Whats in Stores: February 3rd – February 7th 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to Whats in Stores where we take a look at what will be available on Store Shelves from this week (according to Amazon UK). This week there is only a few titles available including a HD remaster aswell as a new version of a current console so lets get started.

  • Fable Anniversary – Microsoft – X360
  • PlayStation Vita Slim 2014 Model – Sony – Handheld Console
  • Redemption Cemetery 3 & 4 – Big Fish GamesPC
  • Awakening: The Goblin Kingdom – Big Fish Games – PC
  • Otherworld: Spring of Shadows – Big Fish Games – PC
  • Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum – Big Fish Games – PC
  • Fear For Sale 2 & 3 – Big Fish Games – PC
  • Mysteries, Darkness & Hope Triple Pack – Big Fish Games – PC
  • Shattered Minds: Encore – Big Fish Games – PC
  • Azada 3 & 4 – Big Fish Games – PC
  • Officially Licensed Vertical Stand “N” USB Hub – Sony – PS4 (Accessory)
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization V: The Complete Edition – 2K Games – PC
  • The Dark Hills of Cherai: The Regal Scepter – n/a – PC
  • Horizon – Iceberg Interactive – PC
  • Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition – 1C Game Studios – PC
  • Microsoft Gift Card: GBP10 World of Tanks Branded – Microsoft – X360 (Accessory)
  • Worms: The Revolution Collection – Mastertronic – PS3
  • Screen Protective Filter – Nintendo – 2DS (Accessory)
  • F1 2012 Classics – Codemasters – X360
  • F1 2012 Essentials – Codemasters – PS3
  • Modern Airliner Collection: Airbus A400 – n/a – PC
  • Quality Wings Ultimate 146: The Complete Collection – n/a – PC
  • Surgery Simulator Extra Play – Excalibur Simulator – PC
  • Wireless & Network Adaptor: White – Datel – X360 (Accessory)

So thats it for this weeks edition of Whats in Stores but what do you think? Will you be revisiting Fable in High Definition? Are you finally going to get your hands on a PlayStation Vita? Do you like that there is loads of Hidden Object PC Games out now? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below and remember to stay tuned to UGNN for all your gaming news and reviews aswell as next weeks edition of Whats in Stores and remember to check us out on Facebook & Twitter for all your news updates. In the meantime, Be sure to check out a trailer for UGNN’s Game of the Week; Fable Anniversary below.

Article by Matthew McNamee

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