty Guys.

Article by Matthew McNamee & ThaMaskedGamer


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