The Lego Movie: The Video Game Review

In the past few years; One of the big household names in Video Games has been Lego with numerous titles coming out over the years based on numerous IP’s such as Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings & Star Wars to name a few but only recently have Lego been making video games based on their actual toy sets with games like Lego City Undercover & Lego Chima. Very recently, Warner Bros. has recently released The Lego Movie to critical success at the Box Office across the world but how does the Video Game tie-in compare to the film.

The Lego Movie: The Video Game is set across the same events of the movie and sees protagonist; Emmett who is just a regular construction worker lego figure coming across a mysterious discovery underground which is revealed to be a special lego brick called the Piece of Resistance. With the Piece of Resistance, Emmett must team up with a group of experienced Master builders including Wyldstyle, Batman, Benny The ’80s Astronaut & Vetruvius; A Mystic with great knowledge on the Piece of Resistance in order to save the world from the evil Lord Business and his deadly weapon; The Kragle (Krazy Glue).


In terms of gameplay; The Lego Movie follows the same basic gameplay of previous lego installments such as smashing anything that gets in your way, collecting lego studs which can be used as money and of course; collecting the mini-kits in each level in order to obtain special creations which you can build at will in the open world hub however to stay with the feel of the film, The mini-kits have instead been replaced with gold instruction manuals so when the characters build the creation; Its like they are following the rules on how to make the lego creation on the box. Another new feature to the game is the movements which for the first time in a lego game actually feel as though they are being played with like a real lego figure rather than the lego figures acting like living breathing protagonists as they have in previous titles. The other big feature noticeable in this game is the fact that the characters are split into 2 factions. The construction builders who can only build lego objects as long as they have instructions which can be found throughout the levels and then their is Master builders who can build anything in the world including special Master builds which are highlighted in green within the game.

In terms of characters, The Lego Movie: The Video Game has a total of 96 playable characters which in a way is kind of a disappointment considering quite a few characters appeared in the film although I understand this could have been down to licensing the characters. Like most movie tie-ins; The Lego Movie features the entire cast of the film including Chris Pratt (Emmett), Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle), Will Arnett (Batman), Will Ferrell (Lord Business), Liam Neeson (Bad Cop) & Morgan Freeman (Vetruvius) aswell as other actors portraying the various other characters. Also like the previous entries in the lego series; Each character has their own special abilities for example; Construction Workers like Emmett have access to DIY tools such as Drills & Wrenches while characters like Batman can use grapple points to get to higher ground.


I did have a few problems with this game; For starters, The cutscenes. The cutscenes in The Lego Movie features actual footage from the movie and obviously for the game, Some parts have been cut to make them playable in the levels however even though there is more added, It would still spoil the film for those who have not yet seen the movie (The game even features one of the biggest parts of the movie in a cutscene). The next problem I had was the lack of characters that appeared in the film such as Michaelangelo (TMNT), Milhouse (The Simpsons) & The Flash but once again I can understand due to licensing and while DC did lend their characters to the game; I can understand that the creators would not have wanted to just fill the game with DC Heroes. Other than these minor problems, I found the game to be rather enjoyable.

There were a few other things I found to be rather enjoyable in The Lego Movie such as the inclusion of mini-games which are only available to construction workers and space characters. The mini-game available for construction workers involves building creations with the instructions in which you have to find the right piece to fit all while a countdown is in the top left corner. The faster the time you make the creation, The more money you earn. The mini-game available for space characters is a hacking game in which you must guide your icon around a maze in order to gather studs and take down the firewalls all while avoiding the anti-virus(es) in a game that is very reminiscent of Pac-Man. The other big thing I found enjoyable in The Lego Movie was the open world hubs which had numerous activities to take part in to earn prizes such as Red Bricks and Instruction Pages. One more thing I found to be a nice new addition was the pants collectable which allowed you to put on a pair of pants you find in a level and get new abilities from them such as added strength aswell as numerous others.


All in all, The Lego Movie isn’t the greatest lego game out there but its still a lego game which makes it good enough. This is definitely a game that both adults and kids can play however this one is more suited to the younger audience. The best thing would be to watch the movie before you buy this one as there are a few spoilers from the film however if you have seen the film then this is a good way to expand on the adventure plus it also features the highly catchy song from the film “Everything is Awesome”. This is a good title however if you are not too big on original Lego video games; Wait until Lego The Hobbit later this year.

My Score – 8/10


The Good:

  • Familiar Lego Gameplay
  • New gameplay elements such as Construction Building & Master Building
  • Voice Cast from the film reprise their roles
  • Fun Mini-Games
  • Incredible Open World Hubs
  • The song “Everything is Awesome” Being a Playable dance

The Bad:

  • Gave too much of the Film away in cutscenes
  • Lack of Movie characters (The Flash, Michaelangelo, Shaq)

Review by Matthew McNamee

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