The Weekend Playlist – Week ending February 16th 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to The Weekend Playlist where we tell you whats been occupying our weekends so that you may get some recommendations or be dissuaded from certain titles. This week its just me with a Weekend Playlist and this week I’ve got some great recommendations so lets get started.


Matthew McNamee: Chief Editor at UGNN:

Last game you Played – The Lego Movie: The Video Game

So I recently got this from Warner Bros. for review purposes and I have to say I love every second of it. The song that appears in both the game & the film “Everything is Awesome” is extremely catchy. The game has mainly original characters from the film based on old lego sets such as Emmett, Wyldstyle, Uni-Kitty & Benny however it did have a few guest characters from Warner Bros. like the DC superheroes (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman & Green Lantern) aswell as Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. The Review should be up sometime this week so stay tuned for that. Check out the trailer below.

Last Movie(s) you Watched – Trainspotting, The Lego Movie & The Phantom of the Paradise

Since I’m doing the playlist on my own this week, I’ve decided to include the last 3 films I watched so lets start. The first film I watched was Danny Boyle‘s brilliant film; Trainspotting about a group of Heroin addicts in a depressed area of Edinburgh, Scotland during the Late 80’s. I personally regard this film as one of the best British films made to date as it is well written aswell as perfectly filmed by Danny Boyle (28 Days Later, Sunshine) and also has a fantastic cast of actors including Ewan McGregor (Star Wars Prequel Trilogy), Kevin McKidd (Soap McTavish in COD), Robert Carlyle (Gabriel Belmont/Dracula), Kelly MacDonald (Brave), Ewen Bremmer (AVP) & Jonny Lee Miller (Elementary). To this day this film features some of the most bizarre sequences I’ve seen in film including scenes in which Renton (McGregor) climbs into the worst toilet in Scotland to retrieve Drugs he craps out and the iconic scene in which Renton witnesses a dead baby crawling along his ceiling and doing something you’d expect to see in The Exorcist. To this day that scene scares the crap out of me and if you haven’t seen the film, I recommend you definitely watch it. Check out the trailer.

The second film I watched this weekend was new cinema release; The Lego Movie. Being a big fan of Lego I couldn’t resist buying a ticket first day and it definitely lived up to my expectations. As mentioned above, The song “Everything is Awesome” was extremely catchy and the laughs were just as good. The excellent voice cast also helped make the film enjoyable including Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games), Will Ferrell (Anchorman), Charlie Day (Pacific Rim), Liam Neeson (Taken) & Morgan Freeman (The Dark Knight Trilogy) to name a few. The film also featured numerous character cameos including Han Solo, Michelangelo (TMNT), Milhouse, Dumbeldore and even cameos from real people in the form of Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln & Shaq. Brilliant Story and a must watch film. check out the trailer below.

The final film I watched this weekend is a cult classic from Brain De Palma (Carrie) called Phantom of the Paradise which tells the tale of a music composer who gets his music stole from him and gets horribly deformed trying to get revenge. He then dons a mask and cape and becomes The Phantom of the Paradise ruining the rock opera he wrote and killing anyone who tries to ruin his legacy. The film is a mixture of Phantom of the Opera, Dorian Gray & Faust and has just as many memorable songs as The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The film also has a great cast conducted of the late William Finley (The Funhouse), Jessica Harper (Minority Report), Gerrit Graham (Child’s Play 2) & Paul Williams (Smokey & The Bandit) who also composed the soundtrack including songs like Faust, The Hell of It, Old Souls & More. This film is hilarious and essentially a sad tale of love and treachery. Absolutely fantastic and I definitely recommend it to anyone; Especially fans of Rocky Horror.

Last TV Show(s) you Watched – How I Met Your Mother & The Walking Dead

Ok so the first show I watched this weekend was How I Met Your Mother. Since the final series has started here in the UK, I decided to revisit the first season. I absolutely adore this show and highly enjoyable television. The jokes are very well written and the whole cast are very very funny with the material; especially Neil Patrick Harris as Barney. A very very good show and its a shame about it finishing, Still all things must come to an end. Check out a promo trailer about Barney’s Playbook below.

The other program I watched this weekend is The Walking Dead. I already watched the first episode of the second half of Season 4 but I enjoyed it so much, I decided to re-watch it. I can’t get enough of The Walking Dead and I can’t wait for the next episode. The 9th episode of season 4 had a lot of emphasis on Rick, Carl and Michonne and if there is one thing I love more than Zombies and Sword Toting/Redneck badasses its character development and this episode had a lot of it. If your a UK Walking Dead fan with a sky box and haven’t seen this episode yet; Get it on demand now. Check out the mid-season premiere trailer below.

Last YouTube Video you Watched – The Cabin in the Woods Harlem Shake

OK So I’m not the biggest fan of the Harlem Shake but after watching this video I just can’t help laughing. The Video sees the build up to the harlem shake and then when the purge button is hit, The Shake begins. Very Funny and a Basic look at the chaos you can see in Cabin if you haven’t watched it yet. Check it out below.

Last Book or Article you Read – Power Laces from Back to the Future 2 to become a reality in 2015

So I just read a recent article that basically said Marty McFly’s shoes with the Power Laces are going to be released by Nike next year. Personally, I find this to be brilliant although I wish someone would just design the hoverboard already. Check out the article below.

Nike promises Back to the Future II Power Laces in 2015

Last Pieces of Music you Listened to – Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, This Modern Love by Bloc Party & 21 Guns by Green Day

OK so I’m just going to quickly get down to the music. I absolutely adore each of these songs and I hope you enjoy them to. Check them out below.

Radioactive performed by Imagine Dragons – Used in: Assassin’s Creed III Advert, Defiance Trailer, Arrow

This Modern Love performed by Bloc Party – Used in: How I Met Your Mother

21 Guns performed by Green Day – Used in: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

So that’s it for The Weekend Playlist this week. What do you think of my playlist? What were yours? Anything you’d like to recommend to me? Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews aswell as next weeks edition of The Weekend Playlist and remember to follow us on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn & Reddit.. Until Next time, Stay Frosty Guys.

Article by Matthew McNamee

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